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7 Things That Help You Save Money When Chartering A Private Jet

You’re planning a romantic getaway with a loved one. The two of you are going to have fun, especially if you’re flying on a private jet. The jets are easy to get hold of, so why wouldn’t you? Well, cash could be holding you back as the jets can be pricey.

This is why you’re here. Look no further as there are quite a few things you could do to save money.

Pick A Smaller Jet

When it comes to chartering a jet, you’ll be renting the whole thing. So, the more seats it has, the more expensive it would be. Thankfully, chartering services offer jets in a range of seating capacities. If it’s just you and your partner, you’ll be happy to know that there are jets that come with 2 seats only (apart from the pilot’s).

Where Is It Going To Land?

If you’re looking for flights from yyz to lax, the jet can take multiple routes, and land in several airports. When flying on a regular plane, one of the reasons you have to pay so much is because of handling fees. This is why some locations are more expensive.

You should research the handling fees of the airports where you’re going to land. In general, smaller airports have the cheapest handling fees, so keep this in mind.

Is The Airline Affiliated With The Airport?

Everyone hates positioning fees. They add to the expense of renting a jet considerably. One of the best ways to get around them is by working with an airline that’s affiliated with many airports. This is as positioning fees would be cut considerably.

How Old Is The Plane?

When working with a chartering service, you have a range of jets to choose from. If you’re serious about saving cash, don’t be tempted to fly in a newer jet. They’re the latest models, so you’ll be charged the most.

You may think flying on an old plane isn’t a great idea, but know that airlines evaluate the planes in their line ups carefully. So, they’ll be comfortable and as safe as their newer counterparts.

Are You Flying Alone?

You don’t have to fly alone. Someone you know may also want to travel to the location, so instead of them flying on a commercial plane, having them come with you would save everyone some money. They’ll split the costs with you. This would be especially great if the plane was on the smaller side.

Empty Legs

Empty legs are when jets fly empty between 2 destinations. Depending on the chartering service you’re working with, you could book a flight during a jet’s empty leg. It’ll be very cheap.

What Chartering Service Are You Working With?

Some jet companies are more costly. This is why you should do your research and work with a good company, that is known to offer more affordable flights.

With that done out of the way, flying in a jet won’t be that expensive. You’ll be saving quite a bit by doing so. So, what’s holding you back?