Top 5 Greatest Liberty-Friendly Economists of All-Time

By Wayne Pac

There have been many people in our society that have fought for Liberty, and have been strong proponents of liberty. Some people have been part of the Abolitionist movement that helped end slavery. Some people have been part of the early Feminist movement that allowed women to vote. Others have been part of Academia and the fiscal sciences. This list of top five liberty-friendly economists is based on the messages that they conveyed and the things they accomplished during their time. The list is in no particular order.

Milton Friedman

Milton Friedman was an amazing economist who received a Nobel Prize in the economic sciences. Friedman accomplished many things, and he said his proudest achievement was helping to eliminate the military draft in the United States. Friedman wrote Capitalism and Freedom. In this book, he advocated for many things, including the fact that he thought the Military should be all volunteers.

His book also talked about an income tax that could essentially eliminate all welfare and benefits, instead replacing the income tax with a Negative Income Tax. His works provide many perspectives that Libertarians think are very liberty-friendly. It’s no wonder that a lot of Libertarians praise Milton Friedman.

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