7 tech gadgets for a wedding registry


Including tech gadgets for wedding gifts are the in thing for tech lovers. There are lots of wedding registry electronics that could make life easier. Take the wearable translator to help with understanding more languages. And the slow juicer, one of the perfect electronic gadgets for her, and more.

Although these wedding gadgets gifts are quite pricey, their benefits are for a lifetime. The advent of technology isn’t all bad after all l, as couples put it to good use. So, if you’re thinking of tech engagement gifts for couples, or actual wedding gifts, see best 7 here.

Swash system

This is a gadget for couples who love to do their own dry cleaning. The stress of washing, ironing, and drying reduces with this one. This is a sleep home chore aid that does all the heavy lifting when it comes to clothes. It also comes with 12 count multi-pack of SWASH pods cups, a pocket smoother. To crown it, it has adjustable hangers, and last, it’s stylish. Dry cleaning stops being a boring chore with this one.

smart lock home kit

This is one of the newest and coolest gadgets to gift a new couple. This smart lock can connect to your smartphone, turning it into a key. Again, it allows the creation of virtual keys for guests who deserve access to your home. You will also be able to monitor the movement in your home, with knowledge of who goes and comes. With a smart lock, the fear of insecurity reduces very much. The home is safe whether you’re in or not.

slow juicer

This wedding registry electronics is for couples that love making their own juice. So, if you love to get the last juice from fruits, include a slow juicer in the wedding registry. These beauties do a great job of optimized juicing. It has the ability to squeeze out every tiny valuable drop out of fruits. Not only that but they can make ice-cream too. Such goodness! Tech lovers who are health enthusiasts will not pass on this. It is durable and easy to wash. Although a bit on the high side, it’s a wedding registry gadget that’s worth all the hype.

GoPro Hero4 silver

This tops the newest and coolest gadgets for a wedding registry. It is different from the regular GoPro camera. This one is an ultra HD combination of video and still photography. This will help couples who will go on a honeymoon save memories. This doesn’t leave out couples who love adventure, as it will take shots of all the fun. Asides this, it’s cool for the home to capture happy times, random pictures, christenings, and other celebrations. It’s water resistant and has in-built Wi-Fi. This facilitates the transfer of these pictures from the camera into a smartphone. It’s portable and sleek too.

Mood Lighting

Turn up the romance some more with mood lights in the home. Absolutely gorgeous for the sitting room and bedroom, it enhances intimacy. It’s also soothing and helps the couple relax into a beautiful night. These mood lights are ultra-colorful, giving the rooms a beautiful and calming ambiance. The best part is that one can control these lights from their smartphone. So, as a couple who loves romance and relaxation, here’s one electronic gadget to include in wedding registry.

ili wearable translator

This is the first wearable translator and it launched in the latter part of 2016. One of the perfect gadgets for couples going on honeymoon trips to places they’ve never been. Language isn’t a barrier anymore. This gadget is wireless and needs no internet. So even if you’re going somewhere remote, the translator will work. All you need do is to press the button down whenever anyone speaks a language you don’t understand, and it will record. Then it goes ahead to translate it in your chosen language.

Electronic thermostat

Getting married and moving into somewhere new? Then an electronic thermostat comes in handy. It’s so sleek that one can control it with a smartphone. For when it gets too hot, you can turn it down a bit with your smartphone. Get some more comfort into your lives from the cold or excess heat. This thermostat is cool and a must have for either new or old homes.

Above are 7 tech gadgets ideal for a couples wedding registry. Don’t miss out on anyone and make your lives easier.


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