Blackjack: an alternative during the stay at home

           In the wake of the pandemic, many people have chosen to do different jobs that have been completely unrelated to their work. This is not surprising, as the options are quite broad.

           That’s why many people have chosen online casinos as a form of entertainment and as if that weren’t enough, to have an extra income; as long as you know how to deal with gambling and it’s not more than a vice.

Blackjack: a simple gambling alternative

           We know that the amount of games that we can find online in terms of betting, can be very extensive but not always profitable, since few people can get to understand the methodology of play and consequently win.

           Being this way, one of the options by which many people have decided to lean is in the game of cards Blackjack. It is known worldwide for being played with an English type card deck without the use of jokers. The main objective becomes based on adding 21 points but without exceeding that figure.

The main rules of Blackjack

          Classified as one of the most popular within the casinos, it has a rather uncertain origin. Included during the 20th century within most of the casinos, Blackjack can have different variants of game that vary according to the situation. In spite of it, only two modalities exist to promote the game. Both are well distinguished as the American or European version.

           The difference between both modalities lies in the cupier, since depending on the modality that is being played, it can be thrown after having played the first card or kept until all the other players have played their hand. This last one, increases very much the probabilities of increasing the bet.

           The rules that are frequently used during the game can be quite common and simple. The most important thing to keep in mind is that as long as the visible card of the cupier is an Ace, the other players will have the possibility to buy an insurance in case he has blackjack in his hand. This offers the guarantee of putting into play half of the bet and if this were not enough, avoid possible losses.

           In case the cupier has blackjack, he will collect all the bets of those who didn’t have it. However, in case any of the players has it, he will pay the insurance in a 2 to 1 ratio.

           Another important aspect during the development of the game, is shown during the bet, since each player has ample possibilities to double his bet after having received his first two cards. In contrast to this, you should automatically ask for another card and stand on it. The most recommendable thing during this option is to have initially 9, 10 or 11 points on the deck.

What do I do if I have two cards of the same value during the game?

           The rules can be extensive but something you should always remember during the game is that, if you have two cards of the same value during the first hand, you can have the option to separate both cards between two different bets. However, you will have a duplicate in your bets.

           In case both cards are Aces, you are only allowed to take one additional card in each of the two separate bets. Please note that if you get all 21 points on two cards, it is not considered blackjack.

Is there any place on the internet where I can play blackjack?

           The Internet is a commonly used tool for consulting a wide variety of things. Among it, we can find a wide variety of online casinos where we can easily find the game of our preference and if that’s not enough, for blackjack lovers; play the game.

           If for some reason you simply want to experience the game and learn how to play online blackjack for money, one of the following sites will be very useful for you. You just have to analyze very well each of your moves and give your best.

  • Jackpot City: many have rated it as one of the best sites on the internet to play and it is still recommended among the best to play blackjack for real money. You can deposit your funds and start the game in less than three minutes, being ideal for those who are just starting out or are professionals.
  • 888Casino – quite popular among online casino players. It is known worldwide for being safe and reliable when playing blackjack with real money.
  • This site, not less important than the ones mentioned above, has 30 different games with real money for blackjack, providing high quality. Its popularity has allowed it to gain a foothold among the most preferred.
  • PartyCasino: despite being a new online platform for playing with real money, it is among the best for playing blackjack. That’s why, if you want to spend some of your free time, you can enter here to promote your fun.

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