Bejeweled: How to Choose Jewels That Best Fit Your Style

It is entirely understandable to feel a bit of frustration when you try to do your best to find a personal and unique style — especially when it comes to choosing jewels. The thing about choosing a wardrobe is that comfort can often be a part of the choosing process, which means that you are more likely to end up with a look that is both comfortable and personalized.

On the other hand, jewels are a bit more confusing, as there are often so many combinations that it can be challenging to figure out which best fits your style. Fortunately, there is no need for frustration and stress to set in as you try to make your choice. Here are just some ways to choose jewels that best fit your style.

When in doubt, it is often a good idea to go for less

While choosing jewelry is rarely a straightforward process, it does not have to be a complicated one either. A general rule of thumb to use when it comes to choosing jewelry will be to go for less if you are beginning to doubt the combinations of jewelry with your wardrobe. The less happy you are with your choices, the less jewelry you should wear. The result is a process that helps to limit the stress, while at the same time helping you figure out what is best to match with your look.

It might not necessarily make things simple each and every time, but whenever you find yourself having a challenging time trying to get the job done, less is more.

If all you have in your jewelry box are extravagant items, maybe it’s time to head down to a jewelry shop and pick out some elegant pieces such as a nice pair of pearl earrings or a classy watch.

Consider the use of custom-made jewelry

There are undoubtedly plenty of pieces to choose from, ranging from metals to stones to pearls to beads to practically anything you can think of. It can make the prospect of choosing exciting, but also somewhat overwhelming.

Fortunately, there is no need to stress yourself out trying to make a choice. Why not go for something more personalized, such as the use of family rings? While it might be a little more costly to have custom-made jewelry, the result is a personalized set that is unique only to you. Such a thing is well worth the price of admission. As a matter of fact, some custom-made pieces are quite affordable.

It is all about how you feel

Going for an authentic look is not necessarily about the best types of jewelry worn by fashion models you see on television or the computer. The most crucial part of the fashion process is how you feel, and going for authenticity is always better than trying to imitate anyone else. Keep in mind that how you feel matters, and if something looks great to you, wear it!

Choosing jewelry can undoubtedly be a long and challenging process for those who cannot make up their mind, but the best-practice methods above will make things easier. It will not be long before you come up with combinations that are unique to you.



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