Disney CEO BLASTS Bernie Sanders: ‘What Have You Contributed to the Economy?’

Bernie Sanders may be feelin’ the burn today after Disney CEO Bob Iger shredded him on Facebook. The post came after Sanders had disparaged Disney at a recent rally in Anaheim, California.

“Anybody make a living wage working for Disney?” Sanders asked the crowd eager to blame their woes on successful businesses. “It’s an example of what we’re talking about when we talk about a rigged economy.”

Iger was having none of it, responding to Sanders by asking him how many jobs he has created.

bob iger

“To Bernie Sanders: We created 11,000 new jobs at Disneyland in the past decade, and our company has created 18,000 in the US in the last five years. How many jobs have you created? What have you contributed to the US economy?”

The post deserves applause. Bernie has never so much as held a real job, let alone contributed to the economy, yet, he has no problem tearing down those who have.

Iger isn’t the first CEO to rebuke Bernie’s rhetoric. Verizon CEO Lowell McAdams offered a stinging critique of Sanders’ talking points, disproving the candidate’s accusation that the company skirts taxes. McAdams demonstrated that the company paid nearly $16 billion in taxes during the last fiscal year.

General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt authored an op-ed for the Washington Post where he wrote:

“GE has been in business for 124 years, and we’ve never been a big hit with socialists. We create wealth and jobs, instead of just calling for them in speeches. We take risks, invest, innovate and produce in ways that today sustain 125,000 U.S. jobs. Our engineers innovate every day to build hardware and software solutions that meet real-world challenges. Our employees are proud of our company. I meet second- and third-generation employees whenever I travel across the country. I am one myself. Our suppliers and partners are proud of our company. Our communities are proud of our company. Our pride, history and hard work are real — the moral fabric of America.”

The economic benefit of these companies simply cannot be measured. People gladly pay money to stand in line to ride Disney’s attractions; Bernie would rather see people lining up for bread.

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