8 Common causes and Symptoms Of Allergic Reaction

Do not ignore any single change that your body experiences internally or externally. It is a human tendency to take allergies for granted; ignore the redness in the eye or a running nose or swelling in any of the body part. Well, you have no idea what your body is experiencing.

Following are some common allergies that a human being can face along with the causes and symptoms. Study them carefully so that you know the extent of seriousness of these allergic reactions.

  1. Drug Allergy

When the human system reacts to a particular kind of medication, the situation is called drug allergy.  In most of the cases, the extent of the allergy is mild, but in rare cases this allergy can turn out to be life threatening.


Drug allergy is caused when the immune system recognizes some part of the medicine or as a whole, as a damaging substance, for example a bacteria or virus.


Symptoms of this kind of allergy are running nose, continuous sneezing, itching, rashes, watery eyes, swelling etc.


To treat a drug allergy your doctor may prescribe you with some antihistamines such as cheston cold composition. Cheston Cold composition is a commonly used antihistamine that helps to cure allergies.


  1. Contact Dermatitis

Contact Dermatitis is a skin allergy which is likely to occur in adults. Children can also suffer from this allergic reaction but the chances are not very high.


It occurs by coming in contact with any natural substance such as cat fur or any of the manufactured items, for example soap.


Contact Dermatitis is characterized by rashes and itchiness.


You should consult the doctor if you become the victim of this sort of allergy. It can be really painful if not treated within time.


  1. Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal Allergies are also known as allergic rhinitis or hay fever. Seasonal allergies usually occur in the spring season when flowers bloom. They make it miserable for you to even breathe properly.


It occurs when there are massive amount of pollens present in the air around you. And, when you breathe in the same air your body experiences an allergic reaction.


Congestion, sneezing, running nose, difficulty in breathing are few of the symptoms of a seasonal allergy.


You can get rid of this allergic reaction by wearing a pollen mask, staying indoors for most of the time during a particular season, using oral antihistamines such as Cheston Cold composition, using nasal sprays etc.

Some of the natural remedies such as extracts of dry algae can also be used for the treatment.


  1. Food allergies

Well, you would be surprised to know that any food that you eat can cause an allergic reaction in your body.

For example, allergy occurred due to eating a fish.

Adults are likely to be more prone to allergic reactions caused by a fish and a shell fish rather than children. This is because children do not eat such food very often as compared to the adults.

If you are allergic to any one type of fish, there is a high chance of you being allergic to some other kinds as well such as whiting, hake, haddock etc.


An allergic reaction to fish can occur because of the allergens present in the fish.


A major symptom of fish allergy is anaphylaxis.


There are some people who are not allergic to raw fish but are allergic to cooked fish and vice-versa.


  1. Latex Allergy

When people come in direct contact with latex, an allergic reaction can occur. For example, while blowing a rubber balloon or undergoing a dental treatment wherein the doctor or the staff wears latex gloves. There are many other incidences where you can come in direct contact with latex.


Usually, latex allergy occurs when you come in contact with latex repeatedly.


Swelling of the skin that came in direct contact with the latex, itchiness, rashes etc.


You can diagnose this allergy by undergoing an allergy blood test. If you have been a victim of this problem you should be extra careful. Wear alert identifications which can help you identify the latex products.


  1. Animal Allergy

Animal Allergy is also known as pet allergies. It is an allergic reaction that occurs when the immune system reacts to the proteins present in the animal’s saliva, skin or urine. Any specie that has fur can trigger this allergy. Usually, dogs and cats are found to be responsible for this kind of allergic reactions.


The main cause for pet allergies is dander; the dead skin flakes that an animal sheds. Dander consists of allergens to which your body reacts and causes animal allergies.


Cough, nasal congestion, difficult to breathe, discontinuous sleep, chest pain, watery eyes are few of the symptoms of this kind of allergy.


  1. Insect-sting allergies

Insects that fall under this category are paper wasp, honey bee and the yellow jacket wasp.


Well, it is very obvious that the cause of an insect-sting allergy is the insect-sting itself. Usually, wasps and bees only sting if they are disturbed. Thus, one should not take the risk at all.


Swelling and itchiness in the affected area along with mild pain.


You can use ice or cold water on the area that is affected to lessen the pain. Consult the doctor if there is no improvement after a time period of 30 minutes.


  1. Anaphylaxis

It is not a very common allergic reaction but if you become a victim of this allergy, it can be really dangerous.


The reaction occurs when a person experiences a shock due to extra release of chemicals.


Symptoms of Anaphylaxis include swelling, diarrhea, fast heart beat, cardiac arrest, low level of blood pressure, dizziness, vomiting etc.

Anaphylaxis can be life threatening if proper precautions are not taken.

Consult a doctor if you encounter any of the allergic reactions. He/she will provide you with some antihistamines such as Cheston Cold composition or any other medication that will provide you relieve and make you feel much better.


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