Bikers travel 1,300 miles to free Marine Sergeant jailed in Mexico

First it was militias flocking to protect a rancher. Now bikers are riding to free a Marine. Nationwide, outrage over the government’s actions (or inaction) has spurred ordinary citizens to take a stand for justice.

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi‘s has been imprisoned in Tijuana, Mexico for the past three months. After making a wrong turn across the border, Mexican authorities arrested the Marine when they discovered he was carrying three guns. The guns were legally purchased and registered to Tahmooressi in the U.S., but in Mexico his firearms were illegal.

Tahmooressi’s charges, though arbitrary, could potentially keep him in Mexico for the next six to 21 years. A petition to free the marine received 123,000 signatures on, but there has been no response from the Obama administration.

Shield Tactical, a gun rights group in Shiner, TX, decided to take matters into their own hands, believing Obama’s message of “no soldier left behind” only applies to people like Bergdahl while true soldiers like Tahmooressi are ignored.

“He (Tahmooressi) didn’t abandon his post. [Obama] doesn’t leave anyone behind, right. He doesn’t leave traitors behind. He left four behind in Benghazi, he’s leaving our man behind here,” said John Harrington, a member of Shield Tactical.

Harrington and the other leather-clad vigilantes are riding their motorcycles to Mexico to make sure Tahmooressi doesn’t get left behind. Their cause has apparently garnered support at every town they’ve stopped in, with some even joining the crew in their quest.

While plans are still tenuous for when they do reach Tijuana, Harrington is optimistic that with enough supporters, they have a strong chance to make a difference.

“[I]f I turn around and see 300,000 people behind me, I might just go get him.”


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