5 Reasons You Should Not Date Someone Who Has Massive Debt

In the United States, the average personal debt is $38,000. 

Everyone you meet will have some debt. Most people don’t want to date someone who has a lot of debt. If they’re over the average, it can mean some things that may make you hesitant to start a relationship.

Date Someone Who Doesn’t Have Massive Debt

Just because a person has massive debt doesn’t mean they are a bad person. It does bring up some red flags about responsibility and financial future.

Here are some things to consider when figuring out who should I date?

  1. Debt and Stress Ruin Relationships

If you date someone who has a lot of debt, there will be financial stress in the relationship. Financial stress plays a role in nearly 60% of divorces. Couples who have massive debt are less satisfied and partners can feel cold and withdrawn because of it.

  1. Lifestyle Changes

Having massive debt will change your lifestyle. Dating a guy with financial problems will result in those problems affecting you. This is true whether or not they are a guy and can mean sacrifices on your part. Making sacrifices that you don’t want to is likely to leave you bitter towards your significant other.

You shouldn’t have to change your lifestyle to accommodate the person you are wanting to date. Consider if that will really make you happy.

  1. Debt Makes It Harder to Secure a Future

If you’re wondering how to date someone with massive debt, consider how you are going to live once married. If the relationship goes to that level, you are going to be faced with some cold realities. Getting a home, securing your financial future for retirement, all of these things are going to be burdened by their debt.

If you chose to date someone who falls into this category be prepared for some serious challenges.

  1. Debt Can Be a Sign of Other Problems

Those who have a lot of debt generated it for some reason. The core of that reason can be completely innocent, or it can be something else. They could show a lack of responsibility or may not care as much about their future as you do. Not to mention possible chemical or alcohol dependencies that might be hidden from you.

  1. Massive Debt Can Fall on You

How do you date someone who has built up a massive debt? You don’t unless you are willing to assume some risk of that debt becoming yours.

If they can’t get anything for your shared relationship you are going to be spending more money. If this happens to you, use a service like Debthunch reviews in order to get out of debt.

Keep Yourself in Good Financial Condition

If you encounter someone who has massive debt and you want to date them, keep in mind the difficulties. Date someone who aligns with your goals and beliefs, both financially and emotionally. Doing this is the only way you are going to find happiness that doesn’t come with a price tag.

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