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Biggest Lesson from Trump Tax Returns: It’s Time to Simplify the Tax Code

By Wayne Pac

Recently, the media has seemingly gone crazy over Donald Trump’s tax returns. Many leftist figureheads have been rallying behind this as if it’s actually an issue. The media frenzy is about a New York Times article that was posted with the intention of being a smear piece.

This article discusses Trump filing for a $916 million loss in 1995 due to the failure of his Atlantic City casinos. It then goes into more detail talking about Trump’s tax returns, and quoting Trump’s campaign. The Trump campaign said that he has a fiscal responsibility to his company to pay as little in taxes as possible. This is true, as when company executives don’t uphold their fiscal responsibilities to the company, they are let go. That includes not trying to pay the bare minimum in taxes.

The libertarian perspective is obvious: most want to do away with corporate taxes entirely. For example, Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson is in favor of doing away with the federal income tax and corporate tax. Therefore, to libertarians, the “frenzy” happening around the fact of Trump trying to avoid taxes is asinine. Indeed, it is a fabrication to veer off the course of intellectual thinking. This “scandal” was created to make voters focus on things that don’t matter, when they should instead be focusing on the policies of the candidates.

The truth is Trump’s taxes shouldn’t matter to many people. Rather, his policies ought to matter the most. Most want to know what he will do if he becomes president. If we are expected to not talk about Hillary Clinton’s health under the guise that it’s none of our business, why do they talk about Trump’s taxes as if it actually matters? I may not want Trump to be president, but I support his decision to avoid taxes as much as possible, just as I would support any company executive who does the same.

In 2008, Joe Biden suggested that avoiding taxes is “unpatriotic.” However he’s wrong: Americans can still love their country and not pay taxes. It is for this reason that many libertarians support a simplified tax code. A simplified tax code would be as minimal as possible, so that it could support, but not grow the government. For example, Gary Johnson would replace the income tax and corporate tax with a consumption tax.

If the United States indeed implemented a consumption tax that isn’t thousands of pages long, there wouldn’t be cases of people like Trump circumventing the tax code with an army of lawyers. A simplified tax code would be fair for all Americans.

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