Best Tips for LinkedIn Lead Generation

Hopefully, by now you know that LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools for businesses that exist. It is a literal B2B treasure trove for generating high-quality leads that many people frequently miss. Don’t let that be you. In this piece, we have provided THE top tips to take advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer for lead gen.

Let’s dive in.

Tip #1: Optimize Your Company Page

To optimize your page treat it as a promotional page that advertises what you do and how. Unlike, the typical company page that reads more like a contact card, your company page should grab attention and contain a clear call-to-action. Here is a handy checklist for you to use as you create or redesign your company page:

  • Image is everything – your header image should look good and express exactly what you do for your market
  • The Pitch – A 2 liner that makes people want to know more. Start out with your mission statement or the purpose of your most recent offering and pare it down so it can be expressed in a few simple words.
  • Add clickable posts – engagement is critical so keep your feed interesting, engaging, and informative. Think infographics and updates on your blogs.

Tip #2: Showcase

If you have a unique brand you can now create a showcase page with LinkedIn. These are tailored B2B pages perfect for bespoke offerings that are focused on a niche audience. You just edit your company page to showcase.

These pages are about developing long-term relationships with your specific audience as it focuses on brand awareness.

Check out your competitions’ showcase pages to get ideas on what and how you should tailor yours to speak to your customer segment. Here are a few pointers when starting:

  1. The page name should be as short and simple as possible.
  2. The showcase page name should feature a word your audience will recognize right away
  3. Focus on conversion like your company page

Tip #3: Get Out There

Inbound strategies are great but part of leads also includes some footwork. LinkedIn offers an advanced search option which lets you identify your targeted market. Now, you may be thinking, as I did, that this is like options on social media. The truth, as I discovered through a LinkedIn lead generation service, however, is that social media is NOT the best options for lead generation. In fact, the stats are in and a whopping 98% of social media lead gen all originated with LinkedIn. Try this to maximize your advanced search:

  • Start with your keyword
  • Then filter down to 1st and 2nd connections
  • Choose a specific area down to the county or even the city
  • Choose your industry focus, profile language, as well as interests

This will provide you with perfectly targeted results of 150-200 pre-qualified leads instead of hundreds of thousands of general search results. Now, you can use a great LinkedIn lead generation service that can create engaging content, LinkedIn messaging, and other strategies that will bring you more appointments in a week than you may have had all month.

Wrap Up

LinkedIn is the lead generation B2B tool that more businesses should be utilizing. By tailoring your profile page, creating a showcase page to target niche markets, and smart outbound strategies you can expect amazing results.