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TALPA, NEW MEXICO – Dashcam video was released that shows a belligerent mother involved in a heated altercation with police, resulting in shots fired at the van loaded with children and a high-speed chase.

Oriana Ferrell had been pulled over for a speeding infraction and was arguing with a New Mexico Police officer over it. The video shows the officer return to his vehicle to run the paperwork. Ferrell then attempts to escape by driving off.

The officer pulls her over again and demands she exit the vehicle. She complies, but her 14-year-old son exits as well. The officer draws his taser and the boy then returns to the vehicle.

As the officer tries to get the woman to leave the car, he tells her that she is already facing charges for leaving the scene after she was first pulled over. The situation escalates and the mother again tries to evade capture by the officer, which provokes the 14-year-old boy to engage. The New Mexico officer aims his taser at the boy, causing him to retreat as backup arrives on the scene.

Another officer assists as the first officer breaks out the window, trying to get the family out of the car. The woman begins to drive away as another state police officer arrives and shoots three shots at the back of the minivan that held five children. A high-speed chase ensued, ending with the mother finally surrendering and being arrested along with her 14-year-old son.

Two officers have been removed from active duty and Oriana Ferrell is being charged with five counts of abuse of a child, aggravated fleeing an officer, resisting an officer, reckless driving and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to The Taos News. Her teenage son will be charged with battery of an officer.

New Mexico State Police said they allegedly found two marijuana pipes in the minivan.

About The Author

Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen is the founder of The Libertarian Republic, as well as the CEO of Stonegait LLC. Formerly an Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano's show "Freedom Watch", on the Fox Business Network. Austin was referred to by the Judge as "The right side of my brain". He built Judge Napolitano's social networks with over 700,000 fans and millions of clicks a month. Austin graduated from Missouri State University. He has written and produced award winning plays and videos, and previously worked for the Libertarian National Committee and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

208 Responses

    • displacedjim

      She does not deserve some of those charges, but she obviously did commit some crimes. Based on the fragments of video, I did not see the original law enforcement officer do anything wrong. The one person out of everyone involved who ought to be facing the most serious criminal charges of all of them is the other law enforcement officer who arrived late and actually fired at the van. That officer ought to be fired, arrested and charged with attempted murder, tried, convicted, and senteced to decades in prison.

      • Lilli

        How exactly does she not deserve child abuse for putting her kids in that situation? How does she not deserve charges for fleeing??? O.o I’m confused on how you came to that conclusion …

      • Dylan McInnis

        How do the cops not deserve the charges for putting the kids in that position? They should have the common sense not to put children in danger like that.

      • Greg

        Dylan, you’re a delusional individual if you somehow believe the COPS “put the children in danger like that.” The MOTHER put the children in that situation. The cop should NOT have fired at the van. That’s absolutely correct, but it was the low-life trash mother who acted like a raving lunatic and put her children in that situation. A mother who had drugs in her car, along with her kids. A mother who got into a high-speed chase trying to avoid a SPEEDING ticket? Really?

        The fact is, you just hate cops, don’t you? You’re probably a drug user and have been nailed a few times, and you think it’s everyone’s fault but your own.

      • Genta

        Yes Dylan the officer should have thrown up his arms the first time she drove off and said “well damn there goes another one, shucks darn it, back to the beat for me” I agree the officer should have just let the dope smoking mom, kids not buckled van drive away without a care that would have made him a better cop….

        Hun… time to pull head out of ass.

      • Dylan McInnis

        So, what’s the better alternative? To chase around a mom and kids until they crash and die? That’s protecting and serving right there aint it?

      • Genta

        the idea solution would have been for the woman to follow the law SHE put those kids in jeopardy FIRST, stop trying to blame the cop. He did what he would have done had anyone pulled off from a routine traffic stop. Is your Brain on loan go get it back.

      • Dylan McInnis

        So you’re saying that even though the cop is the one fucking up, the mother should have accomodated them?

      • Genta

        The cop? witch one? the very first one? who fucked up first? Still gonna go with cop? did you even view the Video?

        You really must stop thinking out your ass boy you make no sense at all.
        The mother should have complied with the law and turned off her car and got her papers ready!!!

      • Dylan McInnis

        the cop that shot.

        why should the mother have complied with him?

      • Josh G

        The officer for attempted murder, or self defense? I’m leaning toward the latter of the two after watching the video again.

      • Emily Ray Frisbie

        How can you say it was self defense? She is pulling forward and he is behind her. Even the Border Patrol has policies against firing at vehicles. What was he hoping to accomplish?

      • Josh G

        To shoot out the tires so she wouldn’t barrel over the hill side and kill all the kids. Then again, she’d is dumb enough to keep driving with flat tires.

      • Emily Ray Frisbie

        Real cops are trained not to attempt to shoot out tires of moving vehicles. Real life isn’t like on Kojak. It reminds me of the cop who shot a man who was attempting suicide. All force needs to be appropriate to the circumstances.

      • Josh G

        And real black people dont vote republican. Each state has a different set of rules on how to handle such situations. The cops will be judged on those of that state.

      • Greg

        Which charge does she “not deserve” exactly. This should be interesting.

      • Josh G

        I don’t know, maybe you should ask the fucking idiot of a mother who couldn’t own up to her mistake. Oh wait, it’s easier to blame a cop for trying to do his job. My ba…actually no you’re a fucking idiot.

      • Greg

        The 6 foot tall 14-year-old had it coming. In fact, he should have been tasered. The cop should never have fired his gun, but both the mother and son should have been tasered and thrown in jail. The kids should be put into foster care.

      • Greg

        Actually, you’re a bit off with your analogy. It’s usually drug using cop haters who hate the Jews and blame all of the worlds problems on other people instead of their own actions.

        This site has a lot of all of those. I’m not going to say all of them, but a huge percentage of Ron Paul supporters are drug users who hate ANY and ALL forms of authority.

        If there are any Jew haters here, they’re almost sure to be found on the “it’s all the cops fault” side of the argument. So take your hate the Jews analogy and shove it.

      • Greg

        OH MY! And would you look at this! Just as I predicted, we’ve got Jew haters, who happen to also be cop haters. Twice now I’ve proven this simply by looking at the previous comments of posters who are defending the woman and blaming it all on the cops. First we have Mr. Dylan McInnis, responding to news that the White House has publicly broke with Israel on Palestine …

        White House Publicly Breaking with Israel on … Palestine

        Dylan McInnis: “I can’t believe my government is doing something I actually agree with! Maybe the Obama administration decided it shouldn’t fail at everything.”

        Yes, because the Palestinians are such kind and innocent people and the hundreds of rockets they launch into Israeli neighborhoods from their houses in Gaza are simply a mistake, or maybe they would never have been launched if not for Israel sending in tanks to stop them from being launched after the fact. And … and … and … Israel stole Palestinian land, or something. Even though it’s ALWAYS been Israel and there is no such country as Palininia, or something. Palestine is a region. Palestinians are nomads who took land by force, by raping and murdering anyone in their path. Never mind all that. Drugie must hate the Jews and rebel against all forms of authority in order to justify his inability to function in society.

        Then we have Mrs. Morgana99, publicly trashing our military members …

        Morgana99: “Thats why these bafoons who believe they are “defending your freedom” are really just protecting resources for the wealthy and making you and your country increasingly the enemy, the problem with this world. If you want to “support” your troops, reject them completely, tell them not to come home, they are unwanted enemies of the people of the United States, because that is what they are.”

        There seems to be a pattern.

    • Operator61

      I hope the next cop that pulls you and your family over doesn’t think deadly force is okay or you will be in for a world of hurt. As a retired LEO I never once received any training that said, “if they resist arrest shoot at them.”

  1. Jeromy Davis

    While I do enjoy this site when I see innocent people being bullied by the police, this is not one of those times. Seeing the whole video, the office who fired the shot shouldn’t have done that; however, he didn’t have the luxury of seeing the whole video. Here’s what he seems to have seen. Arrived on scene, sees two officers on the right of the van; One using his baton to try to force his way into the vehicle; The second with his pistol drawn and in a ready stance. At which point, the vehicle begins to drive off. If I were in that situation, I probably would have fired on the vehicle also.

    Truth is, this mother is a piece of crap, and her actions led to everything that followed.

    • Ben Madderom

      You NEVER fire a gun unless you have a clear threat, a clear sight picture of the threat, and a clear shot. lets hope you never get into law enforcement.

      • WM


        These cops followed procedure all right.

        Procedure is:

        Ensure unit safety
        Achieve compliance at any cost

        In that order.

        Threat spotted
        Force applied
        Safety ensured
        Compliance achieved

    • Dylan McInnis

      “Truth is, this mother is a piece of crap, and her actions led to everything that followed.”

      If that’s true, then so did the mothers of all these cops, because if they weren’t born this wouldn’t have happened. It must also be the fault of the person who assigned the cops this shift because if they were on another shift it would have never happened.

      Cmon, you can’t blame the mistakes of a mother for the mistakes of a cop! What you’re saying relieves all the blame from the cops, and that’s something I can’t stand by.

      • Greg

        What’s sad is that Dylan gets so many thumbs up for his psychotic ranting and hate for cops. Dylan, you probably hate the Jews and blame them for all of your troubles as well, right? You use the Palestinian defense tactic in all of your arguments. “If the cop hadn’t fired his gun, the woman would have never resisted arrest, would never had got into a high speed chase with all of her kids in the car, and would not have brought her kids along for a ride in a car full of drugs.” That’s pretty much how it works in your world, right?

      • Dylan McInnis

        Yeah, the cop was the clear aggressor and if they hadn’t have chased her she wouldn’t have driven recklessly.

      • Genta

        I can’t stand people who try to protect the rights of those that have done wrong.

        “Truth is, this mother is a piece of crap, and her actions led to everything that followed.”

        that is the TRUTH…. HER actions!!! do you read stuff before you comment? Why can’t you put the blame where the blame is do? SHE was wrong from the get go not the officer. I don’t believe she made a mistake i believe she knew what she was doing the moment she hit the gas and drove off.
        wasn’t a mistake to drive off was an action. :0

        the Officer did a reaction. do you need definition or can you look it up on your own? Look up mistake while your at it. k.

        Now we got a piece of crap mom running around raising five piece of crap kids that will grow up and think as you do and disrespect the law, and blame it on the cops.

        You got stickin thinkin Dylan. 🙁

      • Dylan McInnis

        If the cops hadn’t justified their hatred by shooting at them and chasing them around at high-speeds then maybe there would be no hatred. Just a thought…

    • GainesStreetTrash

      Totally agree if she wouldn’t have sped off in the first place maybe none of this would have happened?

    • Matthew Olis

      so the one cop without a clue what was going on fires his weapon at a minivan full of children while the officers on scene did not and you are defending the clueless officer for firing on a minivan full of children?
      do the world a favor and never reproduce yourself through children.

  2. macike

    What the heck is the cop doing firing at the van. There were no shots fired and no gun shown. Cops should be arrested for unlawful discharge of a weapon

    • Josh G

      Then prove it was unlawful. For all he knew she could try to reverse it and slam him into the cop car or crush him. And did she think it would go nicely after getting in a fight with 3 officers?

      • Ben Madderom

        Hey, it could have had a nuclear bomb in it, too. That means shoot because something “may” happen? lets hope you never go into law enforcement either.

      • 4Bravo1

        If you don’t like the law, then change it. But current law does not require a 100% proven threat. It only requires the reasonable perception of threat. What you ask for is an insane level of clarity in tense and uncertain circumstances. basically, you are irrational.

      • pete838

        Could have? Could have isn’t grounds for justification to escalate the use of force continuum. Could have. If my aunt had a dick she “could have” been my uncle.

      • ada

        She’s a woman who’s instinct is to protect her kids and herself. You’re a guy–you can’t imagine how poignantly a woman feels the disadvantage between herself and an aggressive male. The officer initiated the way this spiraled out of control, and at that point it’s not about an officer and a civilian–it’s about a woman and her children getting away from a dangerous situation. I am beyond inflamed that these officers would misuse their power like this.

      • Josh G

        I can imagine how stupid reacts. Oh wait, there’s a video of it on this page.

      • Carrie Hammond

        So her driving away after she was clearly told to turn off the vehicle was in no way “initiating the way this spiraled out of control”? Seriously? Seems to me like he was probably just going to give her a ticket and she went ape shit. The shooting and stuff was WAY wrong–but it wouldn’t have happened if she had taken her ticket and went on her way….like a real woman and mother.

      • 4Bravo1

        Usually in a situation like this, they have drugs on them, flee long enough to get rid of the drugs, then pull over and say they were scared and people actually believe them.

      • Lenna Hanna-O'Neill

        Spoken like someone who has used that rationale to abuse other’s civil rights in the past. As someone who HAS seen rampant abuse of police powers in both individuals within a force, as well as having more than once lived in areas where the whole force was corrupt, I can tell you that it is EXTREMELY intimidating to have a large, aggressive male with a weapon oozing testosterone and attitude, right outside your car, threatening you. Whether he has a uniform or not makes no difference. Add to this that I can give you PERSONAL experiences of police misconduct rising to the level of sexual battery, and maybe you can drop the Blue Line. Women have NO real expectation that an officer, even *multiple* officers, are going to behave in a professional manner. This woman was way out of line, BUT for you to prate that the officer behaved like a ;professional; shows me that your training, if you are a LEO, was wasted,. You do not escalate a situation even if you are in the right. This man did. That is not professional, and the rest of the issues with that stop flow from there.

      • 4Bravo1

        Name one thing the original officer did that was unprofessional. I am sure this officer as well as many other have stopped 100,000s of women in the exact same circumstances and they did not behave this wAy. The law requires them to stop and obey the officers instructions. Some thing every normal person does. You are obviously extremely biased. Once the woman fled and her son fought with the cops it had been escalated by the family to the point where the officer needed to be aggressive to ensure his safety. Something a person with no actual experience and a huge ridiculous chip on their shoulder might not understand.

      • Lenna Hanna-O'Neill

        Instead of taking it down a notch at the original stop, he got belligerent BACK. In other words, he let his testosterone control the situation instead of his head. THAT is what I am talking about. Just because someone gives you lip is no reason to escalate a situation, because THIS is what can happen when you do. Was she in the right to act the way she did? No. Did I say she was? No, but that does not excuse him allowing himself to be put off his game by her attitude. You are not responsible for anyone’s attitude but your own, but that you ARE responsible for. And he was not professional in his handling of this stop. Was he within his rights? sure. Did he do what 85% of cops in that situation, with that level of defiance, would have done? Also, sure. Does not make it RIGHT nor professional. And the fact that you did not know the difference tells me you would be in the 85% and not the 15% that actually know their job and act accordingly.

      • 4Bravo1

        On the original stop he introduced himself professionally and simply told the woman what she had done wrong, then to stay there. I asked you to provide one thing and you cant. The fact that you cant provide any evidence of your belief about the first stop is all I need to read. Once again, you just have your belief without any facts.

      • 4Bravo1

        You are justifying the woman’s actions which are without justification. The officer was professional and doing his job. The woman spiraled it out of control. Officers stop thousands of women in minivans every day and this doesn’t happen. The only officer that did anything wrong was the one who fired his weapon. I am beyond inflamed that you support this woman’s actions which clearly jeopardized the safety of her children.

      • Jake the Snake

        The woman was clearly wrong to have driven away after being told to stop, but the officer upon approaching the vehicle was extremely disrespectful and aggressive. Think about if someone treated your mother or wife like that. What would you do. I think the cop got off easy from the 14 year olds reaction. If a cop or anyone had done that to my mother it would not have ended well for any of us. And then breaking the window and shooting at the car…come on? Where was the threat? A car full of women and children.

      • 4Bravo1

        Yeah, that was pretty aggressive telling her to wait in the car before she peeled off the first time. Really aggressive.

      • 4Bravo1

        Yeah because every woman stopped flees and acts like this because it is reasonable.

      • Twila Jensen

        Protecting her kids with pot in the vehicle and driving about 20 mph over the speed limit. Please. She’s just another ‘victim’ waiting for al sharpton and jesse jackson to play the race card and bail her sorry ass out of trouble. She put herself in that situation. And as for the idiot son, God help him too.

      • Genta

        omg! are you for real. Protecting her kids? from a routine traffic stop? shut off the car and get your shit together he gonna wanna see it. What are you on about protecting her kids? she wasn’t protecting she was teaching disrespect. the Misuse of power here is this woman and the misuse of Media. She was wrong from the get go. Wasn’t some man chasing her down for road rage it was a cop pulling her over for speeding! I am a woman and I don’t know what your on about.

      • macike

        He fired about 2 seconds AFTER the van was driving away. One of the basics is you should not fire at a moving car. Second you can only fire when life of yourself or another is in peril. Being a stupid idiot (the woman) so far has not proven to be life endangering.

      • Operator61

        Cops are trained (or used to be) to respond to facts. To use situational awareness and not to respond to “what if’s” . There are too many what if’s and possibilities to consider that is why you only deal with what IS happening not what “might” happen. But always be ready for what might happen.

      • 4Bravo1

        Well in a sense you are correct, but officers and civilians do not have to wait until an actual threat materializes. You should research the difference between imminent threat and immediate threat. You are allowed to use force when it is reasonable to believe a threat is about to occur (imminent). You don’t have to wait until a gun comes out and is pointed or fired at you (immediate threat). Either way, reasonable belief is the standard. The facts can be mistaken and an officer or civilian still justified.

      • Lenna Hanna-O'Neill

        So explain how shooting at a car moving AWAY from him provided this officer with an “actual threat” of any kind. No, he was having a Cartman moment: “Respect mah authoritah!!” His actions were born of frustrated ego not professional concern for anyone’s ‘safety,’ not even his own, CERTAINLY not that of the INNOCENT KIDS in that car. Or have you conveniently forgotten about them? I thought you said you were a professional, and that you guys are “trained’ to assess these situations and come to “reasonable” conclusions? How does a car LEAVING equate to any kind of threat justifying extreme force, being wielded at a moving vehicle containing innocent kids?

      • 4Bravo1

        You can shoot to prevent escape or shoot someone who is a threat to another in some conditions.

      • 4Bravo1

        Threats to others? Flight of a dangerous felon? There are two examples of why an officer could shoots a car driving away them. Let’s admit those are logical and lawful reasons, then we can move on.

      • JLou2

        The cops attacked her first and she was entitled to mount a defense. Also the car was already moving AWAY from the cop before he started shooting. At what point would it have magically switched directions without warning?

      • Josh G

        She resisted arrest first and the initial officer was polite when he asked her to shut her engine off. Probable cause once she drove off the first time. Cops were justified it trying to detain her and firing on the van.

      • Lenna Hanna-O'Neill

        So, in your world, it is perfectly reasonable to fire on a moving vehicle containing innocent children because they ‘might’ have drugs or contraband in the car? OK. Welkom to Amerika…

      • 4Bravo1

        You are an idiot, the cop told her to stay out and she drove off which demonstrates resistance. He then simply tried to handcuff her and she resisted. You are a moron and delusional.

      • JLou2

        The cop grabbed her arm without declaring she was under arrest or being detained. ANY physical contact without that declaration is assault and any action she takes against the attacker (the cop) is lawful, up to and included the death of the attacker (cop).

      • 4Bravo1

        Again, someone just making laws up to defend their unreasonable belief. Show me the laws you reference. You can’t.

      • JLou2

        After an internal “investigation” his actions will be declared justified and he won’t face any punishment. Cops break the law with impunity because they won’t charge each other. The cop that broke the window should face charges for endangering a child as well.

      • Daniel Mize

        or a firing squad, if the courts would treat the cops like the cops treat us, this sort of thing would be very rare.

    • Kyle

      I’m assuming the officer was trying to shoot at the tires, not at the van itself. Stupid on the mothers part.

      • Eclipse

        Pulling out a lethal weapon is illegal if you’re not using it in a life threatening situation.

      • Josh G

        There have been enough cases filed in the united states where an idiot used a car as a weapon to kill someone. The cop will get 2 weeks with pay while waiting for the investigation to finish.

      • Daniel Mize

        yes, and to hell with any oath, duty or rights, protect your own no matter what he does. Again, hold them truly accountable.

      • 4Bravo1

        Your statement is not true and there is no law worded that way. If you reasonable anticipate the need for the weapon, you will most likely be fine. Additionally at the end of a pursuit, you are in a potentially life threatening situation and officers are taught to draw their weapons when dealing with offenders who flee arrest in a vehicle. However shooting at a vehicle in this situation is unjustified. I didnt see anything that may have justified that response.

      • JLou2

        At what point did this situation give him justification to pull his gun and shoot at the car?

      • 4Bravo1

        As soon as she fled the first time or after her son assaulted an officer were more than reason enough to draw a firearm. Now the shooting, that’s añother story and I don’t understand it unless they have a very lenient policy on shooting out tires.

      • Kyle

        How did they know there was a life threatening situation? A guy was attacking an officer, I think that falls into that category. It is easy for you to say because you’re watching the video.

      • Eclipse

        You’re a fucking moron…

        14 year old kid throwing some sloppy throws equals lethal force? lolno. What dystopian police state are you from? Either way that’s not how it works. Ever heard of Equal Force Law?

        But your point is still irrelevant. They pulled the firearm when they were driving away anyways.

      • 4Bravo1

        There is no equal force law for officers. Please provide a reference or just admit you make things up to support your belief. Officers must use reasonable force, but there is no requirement to use equal force because that would clearly be illogical in many cases. See graham vs Conner.

      • Genta

        ever been hit by a 14 year old? Cause mine could probably knock ya out. He don’t give butterfly kiss’s no more. Just saying.

      • Eclipse

        Nope, but I guarantee I could snap your 14 year old in half. That’s what years of MMA have taught me anyways.

        These cops are trained to fight as well. If you can’t fight off a 14 year old, especially with OC spray and or a taser you should just resign.

      • Genta

        Snap fourteen year old’s in half often do ya?? That what MMA taught ya is it? sad 🙁
        Not sure cops go threw the type of training you, your badass self, has gone threw not really job requirement Yes GUN safety and use is but not sure MMA training is.

        You probably would have just lifted the back of the van off the ground so she couldn’t have went anywhere anyway. Huh?

      • Eclipse

        -20 years popo
        -5 years SWAT
        -20 years ANG
        -14 years special forces (18b)
        -Combative instructor
        -Part time Omaha police officer?

        Of course you’re going to be biased…

        As for making things up? No. What applies to citizens apply to police as well, or at least should, but of course these thugs are “above the law”.

      • JLou2

        Cops are required to follow all of the same laws, to a higher degree actually, as the public. Somewhere along the road people have bought into the attitude that cops are above the law and all “requests” from a cop must immediately be obeyed without question. This belief has escalated the incidents of cops acting against the public, outside of legal limits, and corruption in the police force. People should know their rights. Nothing pisses a cop off more than a citizen that knows their rights and the limits of a cops authority.

      • 4Bravo1

        No, they are allowed to shoot to prevent escape. Something citizens are not allowed to do. Apparently at least one citizen doesn’t know what they think they do about a ops authority.

      • JLou2

        I obviously know more than you do. Cops are not allowed to use lethal force unless lethal force is used against them. There was NO lethal force even implied against them in this case. Cops are just trigger happy brain-dead morons with a superiority complex.

      • 4Bravo1

        You are completely wrong. Police can use lethal force to defend others against lethal force and can use it to prevent the escape of violent felons who threaten or use lethal force against others. They also use it to prevent the escape of prisoners. Look up Tennessee Versus Garner, then come back and apologize for not only being wrong, but for being so arrogant, that without any training you think you can discuss use of force like an expert. I doubt you have that type of character.

      • Brett Henning

        Pretty wrong about that Jlou2. Don’t speak anymore, your’ve proven to be incompetent.

      • 4Bravo1

        Still waiting for the law you made up. Your lack of response after multiple requests just tells me you have zero knowledge and zero facts. Of course you want to mistake knowledge for bias, because you can’t argue using knowledge.

      • Eclipse

        I find it funny that you didn’t once mention the fact that I know who you are.

        Maybe I’ll order you some pizza so you can get over your butthurt. ; )

      • 4Bravo1

        It doesn’t matter if you have my whole resume because most people think they have some type of use of force knowlwedge when they don’t, then accuse anyone in law enforcement of being biased when they tell them they are wrong. But you still don’t know what you are talking about. Reference the case law I provided for you. I will defend officers most of the time because they are doing a tough job, but even I can’t defend the guy shooting at the tires. On a friendlier note, pepperoni is preferred and I could use a good pizza.

      • Brett Henning

        No one is above the law. However there are always instances where you have to make a choice without complete adequate information. There have been numerous attemps in the past where people were successful at using a vehicle as a weapon, or even drove off dangerously where innocent civilians were killed. Also a question you should ask yourself: Why did she run off? And 2x? Sounds like some sort of suspicious activity to me, like trying to get away with something/fleeing the scene. Also, the part with kids in the car. What if she kidnapped the kids? What if during the chase she lost control? Was she not driving recklessly? Weren’t these kids in danger just as well as any bystanders? Tell me that your certain if these police did not use there weapons which from what we here were used to stop the vehicle, that everything would have been okay. You know, none of this would’ve happened if the woman driving the vehicle just obeyed the LAW. I guess she is above the law.

      • Josh G

        Someone with sense. Careful, you’ll have the fringe after you soon enough.

      • macike

        You do not shot at moving vehicles. The amount of danger involved is HUGE. The cop caused far more of a risk to life and property than the woman by a fair margin.

      • Josh G

        And I’m sure their handbook has something different. As stated in another post, they will be evaluated upon the states laws not yours.

      • Gilles Jacob

        That’s what’s being discussed : those laws are bads, ours are better.

      • Josh G

        Then encourage people to change the law instead of give the officers the death penalty. Regardless, the officers still might be within the law. I’ll wait to see how it plays out.

      • Genta

        The WOMAN started it! she needs to be held accountable for making the situation what it was. She should have never drove off to begin with.

      • macike

        Genta, I agree with you on the woman. The problem is the officers. The officers are supposed to descalate the situation. They only made the situation worse. AND YES I have been in these situations where you have a second to make a choice with a life on the line.

        With all that said you do not shoot a moving car. Esp at the rear while driving away. The odds of something going really really really bad are far to high.

      • Operator61

        As a retired LEO, I can tell you that most smart cops no better than to shoot at tires because it usually ricochets, endangering not only the occupants but fellow cops as well. Cops used to be trained to de-escalate situations but these cops seemed to escalate the situation.

      • Zack A

        welcome to the new America – and it’s militarized militant police forces.

      • $25670785

        Thank you this was a cluster from the get go. Way over the top on both the mother and the LEO. Responding LEO was discharging weapon without assessing the situation. To say he was firing at the tires is ludicrous for the reasons you stated. I seriously imagine the state troop who pulled alongside and was immediately in the line of fire had a few choice words for the local when they got behind closed doors. The paperwork on this one will never be done.

      • jlmealer

        Can you imagine the Highway Patrolman that pulled over? Like you said “A few choice words”…. Lucky the gas tank wasn’t hit and took both the family and the Highway cop out of the picture.

      • JLou2

        Cops today only escalate situations and make things worse. You see it all over the country. People stopped for nothing and cops will make things up and antagonize and attack the person physically or verbally, then say the person was a threat and resisting.
        False and/or exaggerated charges are becoming the norm. Especially when they know that the person doesn’t have the financial means to pay court costs to challenge them. Police have forgotten the part where it’s assault for them to even touch a person without declaring they are being arrested or detained prior to touching. A person is legally entitled to defend themselves by any means necessary, even if it results in the attacker’s death, against an illegal assault even if it’s against a cop.

      • Steven Riley

        But what we are seeing is the cop beats the hell out of a person, then charges them with “assault on a police officer”. It’s disgusting. More neighborhoods need to organize, so that if one person is interacting with the police, the WHOLE neighborhood comes out. Force in numbers.

      • Genta

        Don’t believe its the cops I believe its the lack of respect people our taught for our law enforcement. “You see it all over the country.” yes on tv and generally the bad stories get posted WAY more then the good ones so that is what we remember.

        Not saying these cops didn’t over react a bit but we all do in heated moments. trained or other wise, only human. However we are focusing on their wrongs instead of how they got there to begin with. that woman showed disrespect to that officer who started out doing his job properly and calmly.
        she drove off from him with five kids in the car teaching them to disrespect him also. So from the get go this man was out-numbered and had to get control of the Situation so getting her out of the car was the right step. Kids should have remained seated and belted! Period!!
        These kids will never have respect for their local cops or any other because America and who ever else is on here telling them its all the cops fault.

        They wouldn’t have had to defend themselves against anything had the mother just done what she was asked to do by the police officer.

      • Operator61

        It’s a 2 way street. Cops have no respect for the people they are supposed to protect either. Most young LEO’s have the mind set that they are always right, they can never be wrong. Police forces have been militarized across the nation and police today have the mindset of soldiers not police. There is a big difference, I’ve been both. When cops act more like soldiers you live in a police state. DHS is now stationed with most local police forces in large metro cities now. We have the national police force that is better funded and better armed than the military that Obama was talking about now.

      • Operator61

        You are right, many LEO’s today escalate situations then assault them and when it’s over they charge them with resisting arrest. Many times they don’t even have a reason for confrontation other than the person looked suspicious and when the person naturally gets annoyed at being detained for no reason then the cop gets angry. We have rapidly become a police state since 9/11. Glad I retired in 04, I couldn’t do some of the things these guys are expected to do now days. If you defend yourself against a cop today you will be charged with assaulting an officer and resisting arrest, even if you were doing nothing wrong.

      • jlmealer

        No decent cop would shoot at tires. There’s a thing called a gas tank under the car…. Ricochet or direct hit would have toasted them all (and the cop would have gotten a pay raise).

    • wadejlong

      he was in fear for his life, duh, that’s why they always kill.

  3. Jordan Daniel Brooks

    Her being arrested was justified but discharging his weapon was not.

  4. Brakechute

    I never liked using edited video to form an opinion. That said, from what was shown there is a lot that should have been differently by the cops and the people i the vehicle. Can’t say I disagree with the charges though.

  5. Alden Smith

    Why would you shoot at van full of kids? You are more likely to hit a child in there then driver? Why not move to the side and get clear shot at the driver or better not get out of the way and go for the tires?

    • Operator61

      Never shoot at the tires because the bullets too easily ricochet. That stuff is for the movies. Also gas tanks rarely explode when shot, neither do propane tanks, even when using tracer rounds.

  6. Saki K

    She shouldn’t have been pulled over to begin with. 71mph on the highway? come on.

  7. Bobby Ponder

    Ahh, what did she think would happen when you defy the police in a police state.

  8. GainesStreetTrash

    She definatly needs to get arrested for what she did but the cop shooting at a van full of kids come on now what the hell was he thinking?????????

  9. Michele Denise

    as a mom of a teenage boy the body language of the 14 breaks my heart. He was obviously so torn between obeying the officer and protecting his mother. horrible position he was put into

  10. Carrie Hammond

    The cop shooting at the car was completely uncalled for. Everything else that happened was clearly the MOTHERS FAULT, and I hope they throw the book at her as well. Its one thing to maintain your rights as a citizen, but she was clearly breaking the law by speeding and would have just received a ticket. However, once she drove away there is no excuse for her behavior. She endangered her children and others on the highway by ensuing a high speed chase. I have zero sympathy for her and her teenage son. I feel bad for the other kids though, not only being put in harms way but being shown that idiocy is the way to handle the police–when in fact all it takes is a little knowledge.

  11. maston375B

    As an ex police officer, I can say that the officer who fired the shots should not have fired. I agree with the breaking out of the window and think that one officer should have broke out the drivers window and tazed the driver. Further, since the officer on the passenger side had broken that window, he should immediately have drawn his tazer and fired it into the driver and render the vehicle unable to flee again. This “kid just trying to defend his mother” BS doesn’t fly with me. That teenager knows better than to attack an officer, or at least if his mother was any kind of REAL mother, she would have taught him better. The mother is the one to blame for all of this happening. If she hadn’t ran to begin with, this wouldn’t have happened. Nice role model to the kids….

    • Derrick Hewitt

      To say he should not have fired depends HIGHLY on jurisdiction, State laws, and Training. It is not a blanket statement.

      Several states and jurisdictions allow for both warning shots and utilizing a firearm to shoot out tires. That being said, those policies are being replaced with others.

      This is the only sticking point with me. In the state where I worked, shooting at a vehicle is illegal unless there is a clear threat. However, not long prior to my working in that state, it was perfectly legal to do so.

    • JTSundy

      I agree, She should have just taken her speeding ticket and went on her way. That is what was suppose to have happened. he was not aggressive at that point. Women get tickets every day and don’t act like that so to say she felt intimidated by a male with a gun is crap. The officer who fired the shots couldn’t see officer on other side so maybe he assumed the officer on side of minivan was in danger of being ran over and maybe he also didn’t know there were kids in minivan. People who act like that SHOULDN’T HAVE CHILDREN IN THEIR VEHICLE!!! Not saying he was right but maybe we don’t know whole picture. All we can do is watch video. I didn’t see vehicle get hit either so maybe warning shots? I don’t know. Did the vehicle have bullet holes during investigation. We don’t know. The officer who fired should be suspended without pay but not fired. Other officers should be suspended with pay pending investigation and be allowed to be back on the streets. I get tired of seeing cops put in hot water cause people don’t want to obey they law. Don’t want to be shot at or beat THEN DON’T BREAK THE LAW!!! We tell our officers to protect then we put too many rules on them and they might as well not have guns anymore.

    • Greg

      You are a pathetic piece of trash and I hope you enjoy a long hard life behind bars, away from the rest of us with functioning brains.


    I’m tired everytime a black person thinks its not going the way it’s racist, sometime it might just be your breaking the law! She was the one who in danger people by veering into oncoming traffic!, She could have kill innocent people !The race card is getting real old !

    • Twila Jensen

      Sadly the majority of them are like that. The card is very old but they’re not smart enough to come up with new excuses on how to blame society for their failures at life.

  13. Mark Stewart

    This is not the movies where police are shown shooting out tires, for once a cop pulls his firearm it is to prevent a perpetrator from causing great bodily harm to himself or to another (i.e., the cop shoots to kill)…no intentional wounding, no warning shots. Both of the cops and the mother should be charged with child endangerment…the cop that fired at the van had just arrived on the scene and shot without knowing the situation, who was in the van, or that other officers were in the zone of fire where they could have been injured due to his wanton shooting. They had her info, they could had easily tracked her down without the use of deadly force. Another example why psychological tests should be a requirement prior to being made a LEO and afterwards so to prevent dangerous erratic behavior as seen in the video.

  14. Travis

    It’s the mother’s fault. You take the ticket and go. I’m sick of people disrespecting the rule of law and then crying foul. As for the cop shooting, it was the one that came last and did not know about the situation. As for the son, you jump out of the car and attack the police you get charged and hammered. The woman caused the situation to get out of hand, not the police. She endangered her family by her actions. You respect the rule of law, if you don’t you face the consequences people. Anyone else who thinks otherwise, movie to Somalia where you belong.

  15. Vancouverite

    Everyone assumes that she understood the officers instructions, sounds kind of muffled, and with five screaming kids, sometimes we hear what we want to hear…….then being manhandled by the police officer…top it off with a police officer trying to smash in the side window between her and her five children..flight or fight…she just may have acted properly…

    • Greg

      OMG! You’re delusional. That’s just flat out embarrassing. Again, another person using the Palestinian defense of … “the person who committed the crime would have never done so if not for the fact that law enforcement showed up to confront them about it.”

      Friggen brain dead zombie.

      • Vancouverite

        lets see, first a cop tries to smash her window in…
        then another shoots at her vehicle…
        and she lives to tell about it…
        with erratic police behavior who knows how much more this could a escalated?
        Palestinian defense? Whaaaa?
        It is funny when police look like idiots in videos they always say “Well, the video does not show the entire picture…”
        When they look good they always say “The video shows the whole story…”
        I am not condoning her actions, she did not act appropriately however, I don’t think her family deserved to die over a traffic infraction…which is where it was headed…Guns drawn(and fired), tazers,batons etc, police arriving late, confusion etc.

  16. Bryan ĸ McDonald

    Two wrongs never make a right. The woman was wrong to escalate the situation by driving away after first stop. The cops were wrong on just about everything that followed…

  17. $10261622

    The cop that arrived later on the scene was wrong to fire, but that lady was a COMPLETE idiot and so was her child. I’m not saying they deserved it, because they didn’t, but she created this situation.

    I think the first officer handled it well, sure he seemed demanding getting her out of the car, but she already took off once and he needed to handle this situation and figure out why she tried to run.

  18. Gordon Russell

    I retired with 42 years of police service in the Northeastern US with the last 18 as police chief. That stated,there is an National accreditation program (CALEA) in the US that attempts to standardize, through strict accrediting standards, Law Enforcement agencies. Policies and Procedures and Rules and Regulations have to meet these certain standards. The old dusty books of rule that sat on shelves no longer suffice as they do not address modern accepted policing practices.

    The video actually looks like a training video on how not to do anything correctly. I could have a very lively discussion in a recruit training class with this incident that looks like a Hollywood movie clip, than solid police work. Firing live rounds at a car for a MV violation?? Yes, people are killed by MVs everyday. This was a potential manslaughter under color of law through negligent use of deadly force..

    I am now authoring a book about these police “bloopers” for the general public as the audience. The failure to train, supervise, discipline, as well as negligent hiring, and retention of of sub par personnel as well as errors in judgement, are all civil liability avenues. The officer(s), to the supervisor, to the highest officer in charge, and the appointing authority, as well as the ultimate employer,( town, city, county, state) If a department has Regs and Policies and does not apply them everyday in every way, people like me use those Regs and Policies to hang the agency in civil actions. Too many people settle for the “charges” being dropped and sign off on future civil action with the prosecutor doing them a favor A decent attorney and expert witnesses will sway a jury. People like firefighters, not cops. Policing is a tough job, but training and COMMON SENSE must prevail. Just Saying.

  19. James Way

    Can people clear up the fact that the only shots fired were at the tires. Makes sense; make a run for it, shoot out the tires. It’s funny how white cops shoot out tires under a black woman’s car, she evades the police, is found in possession of pipes and everyone loses it.

  20. barrashee

    Horrible escalation, but WHY did the mom take off? Thats really what got things going. Once the adrenaline gets dumped in the bloodstream, crazy comes quickly

  21. hoosierdaddy?

    “When injustice becomes law then resistance becomes duty.” -Thomas Jefferson

      • hoosierdaddy?

        Like the Cheney/Bush-created police state masquerading as “Homeland Security.”

      • Greg

        Hey zombie, put down the crack pipe and leave the basement already. Bush was gone six years ago. Not that I’m defending him, but it’s time to move on to the guy who’s kept it going and actually drastically multiplied it. That would be the Lord Savior Obama.

        And please don’t quote the Founding Fathers to excuse your drug use and hate for all laws. It’s childish and pathetic.

      • hoosierdaddy?

        First, moron, I have no idea why you’re babbling about drug use. Red herring is my best guess.
        Second, I don’t hate laws or law enforcement officers. If you think the video portrays proper law enforcement techniques then you’re out of your narrow mind.
        Third, the current police state culture was created and promoted by Dick Cheney and his puppet George under the guise of “Homeland Security.” They opened the floodgates and now every administration including the current one will expand on it. It’s the new reality and is completely relevant.
        Fourth, you can kiss my A$$ with a full tongue extension.

  22. Patrick Swan

    “The video shows the officer return to his vehicle to run the paperwork. Ferrell then attempts to escape by driving off.”

    No, thats supposition. What the video shoes according to the court case, is the mother – having received the ticket, driving off as normal and the cop then follows her for no good reason, other than he would PREFER if she paid right away – which she doesnt have to do.

    • Duck, I am

      More lies and assumptions on your part. He probably was just checking on her felony warrant which there was a 90% chance she had

  23. disqus_aUWn8DRjvR

    The nutcase woman and her kid assaulted the officer, and caused things to escalate greatly. She then drives away at great speed, which makes her van a 4,000 lb missile. As for a “van full of kids”, this lunatic endangered these kids. She doesn’t deserve them, and these kids are being ruined by this beastie.

  24. Paul Macleod

    I was ok with this until she decided to drive off…………….. but even then .. why is a cop firing into a vehicle. again ? what was the reason ? please ?? was his life in jeopardy…cops … the worst trained professionals in America

  25. Shanmarie

    This mother is beyond idiotic. She put her life, her childrens lives & the lives of others in danger. SHE is the instigator, the initiator that led to everything else that happened after that. When she was stopped, immediately she USED her children to deflect her wrongdoing. Terrible. She drove away when the officer told her to wait, then when she was stopped again, she said she didn’t attempt to flee. Liar. When she resisted arrest, she manipulated her children into action & hysterics with her overly-dramatic theatrics. She has taught her children to be disrespectful & to not take personal responsibilty for ones own actions. Nice, continue that generational mess. She should have never had children, not necessarily because of this particular incident but because it paints a whole picture of the type of mother she is. She should have all of the charges against her & should not have custody of her children for neglect & child endangerment.

  26. Derrick Hewitt

    While this looks egregious and is sensational, I’d like to point out that the DRIVER and HER PASSENGER are completely responsible for this escalation of force.

    What started out as a traffic infraction escalated when the DRIVER fled the scene using her vehicle. Upon being stopped a second time, the PASSENGER exited the vehicle and attacked the officer physically during his attempt to place the NOW CRIMINAL DRIVER under arrest.

    After attacking the officer, the PASSENGER fled into the vehicle, the DRIVER had returned to the vehicle already, and they attempted to flee again.

    It was during this moment that responding back-up officers arrived and one of them CLEARLY was firing at the LEFT REAR TIRE, his stance and aim were CLEARLY highlighted in the video. The ONLY potential excessive use of force that I could see here is the shooting at the tire. I say potential because in SOME STATES Police officers are specifically trained and AUTHORIZED to shoot or attempt to shoot out tires on fleeing vehicles, once certain acts have been committed.

    Resisting arrest, Battering an officer, and fleeing and eluding could VERY WELL be factors that allow for the use of a firearm to shoot out tires.

    At no point did I see the officers physical or behaviorally do anything to suggest excessive force or act in a way outside of the law (barring my lack of knowledge on the aforementioned use of a firearm to shoot out tires as it pertains to NEW MEXICO STATE LAWS AND PROCEDURES).

    What I DID see CLEARLY, is a mother DRIVER endanger her family by resisting arrest, a PASSENGER BATTER A POLICE OFFICER, and two different attempts to flee and elude a police officer and DEFINITIVE RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT.

    Had she just accepted the ticket this incident certainly would not have escalated at all. In this case, the DRIVER AND PASSENGER’S ACTIONS determined the amount of force used against them.

    The public’s idea of the separation of what is pointing out your own rights versus the LIMITATIONS on how far you can take that without getting LAWFULLY arrested is a muddy pool. HOWEVER, fleeing a police officer during a traffic stop IS GOING TO GET YOU ARRESTED. and CERTAINLY, BATTERING A POLICE OFFICER will result in a Use of Force against you and ARREST. You are not allowed to prevent the lawful execution of authority without recompense.

  27. Yourownfault

    Need to get these dumb asses causing this to happen off the streets. She should not have drove off and acted like a fool. They should have not fired at the tires, but that is after screwing up a ton of times. Why give sympathy for that kinda crap

  28. Greg

    It’s absolutely unbelievable to me that there’s even a single person defending this woman and her son. She is a pathetic piece of trash and the world would be much better off without her.

    As for the cops, the cop should not have fired his gun. Absolutely not. He should be removed from street duty immediately, however, it’s too bad he didn’t rid the Earth of this woman while he was in the process of making his error.

    The other cops all acted exactly as they should have, except both the mother and the 14-year-old boy who charged at them should have been tasered. The kid is about 6 foot tall and came at the cop as if he intended to attack, and things could have got real ugly real fast. He should have been tasered.

    As usual on this site, we have the usual band of cop haters who simply hate all cops. I’ve seen it before. No matter what the cops do, they are wrong, simply because you hate them all. Why do you hate them all? Most likely because you’re a loser and you’ve had the cops in your face more than once, and you blame them, instead of yourself. You’re probably a drug user or a dealer and you think you’re the good guy and they are all bad. Watch Sons of Anarchy much?

    Yesterday I saw a thread where several just like you claimed that every single cop should be murdered because they are all bad. Disgusting. Anyone who argued with them was called ignorant, or blind.

    If you’re unable to look at this video and see that this woman and her kid need to go to jail and the kids should be removed from her house, you’re a very sick individual. On the other side, if you think there was justification for the cop to start firing away at a van full of children as it drives off down the freeway, you’re also a loser.

    • Morgana99

      Really?? Too bad he didnt kill her?!!! Right after saying he should be removed from duty… sorry,, Sir Gregor but you are a completely mixed up individual.

      • Greg

        Yes, and she’s the model mother, right? She’s a victim, right? Her kids are all going to come out as model citizens. How about you invite them all over for dinner and you can all smoke some weed together?

      • Morgana99

        Nope, missed the mark again. I, like you, dont know what kind of a mother she is. I just know the police bug her out. I also dont think bad mothering is a reason to shoot someone. I didnt actually criticize any police behavior save for the discharge of the firearm, which in no police training manual will you find that that was an appropriate response. Thanks again, kid. Please start reading the posts before responding. It makes you look bad.

      • Greg

        Right. You have absolutely no idea what sort of mother she is, driving around with drugs in the car with all of her kids, fleeing the scene, getting into a high-speed chase, resisting arrest, with her son assaulting an officer. She’s a wonderful mom.

        I didn’t miss the mark at all. You’re a loony toon.

      • Greg

        Aw … I see who you are Morgana. We find this little nugget from your previous posts …

        “Thats why these bafoons who believe they are “defending your freedom” are really just protecting resources for the wealthy and making you and your country increasingly the enemy, the problem with this world. If you want to “support” your troops, reject them completely, tell them not to come home, they are unwanted enemies of the people of the United States, because that is what they are.”

        So, now we’ve identified you as one of those I’ve referred to elsewhere in this thread. Let me guess. You’re a Jew hater. It’s all the Jew’s fault?

        Go to hell you piece of filth. You wouldn’t have the spine to speak of our military that way in front of them. You are a coward.

      • Morgana99

        I dont have a problem with the Jews. Isreal, as a political entity is problematic, but you guessed wrong with that vague generalization. Otherwise, based on your pevious posts, you’re just another armchair loser who wouldnt talk to ANYONE in person the way you do here. But, thank God for this anonymous forum where you can get your comeuppance for all the bullying you took as a child. Enjoy your day attacking people online and then ironically calling them cowards. Hilarious!

      • Greg

        LOL! Now that’s just precious. The person who sits on the internet with 356 posts, almost every one of them soaking in arrogance, insulting anyone who disagrees with you, and posting nasty trashy hateful rants about those who defend your freedom to do exactly that, and you have the brain-damaged gall to suggest someone else is saying things they wouldn’t say in person. I can absolutely GUARANTEE you that I would say exactly what I feel about you directly to your face, and I GUARANTEE you that you would NOT say a word about how you feel about our military to my face, or the face of ANY of our soldiers. Not unless you were surrounded by more of your weed smokers and a bunch of the same cops you hate so much. Your 356 previous posts give you away.

      • Morgana99

        You are a creepy stalker type. Seroously, leave me alone and get help. Totally creeped out by your behavior. I guess this is how you get off. Please, creep around elsewhere, you sketchy ass troll.

  29. Mariam Kittenwhiskers

    ..This is insane. I feel so bad for this family, this is sickening.

    • Greg

      You feel so bad for this family, lol? Really? God you’re pathetic. You should move in next to them and see how that goes. You can all share drugs.

      • Mariam Kittenwhiskers

        When did drugs come in to this at all? And what does this have to do with shooting at a family who did not do anything physically threatening in any way? The police “allegedly” found marijuana pipes in their car.. I can’t imagine siding with the police on this one.

      • Greg

        You are delusional. I saw your other post …

        “I have no idea how a speeding ticket could result in being dragged out of the car while the kids scream, charging her son when he came out to help his mom who was being grabbed and torn away from the car as she was obviously terrified at the situation.”

        There is not a single person who is NOT on drugs who could watch that video and claim that they have “no idea” how this situation escalated and who could somehow claim the family did absolutely nothing “threatening in any way.”

        The mother was a lunatic, acting psychotic, taking off in the van as the cop told her to stay put. She tried to escape and flee. Then the 6 foot tall 14 year old got out and actually charged the cop before he pulled his taser and forced the kid to rethink his action and retreat.

        The cop shooting at the van was wrong, but everything else was the family’s fault. In fact, even though the cop should not have shot and should be removed from duty, it is STILL the mother and the son’s fault that it escalated.

        You are clearly braindead from all the weed, or … you simply didn’t watch the video before commenting.

      • Mariam Kittenwhiskers

        Haha okay. Just so you know I have smoked weed about 4 times in my 26 years of being alive, but can’t see how it should be a criminal offence considering alcohol is legal.. . But more to the point is that it was obviously the police that escalated the situation, not the family. You are possibly an insane person.

      • Greg

        You’re not going to get an argument from me with the alcohol analogy, but then again, were you 21 before you started smoking weed? Ooops.

        I’m not sure how any sane person can watch that video and believe the cops escalated the situation. The cop walked to the window, asked for the license, told her she was doing 70 plus MPH, told her to wait there while he went to run the license, and she took off. He then chased her down, pulled her over, asked her to get out of the car, and she refused, The the six foot tall 14 year old kid got out and charged the cop.

        But in your mind, the family did nothing wrong and the cops escalated it. I guess the cop should have simply waved as they psycho drove off. He could have then went to lunch. That’s how it works in your world. You don’t want to get a ticket, you simply drive off and if the cop chases you … it’s his fault.


      • Mariam Kittenwhiskers

        Well I live in Canada where the legal drinking age is 19, so actually I would have been legal age.
        At no point am I saying driving away from a ticket before the police officer has processed the information is a good idea, it was completely wrong and stupid, but I don’t think it warranted the reaction from the police officer. Dragging her from her car, pulling his gun out at the family, smashing the window, and then shooting at their car. This isn’t Grand theft auto.

      • Greg

        Aside from the shooting, which I’ve repeatedly said was crazy and wrong, how would you have suggested the officers handle the situation when the mother refuses to exit the vehicle and then the son actually gets out and charges at the cop?

      • Mariam Kittenwhiskers

        Well, if you watch the video, when she pulls over again after driving away, the police officer immediately opens the door and attempts to get her out of the car and that is where things really start to get insane. From then on he is in the desperate attempt to physically apprehend her, and I think this is where he lost it. He could have asked her to get out of the car, and if she refused he could have called for back up, as she wasn’t an immediate threat to his safety, the worst that would happen is she would have driven away again. Back up came very quickly in the video, and if they responded very fast in the first place they could have stopped her car and worked together to arrest her in a more appropriate and less violent manner (As well as less traumatizing for the children who have done nothing wrong).

      • Greg

        Well, you’re giving way too much benefit to the criminals. She was in fact told to get out of the car and she refused, at which point he grabbed her and pulled her out, at which point he was then attacked by the son. Saying the cop escalated it because of her actions is simply wrong.

      • Greg

        And it’s not necessarily about “siding with the police.” It’s about acknowledging that the mother and 14 year old son are psychotic losers who caused the entire situation to escalate.

      • Mariam Kittenwhiskers

        Psychotic losers?? Are we watching the same video? I genuinely don’t feel that at way all, I really don’t understand why you have branded them this way. Does it not outrage you that the police are shooting guns at them?

      • Greg

        I’ve repeatedly given my feelings on the cop who shot at them. He should be removed from duty immediately.

      • Mariam Kittenwhiskers

        The mother was an idiot and should have listened to the officer and waited, but she should not have been shot at. So hopefully we can agree on that.

      • Greg

        Absolutely. She should have been tased, as well as the son. She should be in jail, and the kids taken away.

      • Mariam Kittenwhiskers

        Kids taken away because she drove away from a speeding ticket? Why?

      • Mariam Kittenwhiskers

        It was all a mess, and she was at fault for driving away, but I feel as if the police officer was immediately very physical with her and I can’t understand how the shooting could have been okay. The arrest I can totally agree with, just not the use of a gun.

      • Duck, I am

        You as most young and dumb people assume they were shooting into the car. No bullet holes or shattered glass in back window. Must have been magic bullets right? Or does him shooting at the tires make more sense.

      • Mariam Kittenwhiskers

        Young and dumb? Thanks. He was firing a gun at a van with children inside, so regardless of his intention to shoot out the tires, it was dangerous and not necessary.
        I think this is very simple, no one should have been firing a gun at all in this situation. It was extremely inappropriate for what was going on.

  30. Web Tender

    isnt it wonderful how we can sit in front of our computers and type comment that we do not approve of what the cops are doing instead of getting out there and standing in front of the cops who are doing this..

  31. Howard W Fisher

    child endangerment on the mother gimme a break. These cops brought this on themselves with a insane need for domination. lets blow away some kids then we’ll blame it on the mother for resisting. ridiculous.

  32. Butrflis

    What the hell is with people not realizing that this is entirely the fault of the idiot woman and her son that she obviously has trained and raised so well. This is NOT the fault of the Police. Give me a damn break. When the hell are we going to hold the REAL people accountable. Police are shot at DAILY. Its a wonder she didnt get ALL of her kids killed ESPECIALLY the oldest. Stupid waste of humanity.

  33. Jeff Brodhead

    I live on an arterial which parallels the interstate. I am between two major interchanges, so we get a lot of emergency vehicle traffic. The have been MANY times when police vehicles fly by here at very high speed (in a 35 speed zone), at night, without flashing lights, nor siren.

    Simple speeding (i.e. 71 in a 55) is a victimless “crime”, if no accident occurred. Dis-obeying the “orders” of a police officer IS NOT A CAPITOL CRIME in the USA and we need to get that under control!

    Stupid (i.e. driving away over a simple speeding ticket) is the kind of TERMINAL STUPID America has produced.

    We can’t fix stupid citizens, but stupid police officers… there is a solution.

  34. Jacob Marley

    All the people who consider themselves too be an American, should rise up against all these cloaked communistic fucks. We need a revolution in this country. Like NOW! Seriously. FTP.


    i take those are what we call our next generation law men? really coppers , all u had to do was take a tire out at that close range. they do make u guys learn at a gun range right? and kids in the car , come on. give ur head shake. cops dont need the weapons they use. they dont know how to use them, sounds like ur cops arent mature enough for there jobs. and u know what good for u boy, ur mother is all got, and yes also stupid on moms part. she should give her head a shake too. all and all, U ARE ALL WRONG IN ALL YOUR ACTIONS,

  36. Larry W. Leathers Jr.

    I live in New Mexico and saw this on the local news. All this comments I see here do not hold the driver responsible at all. When a State police officer tells me to get out of the car, and I have nothing to hide, I get out of the car. The officers in this video were doing their best to protect the public. When she took off like a bat out of hell she took, not only the lives of her children, but the people she could of potentially hit. What would all of you have said if she had hit and killed another innocent driver. I think you would have said, maybe the officers should have shot a few more rounds.


      u should try reading what people are actually typing a little more carefully. there are a few comments including mine that say guilty. she just as guilty as the officer and the boy, THEY All NEW BETTER PERIOD. GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY

  37. KevinEarlWood

    This is a case about excessive police force against a mother and her children and cops gone wild. Yes, she should not have driven off. The force was excessive in response to the original stop for simply speeding. Shooting at a vehicle loaded with children is not a reasonable first response.

    In a similar case in Florida a black female college student was assaulted, battered, and arrested for not rolling down her window “all the way” to receive her yellow copy of a traffic ticket for a bad tail light. Her window was smashed out by the cop also.

    Sign this petition if you agree there was, again, excessive force.

    Signing petitions such as this send our message that excessive force by police officers will not be tolerated in our society.

  38. Galt2100

    She was stupid, but the police response is unforgivable.

    Welcome to Obama’s America, where the police are cowards who hide behind badges, and are militarized by the DOJ into Barry’s private security force. The penalty for anything, or nothing, is summary execution.

  39. Genta

    only thing i get is she is raising five kids that in a few years will think its ok to NOT follow the laws. all she had to do was comply and it wouldn’t have turned into what it turned into. but yeah all the cops fault. the Woman was wrong on all accounts and the damn kids should have stayed in the car.

    trash breeds trash! this is our America 🙁

  40. ada

    I think it’s easy to watch this on our computers and try to understand what happened, but only the people in the situation really experienced each aspect of it. My biggest problem is actually the officer slamming the window, shouting in rage, and showering glass on the kids inside.