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Bernie Admits He Can’t Do Math, Gets Roasted

Democratic Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders took to Twitter Saturday to rant about his general distaste for what he calls the “1% of wealth earners” in an attempt to reach out to potential supporters for his 2020 presidential campaign.

“I may not be a great mathematician, but I did learn in elementary school that 99% is a hell of a lot more than 1%. #OrganizeWithBernie” Sanders tweeted. In what seems to have been an attempt to entice others to “feel the Bern,” the only one who got burned was Senator Sanders in his own Twitter feed as many Twitter users roasted his ignorance of basic economics.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Senator Sanders for being honest for once, and admitting that he can’t do basic math and is economically ignorant. Finally, he is intellectually honest about something anyone who understands third-grade math has known all along. Libertarians have known for years that to be a Socialist, you have to nap through economics class, but at least now the Socialist star is stating what we have known since day one. It looks like the senator’s attempt to make others “feel the Bern” only ended up getting him roasted.

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