Best Ever TV Series About Horses

Horses have been our most human companion for centuries and they are well embedded in our culture and history. Therefore, movies and TV series about horses actually make a lot of sense.

The bond between humans and these majestic animals has been the subject of many studies, and no study can ever explain the connection we have with these animals. If you’ve owned a horse or spent quite a bit of time among them, you’d know what we are talking about.

The equestrian passion is real, and there is that amazing feeling when being around horses that cannot be replaced with anything else. But what if you don’t own a stable or cannot go to the nearest horse track? How would you fuel your equestrian passion?

Well, fortunately, there are plenty of movies and TV series with horses taking the main spotlight. In today’s article, we will focus on the best TV series ever produced with a horse theme.

Let’s dive in.


When it comes to horse-themed TV series, we cannot make a list without mentioning Heartland. This is a TV show that mainly focuses on horses and it is the perfect series to fuel your equestrian passion.

On top of that, it is not a casual 1 season series that you could watch over the weekend. Heartland published 17 seasons since 2007, and there are talks that 18th season is in production

The story? – Heartland follows the story of the Bartlett-Fleming clan as they manage their family’s horse stable in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The main star of the show is Amy Fleming, which is a gifted horse trainer whose passion is to take care of and treat the most challenging horses she can find.

It is a TV show that brings women to the top of the equestrian world, as Amy grows up and matures to be one of the best horse whisperers. Heartland follows all the ups and downs that Amy alongside her grandfather Jack, dad Tim, and Sister Lou go through. 


Here we have another great horse-themed TV series that unfortunately is not still in production, but still worth the watch. Wildfire first aired in 2005 and lasted until 2008 with 4 seasons.

It focuses on Kris Frillo, a young woman with a troubled past who got out of a teen correctional facility and started a new life at Raintree Ranch. Just as we mentioned before, humans develop a special connection to these animals, and Kris shares a special connection with a horse named Wildfire. In fact, she was the one who rescued the horse from the slaughterhouse.

After most people had given up on the horse and were sentenced to death, she had other ideas. She started preparing Wildfire to become a champion racehorse. On top of that, she is training herself since she doesn’t know anything about being a jockey. 

It is a fun series where we have an underdog horse that tries to raise to go against all odds and become a champion, just like those incredible underdog stories we find at TwinSpires horse racing events.


This is a teen-friendly option if you want all your family to watch a horse TV series. It is a Canadian TV series that focuses on the most prestigious equestrian boarding school in England called Covington Academy.

This is where the Foundation of Champions is set, and the TV series follows the story of Kit Bridges, whose father takes a job as a riding instructor at the school, forcing them to relocate from America to England.

At first, Kit fears horses and cannot stand being around them. But as time passes, she overcomes this fear and creates a special bond with these animals.

Most of the TV series are shot in Ireland, which means that there are plenty of incredible scenery shots. So, this TV show mixes high school and horseback riding, and it is like most other teen dramas, with an equestrian touch.


This is another incredible TV show with horses taking up the main spotlight. It is based on the first book in Stacy Gregg’s Pony Club Secrets novel series and follows the story of Issie Brown who is forced to move from London to New Zealand after her father’s death.

She is struggling to fit in among the locals and has a really tough time. After a while, she starts to see a horse that nobody else can see. This inspires Issie to learn more about horses and she finds her place among other teen horse riders from the town. They are on a quest to stop the industrial development that threatens the town of Kauri Point.

It is a 3-season series and paints a perfect picture of how horses can affect humans and their behavior. A foreign girl with nothing in common with the locals suddenly fits in due to her horse passion.

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