Clintons are the most affluent of any living first family

Hillary Clinton has inspired outright laughter in the media following her statements to ABC news that she and President Clinton “came out of the White House not only broke, but in debt.” She subsequently addressed her wealth to the Guardian by saying she wasn’t “truly well off.”

New data reveals that the Clintons made $12.3 million the year they left the White House, and are the most affluent of any living first family. That being the case, what does being “truly well off” mean to a Clinton?

Back in 2004, Bill Clinton‘s autobiography was given an unprecedented $15 million advance. The predatory president has also made $106 million from speeches as of last year. He’s currently worth $55 million, and continues raking in the green with his exorbitant speaking fees.

His shrewd shrew of a wife has also done well for herself, making about $5 million in speeches alone after leaving the State Department in disgrace last year. Her two memoirs combined earned her over $16 million in advances, while her years as an undistinguished Senator and Secretary of State earned her an additional $2 million.

‘Billary’ has a combined net worth of over $100 million, rivaling that of any other first family. Bill Clinton’s successor, George W. Bush, has an estimated net worth that is less than half of Bill Clinton’s. Bush was valued at $20 million as of 2012, earning $7 million from his 2010 book Decision Points and $15 million in speeches. As for Bush’s successor, Obama is only worth $5 million, which likely explains why he’s so ardently spending tax payer dollars on his vacations while he still can.

Imagine a world where you’re Hillary Clinton’s definition of “dead broke”. Cue the sad violin music. In light of her family’s revealed net worth, it might be wise for her to stop trying to seem relatable to the millions of Americans in poverty.


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