They said he would never learn, now he’ll teach them a thing or two…

A genius boy whose IQ is higher than Albert Einstein is on his way to possibly winning a Nobel Prize after being set free of special education programs in public schools. His mother made the decision to take him out of the programs, even after having doctors diagnose him with Aspergers and say that her son Jacob Barnett would never even learn to tie his shoes.

She describes in her book “The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nurturing Genius” that she was afraid of trying to pull him out of school. “For a parent, it’s terrifying to fly against the advice of the professionals. But I knew in my heart that if Jake stayed in special ed, he would slip away.”

Jacob was not thriving in special ed classes. He kept turning deeper into himself and was uncommunicative with other people. His doctors prescribed medical treatment for the boy. When he wasn’t in therapy though, his mother noticed him doing amazing things. “He would create maps all over our floor using Q-tips. They would be maps of places we’ve visited and he would memorize every street.”

Jake dropped out of elementary school in the 5th grade. His incredible memory allowed him to attend university classes after he learned all of high school math in two weeks. Now he’s on track to graduate from college at age 14 and working on theories to build on Einstein’s theory of relativity.

60 minutes did a special on Jacob here.


Meet Jacob Barnett

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Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen is the founder of The Libertarian Republic, as well as the CEO of Stonegait LLC. Formerly an Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano's show "Freedom Watch", on the Fox Business Network. Austin was referred to by the Judge as "The right side of my brain". He built Judge Napolitano's social networks with over 700,000 fans and millions of clicks a month. Austin graduated from Missouri State University. He has written and produced award winning plays and videos, and previously worked for the Libertarian National Committee and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

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    The liberals had this kid labeled and setup for a life of government dependency! This is why it’s so important to rid the planet of the entire liberal mindset!

    • Kai

      The liberals?? What..? You totally missed the point of this article/video. Nowhere within it was indicated any type of political debate. Incredible.. I wish people would pay attention instead of trying to turn everything into an irrelevant political battle.

      • SAM ADAMS

        Read it again then! I don’t know what to tell you if you are not outraged at the liberal dominated education departments and how they could have easily had this gifted kid put away in some special ed class for life! .Common core is going to be even worse with the way they pigeon hole every kid into “programs”. BTW this is a mainly political site. If you don’t want to read political ideas then I might suggest a fuzzy puppy blog next time!

      • Echo Moon

        so am i to understand from your posting and from sam’s that the liberals have been in control for the past 30 and more decades??
        just because this kid and the video is posted on a liberal page does not make it a political statement.

      • SAM ADAMS

        Wow. I think you need to learn how to write. Please re read what you wrote and put it into a statement which can be comprehended by intelligent people like myself. I’m tired of dumbing myself down to speak to people like you! It’s time for you to suck it up and learn english! Next, learn how to put a thought together cohesively! After you learn that much you can try to speak to me again. Otherwise just bugger off! While you are at it you might want to check the page you are on. This is not a “liberal” site,it’s a libertarian one! If you can’t tell the difference than I guess you are a liberal(idiot)!

      • Josh Doppelt

        Sam I feel bad for you man. You must be a really unhappy person to turn all tough and combative on a comment board on a page devoted to showing how special this one boy is. I am sure you are a very intelligent person. I just hope you utilize it for a better cause. Belittling people on a chat board is dumb.

        On a different note, I hope this child and his parents change the way we as a society help our children. More personalized attention is needed to unearth the wonderful children hidden under their labels. Jacob is an inspiration, I wish him and his family the best

      • SAM ADAMS

        Face it, It’s America is a tough place today! There will be time for being nice when things get better!

      • FaqUrug

        Seems like you could have benefited from a “program” or two, Sam – your writing is barely passable.

      • dragon5126

        Sam;s writing is a hell of a lot better than your’s, Obamazite.

      • bdgshv

        maybe your Oreo aka Ovomit can put him into an institution and deny him any help. Isn’t that what democrats do to sheeple

      • dragon5126

        stop insulting oreos cookies are good Obama is just a shit sandwich

      • Cre8tive Clyde

        Josh: one way of doing your second paragraph is to begin, in utero, dealing with the health of the mother, most especially those in the bottom 50% of the economic spectrum. Then, coaching them through visiting nurses, psychologists, other health care professionals in both home and group situations, to create a stimulus rich environment for the new child up through 4th grade so that we really create an quasi-equal opportunity society.

      • dragon5126

        take your foot out of your mouth Josh,,, you are talking out of both sides of your ass… First you belittle Samm for speaking out and then you say you hope the child and his parents do something to change the way things are… that would be speaking out… Man, you are an idiot… where did all you toads come from? Obama bus you in???

      • SAM ADAMS

        It’s the 3750 nutjob PAID obozocore troll brigade! They couldn’t think clearly enough to be a libertarian so instead they became liberal tools!!

      • Margo O'Neil

        Josh: You a great person and it is wonderful how you steered the conversation back to the subject at hand

      • richard

        You sound like you do the dishes and everyone else bangs your gf.

      • Josh Doppelt

        Why’s that? Cuz I think talking trash on comment boards is cowardly and childish? Because I watched a video and was inspired by a kid who was chewed up and spit out by a school system that overlooked him? Hm, what did you get out of that video?

      • T. Lorraine French

        You have missed the point of this article entirely. You are clearly fueled by an unmerited feeling of superiority. You may assume you are highly intelligent but you come off as an arrogant buffoon when you bring up politics on an article about a parent who trusted her gut and the inherent special abilities her child possessed.
        Then you turn around and falsely blame all liberals for his placement, when children are now placed in special education according to the requirements set in place by the No Child Left Behind Act implemented by George Bush.
        For future reference if you want to argue a point or debate an issue make sure you are on topic and be mindful that it is never all one sides fault. More people are likely to hear your point of view if you are more balanced both intellectually and psychologically.

      • SAM ADAMS

        Why are you arguing republican politics with me. You are obviously in the wrong discussion. I’m a libertarian and have never voted or supported any other candidates! I never voted for bush. I could see his line of bs a mile away!

      • Mike Koeniger Sr.

        Please explain how NCLB legislation impacted the process that we put children through in the special education diagnosis programs in your state? The IDEA laws were enacted under the Carter administration and have been modified under almost every Presidential administration since. Yes NCLB called for assessment of identified children but most of the hoops that I see educators jumping through are from IDEA. Additionally I think you confuse the Republicans and Democrats as two different viewpoints. This has resulted in you replying to people using pejoratives and sarcasm. May I suggest that when you are discussing issues with minarchists that you understand we see both parties, neoconsevatives and progressives as defenders of a corrupt system.

      • richard

        Another idiotic statement by an uneducated twit. Force fed libtard ignorance

      • dragon5126

        If you think Sam is feeling superior, you must be feeling inferior, well that happens when you take the low road and go liberal

      • richard

        Untrue Ms French, libtarded, kool aid drinking, progressive do nothing but whine, leftist redistributionist corrupters of youth and dumb down champs of the children of America. Look at the recent educational standings worldwide. Total disgrace. All brought to us by left leaning losers pushing a socialist agenda. KEEP SPEWING IGNORANCE TO BUILD THE DUMBOCRAP PARTY OF LEECHES AND LOSERS> PLANTATION DWELLERS!

      • weenus

        There you go. Attack and insult everybody, that’s how you communicate. That lazy attitude is basically how the kid in this story ended up buried in special ed in the first place.

        It takes more effort for you to articulate yourself respectfully. I get it. It’s easier to spout your rhetoric while being rude and condescending. Whatever pumps you up for your e-warrioring against the liberal agenda, keep fighting the good fight!

      • SAM ADAMS

        Politics is not a vocation of the weak! Go somewhere else if you don’t have the stones for it!

      • dragon5126

        can it dogbreath, you are attacking Sam, and yet you are accusing him of doing it

      • Margo O'Neil

        Sam: If you were as intelligent as your think you are then you would not find the need to put it out there as forcibly as you did. Besides all the grammar errors you made. English is capitalized.

      • SAM ADAMS

        This is a comment section and not Shakespeare! Maybe if you got your head out of your a55 you might realize that. There certainly seem to be allot of liberal trolls in the libertarian republic lately! Why don’t you scoot back to MSM sites where you belong!

      • Margo O'Neil

        Sorry, I do not speak troll, Sam. Nor can I translate whatever insults I think you are trying to use. I will be leaving this conversation now because I refuse to feed trolls. Further replies will be ignored and will simply further prove who exactly the troll is in this comment section.

      • SAM ADAMS

        At least look up libertarian and find out what it means to be one before you darken OUR corner of the net! Now run away little troll! You earned your kibbles from obozo today!

      • dragon5126

        there’s the problem you are trying to think. Liberals don’t KNOW HOW to think!

      • dragon5126

        hey Whore we already established that assaults based on someone’s grammar is due to the lack of a valid stance. what’s your going rate? 25 cents? Yes I an getting low and nasty, hopefully low enough for you to follow

      • FaqUrug

        SAM = dragon… it’s quite clear. Either that or they’re sucking eachother off. Protip: you guys aren’t nearly as smart, enlightened, or even close to being as correct about things as you think you are. You’re just another a-hole on the internet with too much time on his hands.

      • dragon5126

        How typical of a ranting liberal, turn it vulgar when you cant counter it with facts.

      • Josh Doppelt

        Come on Dragon, vulgar has comprised every one of your comments. Bring up facts in your comments and you won’t come off as such a hypocrite

      • dragon5126

        Sorry Josh but vulgarity is only returned it isn’t initiated, and in your ignorance you don’t know the difference between profanity and vulgarity… educate yourself while you are munching on your foot

      • Josh Doppelt


        adjective ˈvəl-gər

        : not having or showing good manners, good taste, or politeness

      • Josh Doppelt

        or a : lacking in cultivation, perception, or taste : coarseb : morally crude, undeveloped, or unregenerate : grossc : ostentatious or excessive in expenditure or display : pretentious

        Pick you definition.

      • dragon5126

        you don’t get to cherry pick definitions asswipe


        /ˈvʌlgər/ Show Spelled [vuhl-ger] Show IPA



        characterized by ignorance of or lack of good breeding or taste: vulgar ostentation.


        indecent; obscene; lewd: a vulgar work; a vulgar gesture.


        crude; coarse; unrefined: a vulgar peasant.


        of, pertaining to, or constituting the ordinary people in a society: the vulgar masses.


        current; popular; common: a vulgar success; vulgar beliefs.

      • Josh Doppelt

        I don’t get to cherry pick definitions? Let me tell you something Dragon, this might come as a shock to you but words have multiple definitions. I “cherry picked” the definition I REFERRED TO when I said your writing was vulgar! I was not giving you a lesson of every possible definition of the word. I’m done with this stupid petty argument, and I am done with this site.
        Awesome video, for a truly incredible kid.

      • Cody

        I stumbled upon this story making rounds through facebook while enjoying my break at work. After reading these posts I can see what is wrong with America. It’s you people. The people who are so concerned with trashing everything that they don’t agree with. What happened to equality? Why can’t we ALL just be happy this kid is out now and ready to accomplish things we couldn’t even imagine. Get off your high horses and do something about it. I hear every day how people complain about their government, but none of these people would do even the slightest thing to try and change it. They will however sit here in chat rooms spending hours arguing with people they will never meet, nor talk to again. If I tweeted it would say #AmericansAreIdiots

      • dragon5126

        Liberals are never happy when someone has a chance of showing them up

      • SAM ADAMS

        You need to go back to sucking off obozo! The liberal mindset just oozes from your keyboard! Why not try the Jim Jones kool-ade! the obozo stuff is obviously not having the desired effect…you are still alive!!!

      • dragon5126

        You getting jealous that nobody has your back? could it be that you are just a lowlife piece of shit?

      • FaqUrug

        Took 13 days to rattle off that retort? ha! Your mother was a lowlife piece of shit… and you? you were a load she should have swallowed during the circle jerk that produced you.

      • dragon5126

        my life doesn’t revolve around this site. I live in the real world unlike you and your pathetic and vulgar existence

      • SAM ADAMS

        Swearing! The last line of defence for an utter imbecile! You are so unintelligent that you can’t even refrain from profanity to get your point across! No wonder we can’t win an election! This is why our best chance is to take over the GOP! Dopes like you have torpedoed the cause since the beginning! How does it feel to be the low life which has forever killed the libertarian party’s chances!?! You need to go back to the dumbocrat party where you belong!

      • Lura

        Listen, I’m not GOP wingnut and I teach gifted. I work with these kids and I would never do that a kid. This has nothing to do with liberals versus RWNJs. This is about labeling kids and not helping them with their needs.

      • SAM ADAMS

        And common core is not about labeling kids!?! Give me a break!

      • Ivan Harr

        I totally agree the schools are run by libtards I pulled my child out over two years ago went from straight Fs to Honor student in 3 months time so suck it up! Public schools suck unless your a minority then you can do what ever you chose…….. true fact………..

      • Tony

        Ivan; I celebrate your child’s success, however … here’s a grammatical hint, if your argument is to be accepted as “Valid” … [Understand the proper usage of the word “you’re” vs “Your”. The best way to do that is to sound it out. There is a replacement test that will tell you for certain which word will fit. Read the sentence with “you are” in place of where the “your/you’re” is intended. If it makes sense, then “you’re” would be right. If not, then “your” would fit. You could also replace “your” with “my” in the sentence. If it fits, then use “your.” – The 1st is a Gerund Phrase, the 2nd is a Posessive Adverb …'re-and-Your

      • Michael

        Tony, YOU would put Ivan in a special needs class now wouldn’t you? you condescending, typical liberal. In My opinion, he is much smarter than you’re.

      • Sparten1

        Read the message dude! Not the words. Besides, he said it was his kid that was smart, not him.

      • richard

        Idiot if you are to stupid to understand what he was saying than you probably are a libtard. If on the other hand you knew what he was saying but were afraid to admit he is correct than you probably are a libtard. If you called him out on a grammatical error to cause him shame or embarassment you are definitely a libtard and an azzhole. So now you worthless oblamebush stooge go sign up for oblameyamamahadalibtard care and hush.

      • DarciaM

        If you use the term “libtard” you don’t deserve to be calling OTHER people stupid…honestly, what sort of immature person results to namecalling right off the bat? I’ll tell you the sort…the sort that is so insecure in their beliefs, who doubt them every second of every day, that the only way they can feel safe in them is insulting people who think differently. I don’t care if you’re a Republican. But don’t be the type of Republican who doesn’t actually believe in the principles of the party so has to resort to name calling to make yourself feel better.

      • richard

        Darcia you are a racist, a bigot and a fool with a loser left agenda. Now go spew lies and falsehoods elsewhere. Being a stooge for the democratic party does not make you intelligent child. People that vote dumbocratic are normally uneducated ghetto dwellers or part of the ruling elite.

      • Danny Evans

        How can you throw out criticism and call someone and idiot while starting with a basic spelling error. “Idiot if you are to stupid……” Try, “Idiot if you are TOO stupid to …..” You really need to get an education before trying to speak from a level of false superiority!

      • richard

        @lilshortbusdanny Being a libtarded stooge for the uneducated masses makes you feel superior doesn’t it child? Just another idiot spewing the progressive socialist agenda. Keep the fools ignorant uneducated and on the plantation. Great way to advance freedom boy.

      • Jeffrey Montgomery

        Don’t fall for this liberal tactic, people…
        He can’t win an argument, so he pulled out something to nitpick, and distracted you all from the message.

        We can NOT allow these tactics to win!
        I ignore grammatical errors on boards, such as this, for that reason. Very few people here run their post through spell or grammar checks before pushing that button. I ask that you keep that in mind, and ignore the little flubs that people make here and there. Don’t allow the libs to distract from the message, and refocus your attention on something trivial!

        To return to topic… I wonder – what would have this child done had he not had idiots for teachers and counsellors and doctors who don’t recognize intelligence, and would medicate a child because he did something “abnormal” when compared to the group. What if, from kindergarten, he’d been in programs instead that would enhance learning and allow him to study freely, with maybe some assistance in areas that he needed help in… such as tying his shoes.

        College grad at 10? We’ll never know.

      • DarciaM

        What a bunch of baloney. We all know if it were up to Republicans, there would be no classes for any children, special needs or gifted, unless they were extraordinarily fortunate. I know how you run – this child wouldn’t succeed any better under privatized education, and even if he did, at the cost of how many other children?

        That said, this is good and it’s wonderful they are able to help him, but it’s not a typical case. Splinter skills in children with ASD are rare, and not always as impressive or useful, and there are certain districts that ARE nurturing and can help. I would look into what the class was like. Individual special ed classrooms are just as capable of having bad teachers as any other classroom – shouldn’t be generalized.

      • Richard Fontaine

        Ah, the “liberals always know best concept” and they are open to other opinions too, as long as it agrees with their opinion. Well we are all to blame for letting these people have our children to brainwash with their socialist claptrap and use our tax dollars to do it.

      • dragon5126

        shut the hell up first you attack the group that stands up to PROTECT the boy’s rights and then you tear his rights away, typical trash product of liberal ignorance. you are dismissed

      • Manahan Don

        This statement is stupid, Darcia. The Democrats are part of the NEA, which has destroyed once stellar American public education since their takeover in the sixties. Republican Utah spends about a fourth of what DC does per student and still gets the highest scores in the Union on standardized tests. Republicans provide kids with choice, and that benefits minority kids, especially, as anyone in Denver proper will tell you. Public schools ruin kids from minority backgrounds. Their only hope is the charter schools. And charter schools are supported by Republicans and opposed by Democrats.

      • Richard Fontaine

        You are a pedant. Did I get it “grammatically correct” ?

      • dragon5126

        and the grammar Nazi discounts everything based on how it is stated… a liberal stunt at it’s finest

      • dragon5126

        it isn’t “public schools” its the parents who do not fight the liberal crap that politicians pull and try to get away with, empower the parents, and stop the lazy asses from using schools as daycare centers and it wont matter, public or private

      • dragon5126

        hypocrisy at it’s finest, someone who is behind the curve teaching the gifted

      • dragon5126

        thank god you didn’t touch my kids, gifted my ass, stifling a child’s potential due to common core is not teaching

      • Manahan Don

        liberals are all about “labeling kids”….I have seen friends fight the same battles with the incompetent and dishonest public schools….they teach to a very narrow “norm” of kid, and the rest are drugged into a stupor or forced into SPED classes, as this kid was.

      • richard

        Sam these racist bigoted people think if Obama caps in a parfait glass it somehow becomes chocolate mousse. Trying to explain that the educational system has been destroyed by 50yrs of progressive thought will only cause them to close their small minds even further.

      • SAM ADAMS

        I love the sight of progressive liberals losing their minds! It makes me very happy!

      • Jeffrey Montgomery

        ….yep… you all are falling right into their hands.
        If they can control the direction just this thread takes, just think what that means for the direction of the country! The content of the article is forgotten, as you all break down to calling each other bigots, “dog breath”, etc. etc.

        Why can’t you all agree that the fact that THIS BOY was saved from a world of hurt because someone PAID ATTENTION to their child is a GOOD THING????

        The fact is that our schools need to be revamped. We need the DoE to be taken out of commission – or at the very least to reduce its influence – and let the schools TEACH! Let the TEACHERS determine what’s going on, not some test that a child might do poorly on because of extenuating circumstances, and this test determines their lifetime aims from that point on.

        Common Core? We’re all DIFFERENT. Why are we letting the education system plunk all the kids into one pot, cook until all the meat is done? Why can’t we have chicken, and fish, and beef, and pork, and turkey, and… all different, with different cook times, different tenderness, different temperatures that determine whether they’re done…

        Don’t let the namecalling continue, people… YOU’RE ALL BETTER THAN THAT, DAMMIT!

        PROVE IT!

      • Patrick Driscoll

        I just got done reading all these responses…..
        All any of you showed me was how much I hate all of you and how little people are willing to compromise and instead prefer to go around abrasively defending their views like it’s their own version of a bible or what have you. Really, what was accomplished here besides a bunch of name calling? All of these arguments amounted to “I’m right!” “Nuh uh! I’m Right! You’re stupid!” You’re stupid!”

        You have all made me depressed now. Thanks 🙁

      • SAM ADAMS

        It’s called a heated debate. If you’re not up for it then maybe pottery is more to your liking than politics! Welcome to the real world kid. It’s not all rainbows ,sunshine and ponies out here!

      • Tiger Forest

        Kai, everything in life is political. Human communication is politics. You are just trying to use another tact at gaining power even though you would say that is not true. You just don’t know enough about politics at this point in your life. Your statement contradicts itself by saying on one hand the guy missed the point (which you never name) at the same time you come to an online magazine called the Libertarian Republic and claim there is no political debate. Man, you woman are out of control.

      • dragon5126

        KAI YOU Idiot! it is the liberal mindset that pigeon holes the potential of children. and teaches people to deny that fact…

      • truepopo

        it has nothing to do with being a liberal….you are the idiot

      • dragon5126

        educate yourself imitation piggy it most definitely does all fall back on the denial of reality… the mental disability suffered by all Liberals… cause and effect. Learn it because you live it Poser.

      • stmaybe

        I think, Kai, you’ve either never suffered inthe public school system or you’re already a victim.

      • richard

        You ignorant fool who do you think put the child in special ed? Of course it was a freaking libtard oblamebush turd of an educator. wake up and go sign up for a job on your masters plantation.


      • ksterling

        The liberals are in charge of the school system, which is dummying down everything and teaching our kids a bunch of crap, most of which isn’t even true. Do your research.

      • dragon5126

        then you need to learn to read, it’s the liberals that took over the educational system and created these issues, don ACT shocked yes it is your fault if you are a liberal

      • Manahan Don

        The public schools are run by liberals….socialist members of the NEA or AFT from top to bottom. It certainly was “liberals”!

    • eyeoftheleopard

      @Sam, and certain parents would have jumped for joy at the special ed dx, ’cause that means a potential disability check!

    • T. Lorraine French

      You DO realize he was placed based on the standards set up by a Republican president? (i.e. NCLB)

      • Mike Koeniger Sr.

        A Republican President set that up with no input from the Congress? Interesting. Actually the standards are created at the state level as directed by the bipartisan law. Some background information that the media apparently does not provide folks:

        plan, based on successful legislation passed when he was governor of Texas, called
        for school choice for students attending failing schools, increased funding to
        improve schools and teacher quality, and standardized testing in English and
        Mathematics for students in grades 3 – 5 (National Association Of School
        Nurses, 2001).

        Only one of his three proposals was written into the law as sponsored by Senators Ted Kennedy and John McCain. The
        law proposed as a reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act
        of 1965 passed the U. S. House of Representatives 384 to 45, 34 of the
        opponents were members of the Republican Party (Clerk Of The House, 2001). It passed the U.S. Senate 91 – 8, six of the
        opponents were Republicans (Senate Bill Clerk, 2001). No Child Left Behind (NCLB) became law on
        January 8, 2002.

      • T. Lorraine French

        Never, ever said there was no input from congress. genius. I was making the point that the result of this child being placed in special education was not the result of a singularly liberal agenda. Bush in his state of the union addresses repeatedly and proudly took credit for NCLB regardless of all the input from both sides of the aisle. Regardless, it is ignorant to say it was liberals labeling this child. Especially when there is NO indication of the political affiliation of those placing him. We can perhaps suppose that they placed him based on criteria established by NCLB which can hardly be called a liberal policy with all the credit the then President Bush took and the input and approval of the majority of both parties

      • Mike Koeniger Sr.

        I can see you reply to knowledge with sarcasm. Are you an educator? I am and have seen the incredible infiltration of the institution by the progressive movement. Now my criticism of your comment was not that Bush had nothing to do with it, but your droning about Bush’s NCLB law (in several places here) and your idea that Bush set it up. The facts show you are wrong. The NEA, who originally endorsed and supported the law have used the “Bush’s law” argument to distance themselves and their political cronies from their inept support of draconian legislation that has further destroyed and centralized the educational system in this country. I am not a Republican or a conservative, but your characterization is evidence that you are unaware of how the legislative process works or how NCLB became law. It also indicates that you are unaware how children are diagnosed as special education students and how little the national legislation had to do with that process.

      • SAM ADAMS

        Do you realize I’m not a republican or do I have to repeat it over and over to you! Government should not be educating our kids! Why don’t you go somewhere else! You are not a libertarian!

      • dragon5126

        No he was placed based on standards set under the Carter administration and advanced by Clinton, Countered but not cancelled by NCLB You are just spreading more liberal lies, as USUAL BLAME BUSH, SOMEONE WILL BELIEVE IT…

    • thepaulrevereshow

      Egad. Another fiendish liberal conspiracy afoot. Sigh..How predictable. What would reactionary fringe kooks and crackpots do without Liberals?

      • SAM ADAMS

        Have: Jobs,money,freedom,etc. What wouldn’t we have? Detroit,Chicago and DC !

      • dragon5126

        Live normal un molested lives, not be taxed to pay for things that are not the governments job to supply and not have to worry about rising crime rates because personal responsibility would be the rule not the exception

      • DarciaM

        You’d be taxed. You’d just be taxed by people who spew your values (without actually acting on them). Literally nothing would change. If you honestly think your Pauls would do anything for you in an actual position of power, you’re out of luck – when they say “freedom” they mean only for their investors. They could care less about you – the only reason they’d want to remove public programs wouldn’t be to lower your taxes. It would be to fund their massive army, the same massive army they can turn on you at any second and are far more likely to do because no intruding on your life equally means they don’t have to tell you whats going on…why have transparency if you defunded every office that keeps you transparent…

        Libertarians are some of the biggest fools. Republicans posing as more moderate than they actually are, but really deep down they never actually think about what their beliefs mean. They buy into the propoganda, but never realize that your model of government has never succeeded.

        You know what has? Single payer healthcare. Public education. But that bothers you. So you pick and choose small failings over the course of thousands of years of general, majority success, and decide that indicates a general failing. You have to base your entire argument around anecdotes in the absence of facts or historical precedent. And I feel sorry for you.

      • dragon5126

        I’m not a Libertarian nor Republican, and you once again prove your ignorance, I’m a registered Constitutionalist

    • Seth Yarbour

      The humans had this kid labeled and setup for a life of government dependency. This is why it’s so important to rid the planet of labels that are crap. You need to think outside the political arena, Think more larger. WAY BIGGER. Human are the future of humans. Think about that.

    • David Abernathy

      Maybe if the republitards would stop fighting to fund schools…

      • SAM ADAMS

        Really??? What kind of libertarian are you!?! Answer is you are not even close!!! What is the fascination with liberal trolls and this story!?! I get it! This kid was HOMESCHOOLED!!! He is the poster child for defunding the federal government’s role in public schools! Wherever government steps in that’s where you see schools fail! Your plan for everything is more taxes and more wasted money on a system that would have seen this GENIUS KID weaving baskets!!! Your squeezing lemons and promising apple juice! When it doesn’t work your solution is more LEMONS!!! When will all you idiots learn!?!

      • California Architect

        Funding for government schools has outpaced inflation for nearly 30 years now. Funding for government schools rivals that spent on private schools, yet the results are terrible. In fact, there is no correlation between spending more money on government schools and better test results, unless the teachers help the students cheat.

      • DarciaM

        …maybe if you read numbers backwards that’s how it’s been working…

    • David Abernathy

      btw, “rid the planet of” is a phrase the Nazis liked to use.

      • SAM ADAMS

        Sorry folks! Calling him a moronic liberal is like calling him an idiotic idiot!!!

    • MuadDib

      This. Liberals are scum and should be treated with their own drugs, cause they are a bunch of delusional, dangerous psychopaths. They are trying to destroy children for not having their sick, wrong ideals.

    • Jay Merrick

      First off all the fact that you want to rid the world of everyone who doesn’t agree with you sounds pretty insane.You’re afraid and hate anyone different then you and that is a sign of a closed and ignorant mind.

    • Markrod420

      Foolish to take an article that actually didnt have a political bias in it for once and add one. We almost had a chance to discuss a real issue in this country. The issue of over medication and the destruction of our education. Which both sides are guilty of. But instead of having a constructive conversation about how we might be able to fix our society you would prefer to take this rare unbiased moment and turn it into another party based political argument. Small minded children like you are the reason this country will only continue to decline. You are too busy squabbling to notice that real issues could be solved. I am a conservative btw. Difference between me and you is that i dont treat politics like a 3rd grade argument. Id prefer if we all managed to make some progress for once…

      • SAM ADAMS

        You’re on a political site if you haven’t noticed. If you want to discuss pretty pretty ponies then there is a site called 4chan that has a place to fit your needs! Isn’t it funny how you liberal brainwashed people always bring feelings into a political discussion. It doesn’t bother you in the least that a genius kid was almost given a permanent label and discarded into some liberal nightmare system where he would have been indoctrinated into becoming a useless idiot!?! This pleases you? Sorry kid I think the 420 did something to your mind that it didn’t do to me. Lay off the chronic for a bit and get your wits back. The world is imploding around you and you have no clue it’s happening!

    • Markrod420

      See look what you did. You have like 15 people arguing about party politics below you now. Did that do any good? did anyone grow as a person from that conversation? No because everyone just sat and took shots at each other. We could have instead had a real discussion about what to do about the fact that everywhere we turn they are now trying to ram pills and disorders down our throats. But no, that was too much trouble. An actual intellectual debate about an issue where you didnt get to launch pointless derogatory remarks at others doesnt sound very interesting to you at all does it? My guess would be that its because you probably just dont have an intellect. Think before you speak. This could have been a comment thread where we try to have a real conversation and instead you turned it into just another childish squabble where nothing will get done and the system will continue to poison our kids with drugs we dont need… because you just couldnt let go of your stupid distracting, not even real anyway because both sides are playing you, party politics.

      • SAM ADAMS

        Which party are you referring to kid? I’ve been a libertarian all my life. I have never pulled the lever for a dem or rep ever. The party I belong to is very vast in it’s beliefs. Maybe you are on the wrong site son.

    • Markrod420

      GROW UP. And again this is coming from someone that thinks liberals are destroying our entire society. But running around saying that wont help anything. In fact it will hurt all of us. So stop acting like a fucking child.

      • SAM ADAMS

        You’re either in the game or on the bench! I’m not taking advice from a bench warmer kid!

  2. 豐 Piotrek Nowacki 豐

    It’s great that he can now learn in his own way but the whole nobel prize at this stage is a bit over the top imo.

    • ajay

      Well, I guess Obama can give the kid his.. He definitely doesn’t deserve it.

    • vbscript2

      I would generally agree with you, though I’d also point out that this kid is probably much more deserving of a Nobel than several of the people who have actually won them in recent years.

  3. kendra

    He was diagnosed with ASPERGER’S not ADD. Fyi, might want to change that. He is brilliant though.

    • dragon5126

      ADD the need for discipline in early life in over 80% of the youth diagnosed with it, and fetal alcohol syndrome in 15%. leaving only 5% with true ADD. meanwhile 95%of the kids are suffering ongoing developmental brain issues due to pharmaceutical treatment they should NOT be receiving…

      • dragon5126

        Spoken like a total liberal idiot with no child rearing experience other than doping their kids up… How man Doctors’ kids are put on meds for behavior issues?

  4. 7BillionTo1

    “Stop learning, start thinking,” a novel idea, if there were any people left that could think.

    I’m more interested in reading his book. I want to see if he discusses arithmophobia vs. just plain laziness.

    Some cannot learn math due to a legitimate, however irrational, fear of numbers, yet others will not learn due to their shear lack of effort.

    Brilliant child. I hope the fame doesn’t go to his head, for a bulb that burns too brightly soon burns out.

    ~A Romantic Cynic~
    “It’s foolish to wish upon a star,
    for it’s most likely dead.
    It’s best to invest in who you are,
    and your own abilities instead.”

    • Kirsten Houseknecht

      there is also the fact that many people have the often undiagnosed learning disability called “Dyscalculia” which makes understanding abstract symbols and symbol order very difficult (like me)
      in addition, as with ANY subject, different children learn different ways… i am a hands on learner and abstract concepts are harder (not impossible) for me. once i could actually apply a math problem in real life in some fashion, i GOT it… but lists on a blackboard were confusing me

      • dragon5126

        these multiple disabilities all fall back on the parent not taking proper care of themselves during pregnancy, swilling down alcohol, diet sodas smoking doing drugs second hand smoke and other toxins because of the “You cant tell me what to do” idea that is prevalent among WHO? Progressive Liberals, who else, especially since these conditions are considerably less common in children of conservative parents…

      • DarciaM

        WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Most liberals would have a heart attack if they saw a pregnant woman doing any of those things. The only places I ever see nonsense like that is in the South – try telling me there are tons of liberals in the deep South, please.

      • dragon5126

        look at the welfare rolls and you will see how many liberals are in the south you moron. Look anywhere there is welfare and you will find liberals they thrive and multiply on it. Lord knows I’ve locked enough of them up over the years and they all thought they knew everything, just like you

      • Kirsten Houseknecht

        my very non drug doing, healthy, never touched a diet drink in their lives, parents (yes my mother smoked) who never drank alcohol…..
        none the less had me.

        and my neighbor had rubella when she was pregnant and her child was born with multiple handicaps.

        and my friend who has learning disabilities, multiple other issues , and a heart problem, has parents who are far right Mormons….

        i suggest you take your preconceptions to a real disabilities study

      • dragon5126

        I suggest you take your ignorance and crawl away, In your abject STUPIDITY you are forgetting that there are more than one cause of disability and Liberal ignorance is one of them, as you so aptly displayed. And as for your Mormon friends, religion is irrelevant, as there are literally hundreds of thousands of food born toxins that cause these issues as well. So once again you display a level of ignorance only found in liberal trolls and Obama’s personal zombies.

    • dragon5126

      Phobias are learned due to the actions of others. for example “don’t do that, you are too stupid” to read that book, do algebra, learn anatomy and so forth. ALL the result of liberal pigeon holing of children rather than TEACHING the child instead of the CLASS.

      • DarciaM

        OH MY GOD, SHUT UP.

        At this point, you are just making up whatever sounds nice to feed into YOUR phobia of liberals. You sound like a child. You can’t take years of psychological research and ignore them just to insult liberals further. What sort of pathetic, miserable life do you have to live that you have to come on this forum and insults hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities by trying to minimize their problems into a political debate?

        Go away. Leave this country. Because the problems are not caused by liberals or conservatives in general, they’re caused by divisive, ignorant, idiotic people like you.

      • dragon5126

        there you go demonstrating the antisocial behavior all liberals demonstrate when challenged to face reality. Seek professional help before you end up committing suicide

  5. Steve Greene

    There was a Canadian television series several years ago called *ReGenesis*, about an advanced biotech research laboratory in Toronto, Ontario. One of the characters portrayed in the series, named Bob Melnikov, had Asperger syndrome, and was a brilliant biochemist.

  6. tree worm

    they dont even have ppl for dyslex here in the whole state of louisiana

    • FaqUrug

      Ranked the second-most illiterate state in the union… forget helping kids who read backwards (oversimplification, i know) – There’s a major problem with education in general in LA.

  7. bdgshv

    Democrats + Liberals + Sheeple = Socialist/communist style government and death for milions of people.

  8. Seth Yarbour

    The future will be gifted with such individuals such as this kid. Human expansion and the Human Evolution, taking us higher then what we can only perceive through the mindset of outdated and human conflict due to religion.
    I can foresee the future of space travel and intergalactic commerce… but only if we band together for the betterment of humankind.
    No politics.. no religion… just the race for knowledge. All you are thinking in a box. We will all die in a short period of time, give or take a century. You think that you will be remembered for the crap that you voted for? the crap that you prayed to?
    Think my fellow humans… Think.

  9. Richard Davis

    Yeah, I just hate it when liberals consign genius children like this to special education and a life of underachievement and dependency. I mean really, it’s practically a f***ing epidemic and not just a one-time anomaly as libs would claim.

    • truepopo

      it has nothing to do with be a liberal or has to do with stupid people thinking they know best for others when in fact it seems they are out of their league when it comes to assessing others…quit blaming left or right for such simple answers

      • California Architect

        No, it has everything to do with “liberal”. It’s liberals who want to give more money to government schools who do not have any financial incentive to accelerate students. The schools receive money per student per day. That’s what they care about.

  10. Angela Bailey Coffman

    I applaud these parents for pulling their child from a broken system and giving him the opportunities he deserves. What a blessing he is to the world.

    A child has to be intelligent to be accepted into sped, but the process once in the program frustrates me. Most teachers are taught that there is a window of learning that closes by age 8 or 9 and after that point there is little hope to improve. Most disabilities aren’t diagnosed until this age after it’s “too late” to help much. The most common intervention is to reduce the length of assignments and to reduce expectations for the child. ARGH! I cry out in frustration against this and feel powerless to make change. The “window of opportunity” theory is out-dated and has been replaced by neuroplasticity–the science that the brain is constantly changing and can do amazing things. There is no age limit for our amazing brains! I used this theory to remediate my daughter’s processing speed disorder after refusing to allow her into public school special ed. We home-schooled her so we could give her the help she needed. She is such an amazing person. She now learns easily, and has little sign of a processing speed disorder. If cirsumstances were different I would go back to school and get my PHD in education and write my thesis on Neuroplasticity and the remediation of learning disabilities. And then go about changing the these exceptional children are treated in schools. Hopefully someone else is already doing this!

  11. truepopo

    that’s the problem in this whole discussion…a bunch of idiots arguing over liberal libertarian, GOP…bla bla bla….as a canadian.I landed on this site. Read the page and decided on my own what a great outcome this story became. I never made it political in any way because some kids falls through the crack no matter the political setup. The point being is the Parents had the strength to make the right decision and take it away from people that may have not seen the big picture. its not a political thing…its a human thing. You americans need to get past political left or right and start seeing that humans are in so many ways all the same……ya sure some are extreme but i like to think we are all able to meet in the middle for whats best for all of us. Perhaps this kid may solve some of your very apparent political problems as it is a very sad state in your country right now

    • California Architect

      It is political. The public school that this child attended had the financial incentive to keep him there despite the fact that he could test out of the school.

      • DarciaM

        Those aren’t liberal ideals. Liberals want schools for everyone, it’s the republicans that want to instill all the regulations to “save on their investment”.

        But regardless, you can drop the politics for one freaking day.

  12. Guest

    I have to say that I enjoy the irony of a story about a boy genius being set up by a headline with improper punctuation. Guess I shouldn’t have expected anything less from this site.

  13. Guest

    Uh…great grammar in the headline.

    BTW, you DO know that airing a 60 Minutes clip on your site constitutes copyright fraud, don’t you?

    Oh wait…I just saw which site I landed on. Forget what I said. It’s to be expected.

  14. Yourownfault

    This kid is amazing, can’t wait to read more articles about him

  15. Cat

    Wow…just Wow…this article is about a child with AUTISM..who had he stayed in special education classes..where he should never have been..probably would not have had his voice heard until much later in life…Im not sure where all these other subjects enter into this…its about AUTISM…Learn about it before you make judgements and get into arguments about things that have nothing to do with it…

    • Cat

      And before I get all the sarcasm YES I do know about it..I have a wonderful, intelligent granddaughter who is Autistic..

  16. Kicker

    A large number of comments about the writing ability of one of the posters that is distracting from the more salient point, specifically that the current education system is underserving large segments of the student population.

    No one can argue that students are finishing 8 or 12 years of attendance at public schools, and are functionally illiterate. Nor can anyone argue that many students on the high end are insufferably bored (leading to behavior problems).

    A cursory study of the American public education system shows that it was never intended to provide a quality education to large numbers of students from across the spectrum. Instead, its primary purpose was to turn out students that were just literate enough to follow instructions, and indoctrinated to follow orders from their “superiors”.

    In that respect, it has done an outstanding job!!!

  17. anony1

    Seeing as everyone has taken it upon themselves to somehow make this about politics, I can only wonder…why is everyone so against liberals? I mean, if Republicans would do their jobs right maybe people wouldn’t support liberals so much. And since when has the education system been free from mistakes?

    Point is everyone is at fault. Political ideology does not mean you will automatically be saved from allowing such problems to persist and oppress our children. Why doesn’t someone come up with a plausible solution instead of running around in circles pointing fingers? Why doesn’t anyone see the defects within their own party? What, Republicans have it right and liberals suck?

    So lets say they suck, what the heck is anyone any party doing to better our schools? Truly people think of higher things and stop bickering like school children. I mean I know we are talking about a child but it doesn’t mean you have to act like one.

  18. BCreegan

    You do realize that Special Education was set up to help children in crisis. Just because a child is in Special Ed, doesn’t mean he isn’t brilliant… it just means that he cannot learn the way we want him to learn. My 2 eldest went through Special Ed, because their ADHD interfered with their ability to focus and learn in the classroom. Their grades ranged from “B” all the way down the scale to “D”. They are now in High School, out of Special Ed, and making A’s and B’s in school. They are in Advanced, Honors, and AP classes. Special Ed has helped many children… but it may not be the best fit for everybody. If Special Ed isn’t working for your child, take him to an education specialist. I sought advice from one who stressed that I was my child’s only advocate, and that I CAN make Special Ed work. I had numerous meetings with teachers and counselors to guarantee my children were getting the help they needed.

  19. MICKtreefifniner

    First off, This Article is about a gifted teenager. Nothing more.

    Second, “Sam Adams” is a troll. Don’t fail to realize this. The Majority of Libertarians could see this immediately when he started throwing the term “liberal” around. He’s a part of the Left Right Paradigm. Failing to realize that as Libertarians. We’re not going to go around attacking others based upon their political lean. Because that is not the objective of a Libertarian.

    Finally, Ignore the troll.

  20. m2dad

    Don’t let the Obama administration get a hold of this kid. In their eyes everyone has to be the same. Those that have more will be stripped of it and given to those who have less. They’ll dissect the kid’s brain to lower intelligence and give the brain matter to someone with lower intelligence (Obama could theoretically be the recipient). Just look what they’ve done to people’s healthcare. If you had a plan you could afford and were comfortable with it was taken away and to be replaced by a more expensive plan with coverage they don’t need, in order that those who are not interested in working to pay for their own coverage can have it at expense of someone else. Welcome to the liberal world.

  21. Teerexness

    There’s a beautiful anti-Prussian schooling message here. We must save the next generation by homeschooling/unschooling our kids.

  22. Michael Hill

    I have the same disorder he has and it’s awesome for me to see that it’s not a disorder that we should put in spec.ed for While it is autism and does affect your , life its something that can be managed and were probably more gifted than the average person and shouldn’t be considered special needs.

  23. Markrod420

    No no no. Clearly the child is just challenged in a gifted way… MEDICATE HIM I SAY!!!! this is america after all. What kind of country would we be if we didnt throw a pill or a law at it rather than just stepping up and actually doing some parenting right?…

    But in all seriousness thank god this woman saw the truth. My 5th grade teacher tried to send me down the same path and thankfully my mother refused because i am now a member of MENSA and a computer programmer lol.

    Parents dont just go throwing pills at your child because some “professional” told you you should. Chances are that professional gave 15 other kids that same recommendation today and was wrong about 14 of them…

  24. Anthony Stewart

    CCSS seek(s) to make sure that all students have a specific set of knowledge. This is how to best produce a working (poor) class of people who don’t believe in their own abilities, because a set of benchmarks, classes, and/or tests highlight all their weaknesses, while utterly neglecting to build upon their strengths. The first word is common! Quality education should focus on the development of the individual in a student-centered, upward spiral of attainment tailored to an individual’s strengths. Without my skills in visual arts I would have never pursued higher education. After pursuing one and then the other, I have grown into a scholar of multiple disciplines. I can now tutor in subjects that I once failed at miserably. Public school as a whole convinced me not to value the very talent that set me apart. This is the nature of “Common” education. Since this approach is Essentialist in nature, we only get data focused snapshots that simply confirm what most teachers could tell you about any student they have worked with for a while. The problem being these tests can’t measure potential.

  25. gatekeeper96740

    Plain fact teachers belong to unions and unions are liberal. The liberal mind set sees things in an obtuse manner. All square pegs must fit in the round holes.
    I have had Conservative teachers and professors on my tours here in Hawaii and they tell me in secret they MUST hide the fact they are Conservative or be fired!

  26. Don Turco

    Had this happen to someone I know. His mother forced them to IQ test him. He was 180.. It seems he was just bored with the dullard public school teachers…