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12-Year-Old Running Trump Campaign in 4th Largest County of Colorado

By: Kody Fairfield

Trump thumb

The unprecedented run that has been the Donald Trump for President campaign continues to be entertaining to say the least. Trump has gone from an essential laughing stock of a candidate, to a polarizing nominee, even within his own party. He has been plagued by abrasive comments to women, minorities, his political opponents, and the media. He claims to want to “Make America Great Again,” but admits that anything he has said on the trail is a mere suggestion.

Then there is the campaign staff, which has seen continual changes in leadership, seemingly because Trump doesn’t like to be disagreed with.

With all this chaos, it would be assumed that Trump still understands the importance of placing people in strategic positions across the nation, specifically in swing states necessary to win the election. He needs people who are educated about policy and are politically experienced. Doing everything from getting people to the polls, and spreading his message. So what’s the issue?

Enter Weston Imer of Jefferson County, Colorado. Imer is a 12-year-old boy who is at the reigns of the Jefferson County operation, one of the most important and populace counties in the state. Imer is in charge of organizing voter outreach, meetups, rallies and in helping to get the voters to the polls on election day (that is at least until school starts in September).

While it cannot be argued that having youth active in politics and motivated to create change is never a bad thing, it begs the question to the seriousness of Trump’s run for the highest office in the land. Is there is no one in Jefferson County more qualified and connected to affect the vote? Is this one of Trump’s versions of free press? Who knows?

What is clear however, is that come September when Imer returns to school, another alteration to the Trump campaign will occur. Ironically, it could be an actual education that hurts Trumps’s ability to win the big swing state of Colorado.

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