Don’t mess with Texas!

SHINER, TX - A Texas father walked in on his five-year-old daughter being molested and wasted no time in beating the man to death. The grand jury found the dad not guilty due to a state law that allows deadly force to be used to stop an aggravated sexual assault.

The incident occurred June 9th near Shiner, Texas. Someone spotted a farmhand, Jesus Flores carrying the girl into a secluded area and alerted the girl’s father. The concerned parent ran towards his daughters screams and found them both with their underwear off.

The father flew into a rage and beat Flores into unconsciousness. When he was sure the man was no longer a threat, he called 911 to report on the incident. “Come on! This guy is going to die on me! I don’t know what to do.” he yelled.

The event was treated as a homicide but the father did not go to jail and will not be charged with a crime.


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  1. mail33006

    He hasn’t been charged……yet. Just wait till Eric Holder hears that someone has killed a minority pedophile. Libs can’t stand to lose a member of their base.

    • msthang71

      Im liberal and Im sorry he should have pickaxed the filthy piece of garbage through the effin skull. Black,white,red or brown EVERY pedophile/molester/child abuser and child killer should be flayed from face to foot!

    • My turn

      I’m liberal too. it is generalizing mouthbreathers like yourself that will ensure there is only one party in charge of government..which is NOT a good thing. I want discourse not railroading.

      • mail33006

        Check again dickweed. There are two parties sharing power right now. Try to keep up, or head back to HuffPo.

      • notsurprisedbyyourignorance

        I D I O T, you discredit your posts with your ignorance. LOL

      • Travis Badjib

        Going to point out that technically ANY party is technically illegal. The president should be the winner, the VP should be the runner up, and Congress should be voting for what is best for America, not what benefits their party’s values….

  2. Evolution of Devolution

    If only he would try. A move like that would just further discredit and reveal him as the racist he is.
    Sorry this was a reply to mail33006.

  3. cwlind

    He’ll be arrested for having an illegal alien on his payroll.

  4. Jim Aroyo

    Too bad 500 or more priests who were molesting altar boys and girls didn’t have the same thing happen to them. The church would have no priests.