5 Ways PC Culture Went Too Far

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Justin Gould

America has evolved.  We are no longer the country of strong, patriotic young adults who actively seek to better themselves in life.  Rather, America has turned into a society of overly sensitive infants who can’t even walk outside without getting offended.  Our culture as we know it is being held captive by these Leftist babies who want to undermine the First Amendment to prevent “offensive” language.  This despicable and inappropriate eradication of our rights cannot continue to destroy our freedoms, because there is one thing that the Left still fails to understand: that people will always find a way to feel victimized if they are given the chance.  George Will briefly touched on this in 2014.  He stated that being a victim is a “coveted status,” of sorts—and is absolutely right.  People desire human interaction. Becoming a victim will guarantee that this want is fulfilled.  This has, systematically over the past 50 years, developed the dangerous PC culture in America.  This new age, hippie-like culture of immaturity has infiltrated academia, the media, and government.  PC culture is known for obliterating free speech by censoring anything that could ever be remotely offensive.  This culture, however, has done far more damage than good.  Here are five ways PC culture has gone too far:

1) Trouble in Target


Oh, no…Target is being offensive!  It’s those capitalists; they only care about profit.  How dare they sell a funny Christmas sweater intended to make people laugh in good fun.  Has this country really gotten to the point where we can’t take a joke?  Obviously, Target’s objective in selling this sweater was not to “make fun” of a condition, rather, to get people into the Christmas spirit, and make people laugh.  They get the point, though; they have no plans to pull it from their shelves (Well, they probably do now that it’s after Christmas). Good for them.

2) Cartoon “racism”


Parents: turn off the TV right now.  Your kids are probably being exposed to “subtle” racism in their favorite cartoons.  Look at this disgustingly offensive screenshot from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  The writers, directors, and animators ought to be ashamed of themselves.  Having a black kid (Franklin) sit on a certain side of the table is incredibly racist and offensive.  It doesn’t matter that Franklin has a seat at this table and is being included in all of the Thanksgiving festivities.  The mere fact that no one else is sitting next to this fictional character will damage our youth and promote racist ideas.  Clearly the people who are outraged about this are still too immature to graduate from watching children’s shows to something more substantial (which is why they often times watch MSNBC).

3) Halloween at Yale

This incident is a disgusting result of the PC culture that has infiltrated every aspect of American life.  The woman disrespectfully screaming at her superior in this video is not upset because of high tuition or something that actually matters; she’s upset because a Yale official sent an email expressing a view that Halloween costumes should not be controlled by the school.  The screaming student yells that because the official doesn’t agree with her, that he should “step down.”  Apparently, having an opinion that isn’t the same as a highly sensitive college student is grounds for self-termination.  Furthermore, she screams that Yale “is not about creating an intellectual space…it’s about creating a home here.” Right…because you aren’t supposed to be challenged and exposed to differing viewpoints in college. Brilliant.  That makes perfect sense.

4) “Demands”

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 4.44.50 PM

Misguided students from colleges and universities around the country are creating lists of “demands” for their schools to make them more “inclusive” (whatever that means…).  With more and more schools being demanded to complete ridiculous and sometimes impossible tasks, it is hard to keep count.  The partial list of the original 10 demands of Michigan State University can be seen in the above picture.  These students “demand” outrageous things, such as the creation of a new College.  I’m not exactly sure what purpose this serves, as many graduates with a degree in any sort of gender or race study are unemployed or underemployed, and the new College, as well as the two other demands listed above, will cost MSU more than $4 million per year.  Furthermore, this isn’t listed in the picture, but the movement’s seventh demand is to force students to take six credits of “Inclusion and Intercultural Studies General Education,” fulfilled by taking two, three-credit courses in the newly established College demanded above.  Yes, that’s right.  Since PC culture has trained college students to become highly sensitive, ignorant infants who are unable to face the realities of life, this movement demands that every single student be required to spend more than $2,500 to learn about nonsense.

5) War on Christmas


With the advancement of PC culture, obliterating Christmas, Christians are being forced to digest Atheism in public.  The Left says it is unacceptable to say “Merry Christmas” in public and institutions are afraid to place Christmas trees in their establishments with fear of being sued.  PC culture took it one step too far (again).  In Maine, a teacher in a public high school has placed a pink “Hello Kitty” Christmas tree in her classroom for years.  On this tree, she has no religious ornaments or symbols—only items that compliment her diverse classroom.  In December 2015, however, this math teacher was abruptly confronted with berating school officials who feared that this fun Christmas tree would “offend” someone.  As a result, she was told she would be unable to continue her tradition. After taking to social media, stating, “everything seems to offend everybody these days,” the school finally came to their senses and allowed the teacher to keep the tree in her classroom. While it is great that the school stopped their grotesque war on Christmas, the mere fact that the school had a problem with this tree is absurd.  The attempt to promote PC culture is inappropriate; if schools are “inclusive,” then they need to allow all opinions—not just those of the liberal Left.


Unfortunately, PC culture is all around us.  Our youth are being groomed to be offended by anything and everything.  In fact,40% of Millennials are OK with limiting free speech in order to prevent offending people.  PC culture fails to recognize two important things, however.  They fail (or refuse) to realize that it is impossible to prevent people from becoming offended.  Someone will always find a way to have their feelings hurt—especially when we have a culture which promotes victimhood.  The second thing that PC culture fails to understand is that life is not an easy ride.  There will be hard times, and people will fail, have their emotions manipulated, and get used.  Brainwashing young people to remain nannied and in this unrealistic bubble of safety is preparing them for failure.

PC culture needs to change.  These five examples above are just the very tip of the iceberg. There is an abundance of examples of ways that PC culture has damaged our youth and has gone to an extreme to censor conservative opinions, and promote those of the Left.  In order for America to get back to her days of glory once again and to train generations of successful leaders, we need to abandon the failed ways of censored PC culture and expose our youth to real life.

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