Breast cancer treatment in Germany


Despite advances in medicine, breast cancer remains one of the most common women’s oncologic health issues. As a rule, the main cancer cause is a hereditary predisposition. Thanks to modern equipment you establish the diagnosis in timely.

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, there are modern clinics in Germany where you can undergo effective treatment. Millions of patients annually choose Germany to undergo modern treatment not only for cancer but also for other types of diseases. Nowadays, a lot of patients prefer Germany due to high-quality service and relatively low treatment costs.

Benefits of Germany

Germany is one of the most popular countries for cancer treatment. It has earned this popularity due to a huge number of advantages.

It is worth starting with the fact that numerous methods are used for breast cancer treatment in Germany, i.e. chemotherapy, radiation therapy and robotic surgery, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, etc. This makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of cancer treatment, as well as to reduce the risks to patient’s health.

In addition to modern equipment, the breast cancer treatment cost here is one of the lowest among all European countries. This allows patients to come here from all over the world.

It is impossible not to mention the huge number of world-class doctors who work in the best German clinics. The vast experience and outstanding skills enable them to help patients with the most severe diseases.

In modern clinics, you can get a high-precision breast cancer diagnosis that allows experienced doctors to choose the most appropriate therapeutic method for you.


In most cases, the initial stages of breast cancer are asymptomatic. In order not to miss the moment when cancer develops, it is necessary to have regular medical check-ups and to be aware of the symptoms of breast cancer:

  • Pain in any area of the breast
  • Dimpling of breast skin
  • Change in the size or shape of one or both breasts
  • Bloody discharge from the nipple

If you have one or more symptoms that persist for a long time, it’s better to see your doctor for an unscheduled physical exam. The earlier the breast cancer diagnosis is made, the better the chances of being cured.

Breast cancer treatment

As a rule, the most common cancer treatment method is surgery. It used to treat stages of breast cancer without metastases. However, if we are talking about modern clinics, they use safer and more effective methods. The robotic radiosurgery system CyberKnife is an example of this.

This method is widely used in German clinics. With its help doctors manage to cure tumors in hard-to-reach regions. CyberKnife has become a lifesaver for patients with contraindications for surgery. The main purpose of this method is to target tumor cells with radiation. Moreover, the high precision of the CyberKnife prevents damage to neighboring healthy cells. In addition, the minimal traumatic effect of this method allows it to be used for the treatment of different types of cancer of any localization.

Treatment during a lockdown

Millions of patients wishing to undergo treatment in foreign clinics are currently not able to do this on their own. For many of them, postponing therapy exacerbates the course of the disease, reducing the chances of a successful outcome. That is why treatment should start on time.

If you need to undergo treatment abroad during a lockdown, the medical tourism operator Booking Health can help. The specialists of the company will help you with the preparation of necessary documents, as well as provide you with information about breast cancer treatment costs.

Treatment in modern foreign hospitals

You no longer need to spend a lot of time and energy to be treated abroad. With the help of the medical tourism operator Booking Health, all the problems related to the organization of treatment abroad will not bother you anymore. With the help of Booking Health, you will be able to undergo breast cancer treatment in Germany in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to the cooperation with many foreign clinics, the cancer treatment costs with Booking Health will be significantly lower compared to organizing treatment by yourself. In addition, you will receive a huge number of benefits during your treatment abroad, from hotel reservations to personal interpreter services and translation of medical records.


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