5 Critical Tips For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

 #2. Home Defense

In the first few hours of a zombie apocalypse, the first instinct many humans will have is to flee. Roads will be jammed and grocery stores will be cleaned out. Want to survive? Observe the herd, and do the opposite. Since you’re obviously reading this guide, you’re probably the type to keep enough food and water in your house to be prepared in the event of this kind of emergency, so why would you even need to run to the grocery store like the rest of the lemmings who might as well ring the dinner bell for any zombies in the area? Fresh meat at the grocery store, but not a brain among them. So stock up in case of this event. And if you’re smart, you’ll barricade yourself in your home and stay put. Here are some great tips to guard yourself against the walkers in the crucial first 24-48 hours of an outbreak.

Putting bars and boards over windows and doors is a good first means of defense, but experience has shown that two or three walkers can eventually tear right through them. I’m not saying don’t board up your windows, but even if you’ve done that already, don’t expect them to hold off the flesh eaters for long. Again, you should move to the highest point in the house and destroy the means of getting upstairs. And never, ever lock yourself in a basement, no matter how tempting or impregnable you think it may be. You may as well be canned food, because there will be no escape, and once cabin fever sets in, and it will set in, someone is going to go nuts and try and open the only entrance to the outside world, delivering you into the walker’s hands like so many sardines.

Apartment buildings can be great for self defense. Firstly because you’ll likely have more people to help you defend against the walkers, and secondly because if the elevator isn’t working, and you can destroy or barricade the staircase, you’ve basically created an almost impregnable fortress against the walking dead. You’ll be able to use the human capital of the tenants, who could be carpenters, mechanics, army reservists, engineers, or have any variety of skills that would be useful in protecting the lives of those who hole up in the complex. Apartment buildings are generally a very good bet for safety in numbers against the hordes of undead.

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