Bitcoin Price May Go Up to $400,000, Research Reveals

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Bitcoin is the digital currency of the new era. It is getting popular day by day. More people are investing in it for gaining huge profits. In this post, you will get to know the latest news about the high value of Bitcoin in 2021.

A surge in Bitcoin price:

The good news is that the value of Bitcoin is continually getting strong. The price of this largest cryptocurrency has surged to 600%. It is expected to go to a $400,000 level in 2021. Bloomberg has revealed it in a research report.

The title of the report is Rising Bitcoin Adoption Tide. Bloomberg intelligence told that the adoption of the crypto asset has become abrupt and not gradual. It is going to accelerate this year.

Report details:

In Crypto, common partners for strong annual rallies stood up favorably. Crypto has low volatility. The graphic shows that in 2013, Bitcoin has 55 times gain and in 2017, it is 15 times.

To go up to price extremes near those years in 2021, the crypto value will become $400,000. It is based on the regression since 2011 high. This is what is said in the report.

Bitcoin is not as volatile in the past years. In the previous seven days, the various digital assets have traded in the range of $56,134.42-59,060.03. Bitcoin was traded at $56,518.90. This is 1.3% high according to CoinGecko.

Bitcoin has replaced gold. This is more abrupt and not gradual. Even when there is excess in the crypto market. Bitcoin is not prone to make any mistake. The launch of US exchange-traded funds that are Bitcoin-oriented is a great move.

According to the Bloomberg report, the baseline support of Bitcoin has increased towards $50,000. The $40,000 represents an extreme risk of the downside.

Bitcoin vs. Gold:

The report is more promising on the value of Bitcoin and not the gold. They say money flows to where it’s treated best. It explains the strong underpinnings for Bitcoin’s price. It is not bearish for precious metals such as gold. It is backing into support below $1,700 per ounce. Indicators reveal that there is a change in the global tide that is in the favor of digital currency as a great asset.

The report says that the fundamental, as well as technical underpinnings of Bitcoin, are getting improved but for the gold, they are going down. The indicators show a rising value of Bitcoin. It is replacing gold as a store of value for investors.

Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have accepted money digitalization. They have chosen the procedure of Bitcoin taking the place of gold as the digital asset.For more valuable information about Bitcoin, you should go nowhere but need to check bitqz review first.

Tesla’s investment in Bitcoin:

Tesla, the largest automaker in the world has allocated a portion of its wealth to Bitcoin. It shows that Bitcoin is worth investing in. The auto giant has something in mind. They are affirmative about the Bitcoin value surge. They can’t afford any losses or mistakes.

What do you get from the report?

The Bloomberg report has promising facts. It shows that the value of Bitcoin can go as high as $400,000. So it is a good idea to invest in this cryptocurrency. It will be a great investment.

The higher amount you give; the higher profits you are likely to have. For the past few years, Bitcoin is going high. With time, its value has increased drastically. 

So, if you are planning to invest in Bitcoin, this year is high time. Be confident and expect huge profits.


Bitcoin has become the strongest cryptocurrency in the world so far. In 2021, it can go as high as $400,000. This is told in a report by Bloomberg. It has mentioned many positive facts about this digital currency.

Another thing highlighted is that it is better to invest in Bitcoin rather than gold as the value of Bitcoin will surge to a great level.

This year will be incredible for the investors of Bitcoin. They are expected to get huge profits if they have invested at the right time. So, it is good to buy Bitcoin. The world’s largest automaker has also allocated a part of its wealth for Bitcoin.