8 Women Tried To Become Army Rangers… Guess How Many Passed? [PODCAST]

The U.S. Army announced that all eight women who attempted to become Rangers failed to meet the basic minimum standards. Some are saying the standards should be changed. Is that the case?

Today’s episode of the Freedom Report podcast takes a look at the standards that are required for soldiers to be integrated into combat and special forces combat units in the military. Women have served honorably in the U.S. military, albeit in support roles, but now the pressure from special interest groups have called into question whether physical standards are a good enough measure for women to be integrated.

We contrast the standards for Army rangers with the Israeli Defense Forces, (the IDF) so as to better understand why our ally in the Middle East has given women the opportunity to serve in front line combat. Today’s show examines the differences between the physical standards of Israel and the United States, calling on the expertise of front-line IDF soldiers, as well as the testimony of current U.S. Army rangers who give an in depth analysis of why the American standards perhaps ought to be challenged.

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