12 Things You Didn’t Know About Cannabis That Might Surprise You

Marijuana, a topic that’s been hushed for a long time, is suddenly being talked about everywhere. Not that it wasn’t popular before, but the spreading legalization of the plant has allowed cannabis enthusiasts to be more open about their love for it.

Now, there’s a lot of cannabis knowledge spread across the internet. But some things are discussed more than others. And others may be news to even the biggest cannabis lovers. With that said, here are things about cannabis that could astound you:

  1. The Most Popular Consumption Method

Inhalation is easily the most popular way to use cannabis. More specifically, people smoke it through a joint, blunt, or pipe. However, new and more innovative methods have appeared, namely vaping and dabbing. You can check out this ultimate guide on different dab tools if you’d like more info.

  1. It’s Been Around For Millenia

Weed has a more extended history than many people realize. That’s probably because most discussions revolve around its modern history with legalization. But there’s evidence of cannabis usage dating back to more than 5,000 years ago. And it’s appeared in various locations throughout history like China and Romania.

  1. They Can Become Hermaphrodites

Hermaphrodites are plants that possess both male and female reproductive parts—they’re capable of fertilizing themselves. Although rare, a male or female cannabis plant can become a hermaphrodite. It usually happens when the plant is under stressful conditions or manipulated to become so through human intervention.

  1. The Flower Is Where It’s At

It’s not uncommon for those who don’t use cannabis to believe that people smoke the leaves. In truth, most cannabis users aren’t concerned about the leaves at all. Leaves and stems are customarily cut off and discarded. The flower contains the highest concentration of THC, the psychoactive compound that induces a high and is what people use when consuming marijuana.

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  1. Cottonmouth Isn’t A Result Of Smoking

Cottonmouth is the term used when referring to the dry-mouth feeling people experience after using marijuana. The most obvious origin of it may seem to be smoking, but it’s not. The proof is that cottonmouth occurs even when consuming edibles, which don’t involve smoking.

  1. Female Plants Are The Ones That Get You High

Male plants do contain THC, but much less so than female plants. In theory, getting high from them is possible if you consume enough, although it might not be the most pleasant experience. As mentioned before, the cannabis flower has more THC than any other part of the plant. And male plants don’t produce flowers. The result? Only female cannabis plants are used to get high.

  1. They Make Feminized Seeds On Purpose

Growers are more interested in having female than male cannabis plants. Male plants are primarily used to generate more seeds. And they’ll go to great lengths to ensure they get as many female plants as possible. Most growers will keep only one or two male plants at a time and use them to fertilize one or two female plants. These female plants are then exposed to hormones or sprayed with colloidal silver to make them produce most, if not entirely, female seeds.

  1. Canvas Has Its Roots In Marijuana

It’s no coincidence that ‘canvas’ and ‘cannabis’ sound similar. Canvas was historically made from hemp. And the word ‘canvas’ was derived from ‘cannabis’, of Latin origin. It roughly translates to ‘made from hemp’.

  1. Weed Has Gotten Stronger

The potency of marijuana has increased over time, thanks to years of selective breeding. Cannabis growers have continually bred cannabis plants with high THC content, leading to plants that induce a more potent high. They’ve also bred different marijuana strains, each having slightly different effects, tastes, and traits.

  1. George Washington Grew

Specifically, he grew hemp, the non-psychoactive cousin to cannabis. Hemp was farmed and used to make rope, clothes, and canvas in the 18th century. He even wrote about his hemp farming multiple times in his various writings.

  1. Cannabis Versus Hemp

Cannabis and hemp are two plants belonging to the same family. The difference is hemp contains little to no THC and therefore doesn’t get you high. However, it does contain CBD and contributes to the CBD market. It’s also used to make textiles, rope, clothing, and biofuel.

  1. Heat Is An Essential Part Of The Process

People smoke cannabis rather than eating it because it doesn’t get them high. However, you can consume cannabis raw and still experience its alleged medical benefits. The THC in cannabis must be heated to a certain temperate to be ‘activated’ before it’s capable of inducing a high. That’s why it’s smoked, heated, or cooked into something before consumption.


Indeed, some of the things on this list must’ve surprised you. And these are only a handful of everything there is to know about cannabis. For example, it was involved in one of the very first eCommerce deals. Also, modern medical research has started supporting some of the long-suspected medical benefits of cannabis! Who knows, maybe there are more interesting facts about cannabis the world is yet to discover.


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