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Baby Found Starved Nearly To Death By Lazy Parents

Posted by Austin Petersen • 18 Nov 2013

HOOD COUNTY, TX – Baby Riley is safe after he was found starved by his parents nearly to death. The young couple, Justin and Brittany Alston were sentenced to 60 years in prison after it was discovered that they had starved Riley because they were too lazy to take care of him. 

Last December several teenagers were attending a party at the couple’s mobile home in rural Hood County when they heard crying from the back of the trailer. What they found was horrifying. Baby Riley was lying there emaciated, covered in urine and vomit. The teenagers called an adult who brought him to the hospital, where doctors who treated him didn’t believe he would live. Investigators believe that the parents may not have fed him properly for over two months.
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“Brittany [the mother] told investigators when she was asked why she didn’t feed this baby she said that she had other things to do, like getting the oil changed in the car,” she said. The 21-year-old ‘parents’ admitted they preferred drinking and smoking pot with their friends instead of taking care of their baby.

“These parents, I don’t know if they wanted him to die but they were waiting for him to die and I believe if he had they’d have thrown him in the trash,” Hood County District Attorney Robert Christian said.

Doctors fed Riley through an IV until his body could finally accept food. He was then placed in a foster home and in just a few months has fattened up just like a baby should.

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  • Uncle Siam

    I wish they just said it. “What’s the difference?, we abort babies all the time, this method just takes a bit longer.”

    This happens when the value of a baby’s life is eroded.

  • Sigfried Hoodinni

    Don’t judge, don’t judge, don’t judge. This is why I dislike it when people take Matthew 7:1 out of context. Read the next 5 verses. Jesus didn’t condemn judgment, he condemned hypocritical judgment. To refuse to judge in this case would be evil. We are commanded to judge many times in scripture. But hypocritical judgment and judging according to appearance are wrong.

    Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment. John 7:24

  • Chad Dolloff

    It is time to start going Biblical on people in public again!!!! Bring back public stonings, crucifixions, beheadings, hangings, removing hands and limbs!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the only thing that will bring this world back under somewhat control. Going to jail just doesn’t cut it!!!

  • Eric

    Definate Obama supporters!

  • anthony kraus

    These people should be beaten starved beaten again and every type of torture. U can think of should be leaglized and used on these two this is just sick and they will burn in hell for this…… i hope that RILEY was yo yoing to remember this for his own sake. I also hope a LOVING Deserving family got to raise him as there own so he will know what true love from ur parents are.

  • ERIN

    I say for there time in jail they should do the same to these to idiots, in prison the inmates don’t take a liking to anyone for child crimes so hopefully we read about this two getting there heads beat in

  • Joe Black

    Good god! How much of a monster do you need to be to sit there and let a poor baby starve to death! Baby looks happy now…I hope the poor little guy never remembers the trauma he was put through.

  • Andrew

    wow that’s the ugliest kid I have ever seen.

  • Bill Gerlach

    I hope this baby now gets a lifetime of love and happiness as all babies and children deserve. The scum that did this to him deserve 60 years of abuse at the hands of other inmates. 60 years is not enough. Hopefully though, someone will will not be bothered to feed them so they can die by starvation.

  • drfoy

    Prison life for child abusers will be short and brutal.

  • Big_Sexy_Spider

    I’m writing his name and story in my journal so I can figure out how to send him a gift every year.

  • Aaron Mann

    Warning to all the people who do this kind of shit….When the world goes to hell I will make it my job to hunt you all down and put a bullet in your head. And if you are taken to prison for this most people in prison already don’t approve of harming kids so you will probably get beat or even killed by someone who has nothing to do besides end your pathetic life…

  • Fawndenarae Williamson

    This baby got more than just food from the foster mother, this baby received love and attention! Which is all babies really want, so glad he is now living with his older sister and a family that loves them both.

  • Elsa Blue

    There is no corner of hell hot enough for these pieces of SH!T!

  • Brittani Harrod

    this is crazy. i took a min and looked through the comments here and
    decided i would put my few cents into it. here we have a story of a
    tragey… a woman and a man who are sick mentally( because you would
    have to be in order to bring harm to your own flesh and blood) and a
    infant that unfortunely was given a dealt hand he had no control of. and
    instead of seeing it for what it is and feeling sorry for all of them(
    the parents because obviously this has to be deeper . you are taught how
    to care and how to love by the ones whom raise you.. obviously.. they
    truly lacked that lesson so for that i feel sorry for them.) and a baby
    as precious to be born into a world he had no control of or ever asked
    to be born into that situation. no instead we go to religion. placing
    blame on god or debating if there is a god or not a god. it must be his
    fault ” where was your god?”.. well… where was yours?’ i will tell you
    where I was sitting there praying that the humans he gave free will to
    would wake up from the blindness that obviously surrounded them and
    which they pulled in themselves. ” free will” no matter bad or good is
    something we all have whether you believe in god, a god, many gods, or
    no god at all. so how can you blame any other but them for their own
    actions. ” thou shall not judge” we as humans judge every day. we judge
    other we judge ourselves, or own minds and opinions, something so
    little as ” that does not look good on her” or ” that muffin looks
    nasty” regardless its judging its in out nature, when other do things in
    the sense to others.. i feel i have the right to look at them and say. I
    feel sorry for you. and more or less Im happy that innocent was saved..
    religion is a belief system. every religion has ” a higher power” that
    they believe in more than the other. and ” little powers” aka angels,
    demi gods, or whatever your belief calls them. but in all of my research
    of many religions i have never ever seen it say in any of them. that it
    is okay to hurt endanger.. starve.. act wrongly to your own flesh.. and
    blood. there is one thing almost all of you can agree upon and if you
    cant well. Im sorry for you too. and that is this. no matter who or what
    religion , belief, political view… i don’t see any of you saying it
    is okay to starve, and nearly kill your, mother, brother, sisters, and
    let alone your child. someone will say im wrong, will bash me like many have
    been bashed here, but it just goes to show…. what is really wrong with
    todays world…. “truth” is definate. Religion isnt ” god”.. ” god” or
    whom ever you want to call it whatever.. it is called in your faith… its
    what is inside of each of you. and regardless there is an unspoken law in
    all of us as humans that knows what is RIGHT and what is WRONG. and
    this… this right here with this woman and this man. doing what they
    had done( NOT GOD). Is wrong….

  • Amy Bishop Bowman

    My God! How could anyone do this to a child????? They should never ever be allowed to procreate again. I hope this poor child is adopted by a loving family. It sickens me that someone could do this to a sweet precious child.

  • Kim Mathews

    They need to spay and neuter these two idiots and then put them through the same thing but nooo they are going to prison where they get 3 meals a day and many other things they don’t deserve.

  • Stephanie Koosey

    How do I adopt this baby? I see he is with a foster, is there no family willing to take him? I have a 1 year old daughter as well. This baby needs to be loved. I am serious, I am a registered nurse and my husband and I could provide him a beautiful life, one that he should have had from the beginning!

  • Tabatha May Bourque

    these people are freakin disgusting they need a taste of their own medicine

  • Eli

    Honestly, when I read these kinds of stories, it REALLY makes me wonder…WHY isn’t mandatory for people to pass some kind of test before they can take their baby home from the hospital??? I’m sure some people are fully capable of hiding the fact that they are an insane fucked up person who shouldn’t have a child but then I’m sure a lot of people aren’t….seriously. You have to pass a test to drive. You shouldn’t get to be responsible for another human life with no questions asked. They were too busy partying so this poor kid starved for 2 months. The world is a fucked up place.

  • ashley

    And now we get to spend out tax money feeding and caring for these “people” This is TX right? DEATH PENALTY!!!!!

  • Carlita Heavyrunner

    Thats awful… They shouldn’t even be using the term “parents” to describe them. “Parents” wouldn’t neglect their child and leave them left in their body fluids.. Sickening..

  • Tabitha Amber Barbour

    That is horrifying to know people can’t care for their responsibilites. If that was my baby I’d have loved him and taken good care of him. Poor baby at least he’s being taken care of now. I think it’s good that they gave them that many years those are deserved :/

  • Ellen Adams

    set them in a room and never let them eat or bathe or get clean tie them up so they have to relieve themselves in their clothes and let them feel what he felt all the way but don’t save them let them die that way!

  • Shane N Autumn Shaffer

    They deff. deserve to die . Dont have kids if you cant take care of them. The baby didnt ask to be born . Im glad he is okay poor thing

  • Laurie Flockton

    I hope they both have NO CHANCE of parole for 60 years!!! No off earl for “good behavior

  • Scott Tibbs

    I don’t get this. There are options.

    I don’t know about Texas, but Indiana has a law that grants immunity from parents who cannot take care of their baby, if they take the baby to a designated safe place such as a police station, hospital or fire station.

    If I say what I really think about Justin and Brittany Alston, I would probably be banned from commenting not just here but my Disqus account would be terminated too. Be assured it’s not pretty.

  • Roy Ross

    i am a father.. i gave up my smoking pot before i decided to have my sons.. still to this day i am drug free… my children are my life .. they get feed more than plenty.. sure at sometimes they may be picky but they will eat 3+ meals a day.. this story makes me sad but i am glad that the infant went into another home where it would be fed… sure i like to play my ps3.. sometimes i play it with my 4 yr old.. including his favorite game Jetpack…. what those parents need is a taste of there own medicine while they are in the hole for 2 months and then they need life in prison without parole… those sick M*********ers

    • A. Goodwin

      Smoking cannabis does not make you a bad parent (unless you are doing it in the home with children around). What makes you a bad parent is neglecting and abusing your children. These individuals were not parents – they were monsters, who deserve to rot in jail.

  • Shawn Earle

    stuff like this nonsense and there is no excuse for it! if people can’t or wont in this case take care of their child putting them up for adoption and letting be with someone who can is an easy option and much better than neglecting or torturing them!

  • Bryan Weber

    It never fails to appall me just how bad people can treat each other, but it leaves me wondering about our society when people can do this to their own children.

    • Pat

      Our culture has become morally bankrupt. The further away from God we get the worse we become. Remember Sodom? God will have His vengence with those two as well as many more who have turned their back to Him.

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