Actor Adam Baldwin Slams Twitter Before Jumping Ship

by Elias J. Atienza

Actor Adam Baldwin of the TNT show “The Last Ship” has officially jumped off the ship known as Twitter. Coming after Twitter has announced a ‘Trust and Safety Council’ and allegedly started “shadowbanning” accounts, Baldwin is just one of many people leaving the platform.

He told the Independent Journal Review that Twitter’s policy of punishing users for speech is both “offensive” and the reason he left.

He says:

“I’ve had enough. Twitter is dead to me. I’m going to find greener pastures elsewhere and I’m not coming back. It’s really a shame that so-called ‘liberal thinkers’ and the so called ‘tolerant crowd’ is intolerant of varying viewpoints. They’re so afraid to hear people disagree with them. Instead of ignoring it or providing their own arguments in return, they say ‘shut up!’”

The actor also deleted all of his Tweets except for one. His Tweet called for the firing of Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, and the disbandment of the Trust and Safety Council.

Baldwin continues:

“This group-think, Orwellian, so-called Safety Council is really killing the wild west of ideas that Twitter was. That’s what made Twitter fun. You could run across all sorts of differing viewpoints. That is what free speech is all about. As long as you’re not threatening people with violence, have at it.”

Baldwin cited the banning of Robert Stacy McCain, a prominent conservative, for leaving and leaves The Federalist to explain the situation. He also cited Anita Sarkeesian, the creator of Feminist Frequency, and her role in the Trust and Safety Council directly affecting his decision.

“Joss Whedon got off Twitter and that really shocked me. Sarkeesian had a big hand in Joss leaving.”

He also echoed Milo Yiannopoulos:

“They are very good at hiding whatever algorithms they have. They don’t explain themselves and they are not transparent. The onus is on Twitter to explain exactly why they ban people. It’s their company. I just choose not to participate in the suppression of ideas anymore.”

Baldwin has yet to decide what social media platform he will now be using, but says he likes Instagram.

When Independent Journal Review asked him which candidate he is supporting, he said,”I’ll support anyone but the two socialists running.”

All of this comes as Twitter is losing users and money, and its stock is falling.

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