Dianne Feinstein: Americans Guilty Until Proven Innocent

In an unbelievable display of disregard for human rights, California Senator Dianne Feinstein doubled down on her policy of stripping rights away from Americans without due process.

Feinstein’s bill, which both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have indicated support for, would strip 2nd Amendment rights away from any American on one of the government’s secret terror watch lists. As we have detailed extensively at The Libertarian Republic, such a policy strips rights away from Americans without charge or trial. The absence of due process is beyond troubling as it throws out the concept of innocent until proven guilty.

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When asked about due process, Feinstein smiled and replied that Americans who have wrongly been put on the list can petition the government and “prove their innocence.”

That’s right — in Feinstein’s America, citizens are guilty until proven innocent. This throws centuries of Western progress on human rights out the window and establishes a draconian police state where guilt is presumed by virtue of suspicion. This bill is tyranny writ large and the authoritarians like Feinstein are practically drooling over it.

Ironically, both Feinstein and the bill’s champion, Chris Murphy, come from states that suffered mass shootings despite heavy gun ownership regulations — California and Connecticut.


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