A High-Flying Job: How to Increase Your Career Opportunities

While passion and ambition can help you to achieve your goals at a faster rate, you will also need to build your knowledge and skillset to enjoy professional success. An extensive array of skills will not only allow you to flourish in a role, but they could also make you a more attractive candidate to an employer.

If you are hoping to secure a promotion, a pay raise, or are currently in the middle of a job search, here is some informative advice on how you can increase your career opportunities.

Gain an Attractive Degree

To beat the competition, you should gain a degree many employers are looking for in an employee. For example, if you want to help transform a brand’s operations, consider an MS in Applied Economics. The respected degree could help you improve a company’s strategy and effectively change a business for the better. It is an ideal option for those who want to enjoy professional success in a variety of industries, such as finance and banking, healthcare, government, analytics, and more. Find out more at

Improve Your Communication Skills

If you want to instill confidence in your employer, colleagues and clients, you must appear knowledgeable and confident. However, a passive manner could provide them with the wrong impression, so they could question your ability.

To ensure you are next in line for a promotion or impress a client, you should work on your communication skills. For example, try to be friendly, clear, confident and helpful at all times. You also should display a positive attitude and listen carefully to each question to provide an articulate response. If you can change people’s perception of you, it might not be long until you enter a senior level position or enjoy a salary boost.

Network to Build Powerful Relationships

Not all business relationships are formed in the boardroom. If you want to build long-lasting relationships with people inside your industry, there are various avenues that could help you to do so.

For instance, you could network with many professionals by:

  • Developing a presence on social media – LinkedIn and Twitter are the best networks to do so
  • Attending networking events
  • Joining business forums
  • Cold calling or emailing a potential connection

You also could increase the likelihood of people reaching out to you by establishing yourself as an industry thought leader. For example, you could write an insightful industry blog, or you could publish high-quality, informative articles on respected publications.


If you would like to increase your job opportunities, you need to take a proactive approach to your career. To give yourself the best possible chance of making your goals a reality, you must review the way you present yourself to others, boost your education to become a more attractive candidate, and build a rock-solid network to form relationships with potential employers, clients and business associates. If you follow these tips, it might not be long until you secure your dream job, receive a promotion, and enjoy a fantastic annual salary.

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