HOOD COUNTY, TX – Baby Riley is safe after he was found starved by his parents nearly to death. The young couple, Justin and Brittany Alston were sentenced to 60 years in prison after it was discovered that they had starved Riley because they were too lazy to take care of him.

Last December several teenagers were attending a party at the couple’s mobile home in rural Hood County when they heard crying from the back of the trailer. What they found was horrifying. Baby Riley was lying there emaciated, covered in urine and vomit. The teenagers called an adult who brought him to the hospital, where doctors who treated him didn’t believe he would live. Investigators believe that the parents may not have fed him properly for over two months.
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“Brittany [the mother] told investigators when she was asked why she didn’t feed this baby she said that she had other things to do, like getting the oil changed in the car,” she said. The 21-year-old ‘parents’ admitted they preferred drinking and smoking pot with their friends instead of taking care of their baby.

“These parents, I don’t know if they wanted him to die but they were waiting for him to die and I believe if he had they’d have thrown him in the trash,” Hood County District Attorney Robert Christian said.

Doctors fed Riley through an IV until his body could finally accept food. He was then placed in a foster home and in just a few months has fattened up just like a baby should.

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Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen is the founder of The Libertarian Republic, as well as the CEO of Stonegait LLC. Formerly an Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano's show "Freedom Watch", on the Fox Business Network. Austin was referred to by the Judge as "The right side of my brain". He built Judge Napolitano's social networks with over 700,000 fans and millions of clicks a month. Austin graduated from Missouri State University. He has written and produced award winning plays and videos, and previously worked for the Libertarian National Committee and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

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  1. Tabatha Chachulski-Morgan

    It’s cases like these I’m all for quartering. Four horses, four ropes, tied to four limbs and smack the horses on the rump!!!

    • ronwator

      Nope that’s to good for them. I say give them some of their own medication. Starve them to the edge of death.

      • Jonathan Gregory

        I agree with ronwator. I stay starve them to the edge of death bring them back and do it until their bodies finally shut down and they die. This people are not human and do not deserve to be treated as such.

      • PinkSeaPrincess

        they need to be made sterile both of them.. so they are NEVER allowed to do this again.. not to mention bared from EVER coming with in miles and miles of any child!

      • Toni Dill

        Yea but who is paying for the thousands upon thousands of dollars it takes to feed, clothe, house, not to mention very good medical care when they are in prison? You and I who have morals.

      • wendy26

        we have already been paying for them i’m sure….smh…paying for them 2 starve a poor baby…smh…but i don’t mind paying every last cent 2 make sure these low lives can never hurt a innocent baby again….smh….rot in prision scumbags

      • Red Hunt

        If you have money for pot (or an oil change), you have money for baby food. They said they preferred to drink and smoke, but don’t blame the substances, blame the parents. I like a drink now and again, and I used to smoke, but my family is clothed and fed, and you find this to be true in almost all cases. The starvation of this baby is not booze, it is not pot, it is not poverty; it is cruelty and neglect on the part of the parents, and it is disgusting.

      • Crystal

        I agree Red Hunt… I enjoy a drink now and again just as much as the
        next person, but I have 3 beautiful HEALTHY children whom I would gladly
        never drink again for if it meant that their well being would be
        affected in ANY way! There is a special place in hell for this couple
        and I hope they find it soon! SICK and PATHETIC!!!

      • kaththee

        God provides free baby food for all mammals. I never spent a cent on baby food or formula either. WIC provide formula for free too. They were just lazy and didn’t care.

      • Shawna Mathews

        Thats the point. They HAD the food, they just didnt care to feed the poor baby. Where was your god when that baby was starving in that trailer? You mean breast milk? Yes because drinking breast milk from a drunk and high mother would be just what that baby needed… seriously? Ugh

      • Renee'

        What God did was send the teenagers with enough sense in their heads to take the baby to the hospital! He allowed the situation to get just bad enough for these horrible idiots to be sent away for a long time! (though not long enough I think!) THAT’S what God did! The baby is healthy and being taken care of now. He’s obviously a strong boy and is MUCH better off without his stupid selfish biological parents.

      • angryAgnostic

        actually, god didn’t do any of that. the teenagers did it.. this isn’t the place for religion.

      • Skyler Hamilton

        Get over yourself. Who are you to decide where people can talk about religion? Bible thumping is what you would call it? What about the constant atheist propoganda I can never escape from? How about co existing? No, atheists wouldn’t have that. There always has to be an agenda, rather it’s having a cross removed as a tribute to fallen soldiers or having the word God removed from anything and everything.

      • Kris

        You must be that special kind of stupid I keep hearing about on the news. In case you were wondering, atheism isn’t spreading propaganda, just facts. Co-existing? I don’t know about you, but pretty much every war, violence, or murder has been justified and carried out in the name of some sort of random god or gods. There is no agenda or propaganda, just a hope that one day people will stop ignorantly following a book that was created by man to explain why tacos gave them diarrhea or why it didn’t rain if they forgot to slaughter a lamb and rub its blood all over their faces. Unlike your archaic belief based on a book that was force fed to you as a child without the capacity to create their own rational thought, atheists aren’t just people who don’t believe in religion, they are also ex-religious people who have finally let go of their childhood fantasy..

      • jose

        Wow. Did you think of all of that by yourself Kris? Atheists are arrogant, self absorbed, self proclaimed know it alls in this world, who just need take a look around and maybe theyd realize that they were right the first time around, until they “let go of their childhood fatasy”

      • Tammy Marie Adams

        Jose, i beg to differ on that self absorbed self proclaimed bull crap, because i am engaged to an atheist, and by no means what so ever does he think that he knows it all, nor is he self absorbed or arrogant. There you go judging a wholeeeeee lottttttttt of people that u just don’t know. He may not believe in everything that u do, but neither do i , and i come from a good religious back ground. A book does not define how we live our lives, how we raise our children. I have had many a religious person turn their nose down at me because of whatever happened to be going on at that time. Now is that the catholic or christian thing to do, hell no.

      • Mackenzie Bower

        Really? Arrogant? Self-Absorbed? Self Proclaimed? . I am pretty freaking humble and all the other “Arrogant Athiests” I know are too. We are people just like you. Yes some Athiests are ass holes, but most of us have families and love them. We may think that to believe in the bible is absolute idiocy, but at least we aren’t the ones shoving our religion down peoples throats and starting wars over it. And Christians have the audacity to say there beliefs are under attack! More like the attacking force to any of those who dare disagree!

      • Mollie Boggan

        I dont care what anyone’s belief is of religion. I have my own. about religion, it’s about a baby being starved to death from abusive non caring parents. Preferably I think they should just get the damn needle and get it over with

      • Sigfried Hoodinni

        Stalin and Mao ever heard of them. More people have been killed in the name of Atheism then in the name of God. When people murder innocent people in the name of God they are acting inconstantly with Christianity. When people murder people in the name of atheism they are being perfectly consistent with their atheistic beliefs.

      • Mike Bellina

        Stalin was a russian orthodox and studied to be a priest from an early
        age. Mao was a buddhist. Neither killed in the name of atheism, nor is
        there a atheistic belief system or “bible” that states to kill in the
        name of.

        Your quote ” More people have been killed in the name of Atheism then in
        the name of God.” – That is a laughable statement, read a history book
        from any point from BCE to oh I don’t know lets say THIS MORNING you
        will find death in the name of GOD!

      • anony1

        Okay so search deep in your heart without your arrogance getting in the way. I’m certain you hate yourself and everything you do. All you speak is hate its unbelievable.
        Religion is considered a belief system so your atheism and arrogance is your religion. You believe in everything you think because of your experiences. You and I are the same you just haven’t experimented anything else but rules and regulations. In part I don’t blame you I feel bad for you. Just take it easy before you kill yourself from all the hatred you spit out.

      • LittleHunches

        FACTS? What FACTS? There are NO FACTS either for or against God

      • kat

        uhh.. do DMT. you’ll know there is life after death. it floods your brain with the chemical that takes over your body when you die. aka. why you see your life flash before your eyes. I don’t know what believe, but all i know is that there is more to life than what we experience here.

      • Brandy

        i have to disagree people take atheistism to diff standards today but i dont read the book, i dont go to church but ik that jesus is real and there is faith and ill always believe and ill always pray to myself but he is real so until uk ur facts id keep ur opions to urself

      • Julia Cartmel Jester

        You will know the bible is true when your staring God in the face.I’d like to see your face when God ask you if you believe now!!!! Of course as stupid as you are you would probably say no!!

      • Blake Howard

        Wow…If you can just go to heaven bc you believe and not for the life you lead, then that is a sad God to worship. I could never worship or praise something that will send anyone to a hell and torture for all eternity bc they simply did not believe in him. I am Atheist, but I do not claim to know for sure anything that happens after death as no one honestly can for themselves. I think a lot of people are christians because of the fear of going to Hell and that is sad. If there is a God I could only hope for the sake of everyone that he/she is an open and accepting God of all walks of life that judges on your humanity and what one does for the planet and others and not on what they believe.

      • picnicfun

        How about focusing on the real issue here. The abuse of that baby.

      • Kristina K. Bacon

        The Bible was never force fed to myself but I always knew it…..our thoughts are archaic yours are barbaric. You let go of your childhood fantasy because why? because someone you loved died? Because your prayer wasnt answered the way or when you wanted it to be? Maybe you should have brushed up a little more and learned about blind faith….blah blah blah….this is probably falling on deaf and hatful ears who wouldnt listen anyhow – done with this page! This was supposed to be about an abused child and his sick parents – not anyone’s beliefs of how this happened….geesh!

      • Kris

        Also, I took a second to see if there was any rationality to you. Your “I hope you die” comments show me that you are a perfectly example of a standard Christian. Please continue your hypocrisy of judging others while telling people that you hope they die… What a world we live in where religion still isn’t classified as a mental disorder.

      • Sigfried Hoodinni

        Kris you are a hypocrite. There is nothing wrong with judging people when they commit evil. There is something wrong with refusing to judge. Also hypocricy is wrong. You are judging people for judging. You are a complete hypocrite!

      • Jeremy R Howdyshell

        There is not a shred of Biblical support for that statement.

      • Sue Lundy

        yes there is Biblical support to the judging issue it does say Judge ye not lest ye be judged according to your judgments…. but the issue here is a child who was abused to the point of death and whos parents did nothing for this child but were selfish and too young to see that they had a beautiful child they created instead they would rather party or take care of a car than take care of a child they made so to me 60 yrs in jail is not enough they should also be fixed to where they can never do this to another child ever

      • Mike Holton

        Kris can judge. He doesn’t claim to follow a human-God hybrid who insisted on non-judgement.

      • Brandy

        i would never wish death on nobody but…… they do deserve to be talked down on for doing that to a baby over drugs

      • Julia Cartmel Jester

        Are you kin to this baby? It sounds like you are taking up for these sicko parents.You need to back out of here before you make a real ass out of yourself!

      • Kristina K. Bacon

        WoW! Really? Being a Cristian doesnt mean that you dont feel anger, hate and disgust! It means that you are human. Religion as a mental diorder? Maybe you should do a little more research – I am not a Bible thumper but your comments are disgusting and offensive and you judge someone (which is ok?) because they judge someone (which is not ok?)…..really you should think before you speak!

      • Robert Zraick

        Freedom of religion. Freedom to believe what you want, to think what you want, to speak what you want.
        That is what we need to embrace.

      • Tiffany Marie Decker

        I think everyone is making this out to be something else than what the real facts are here these people neglected this poor child what did he do to them nothing but be born and take up there time if the were not ready for a baby they surley had ways to get out of it!!! I don’t belive in murder or mis treat ment but they should not be aloud any other children or be able to be with another partner that’s is opposite sex for that matter in stead od sixty years they should have got life with out parole but they didn’t now they have to face there own belifes on what they did wrong. let them sit and think and struggle in prison… in the old times they would have gotten hung to bad for new traditions that’s all I have to say to that….

      • picnicfun

        Tiffany, please improve your use of the English language.

      • Tammy Marie Adams

        Skyler Hamilton, Sorry but not all atheists are like that, my fiance is one and does not run around bashing people for believing in god. It was an act of god that there were teenagers at that party who cared to hear that there was a weak baby crying, and had the sense to call an adult and get help (probably knowing that they would be in trouble), cause obviously everybody else was too busy. So before u go bashing all of one religion, stop and think before u type. They may not believe in every word that uptight religious types say, but he does not go around saying remove the crosses and the word of god. Actually he would engage u in a good debate that could last several hours, The point of the other person’s comment is that god had put these 2 teenagers in the right spot at the right time. God can work in mysterious ways, even my atheist man has said thank god when something just happens to go right for us

      • Noboodi Busini

        So you are a bigot against Christianity. I say your intolerance shows your true colours. I also say that God did look out for this little one in the end. Thank God for that. Maybe what needs to be done here and is a lesson for all, that there is not enough being done to look out for the smallest of children in society. Usually a child is only looked out for in society once it reaches school age, where teachers start marking absences etc… But, did you know most children that die or are abused it happens before school age. Children that reach school age usually are not the main concern it is the younger of the children. First time parents after giving birth should be watched most closely to protect these innocent children. Maybe it should be taken as an awakening towards the most vulnerable instead of insulting somenes beliefs. I do not stand for intolerance and someone telling someone where they can practise thier beliefs.

      • darngooddesign

        So what you’re saying is that God let a baby suffer for months.

      • Sigfried Hoodinni

        God gave those parents free will and they abused that gift. That is why sin exists. God didn’t create evil, we did. He suffered for it on the cross even though its our fault.

      • Chrissy

        Yup. God lets children be beaten, abused, neglected, die… And then somehow gets credit when a child is saved. The credit for this child’s safety now goes to the teens who called and told someone about the situation. Lucky they weren’t pieces of trash like the parents!

      • Guest

        Chrissy dear, please do me all a favor and round up all the atheists out there and sit down and actually read a bible. Cover to cover. Take the time to understand its message and what God is truly all about before you bash Him. Until you do that you kind of just sound like an ignorant asshole.

      • LittleHunches

        Actually, the idiotic parents let the baby suffer for months, GOD sent someone to help him.

      • Jo Tetherow

        do you have any idea how badly this baby has been damaged mentally due to malnutrition and neglect? your god was a little late on rescuing this poor child.

      • Andrea Isabel Chacon

        now you are just assuming stuff. you are not a doctor, and have never met this baby or had a chance to see what damage the baby has. wtf?

      • Jo Tetherow

        Yet you assume that i have no knowledge on the subjects of the effects of malnutrition and neglect on an infant. Poor assumption on your part.

      • Andrea Isabel Chacon

        it does not matter if you have knowledge on it, you have not examined THIS baby, so you cannot say for certain that you know what the effects were on HIS brain

      • d12d

        I agree Renee, if the teens has come any sooner, and the baby looked healthy enough, they teens would have left never knowing just how evil these parents were, Thank God they could be there to end this childs suffering.

      • Barbara Gower

        Why do people always blame God when something bad happens? Sin in the lives of people who don’t know God is the problem. God is about love! How much more could he love us than to send his son to live amongst us and teach us how to love!

      • BVB3333

        ya I don’t believe in god if your so called god is so great then why does he let people do such horrible stuff, starving innocent children, murder, rape, abuse, etc if he was so great why is there so much bad things in this world what has he done to help anyone seriously this baby almost died and he didn’t do a damn thing so excuse the Atheists like myself who don’t believe in god because there is no proof your so called god is good and should be loved everyone has there opinions about this “god” imaginary thing but this article is not about god or anything its about a baby who almost died and is now saved by who…..tell me BY WHO…..A DOCTOR god didn’t do shit

      • jose

        GOD is allowing mankind to choose his own path with free will. He will fix all things at the time of Armageddon

      • Veni Vidi Vici

        Higher IQ people tend to be Atheists and do not follow a vampire cult aka Christianity; I sacrifice myself to myself to save you from myself, that just sounds absurd to me and I only have an above average IQ….

      • LittleHunches

        I sacrifice MY SON so that YOUR SINS may be forgiven. No one gets to the father except through the son, so how the hell are they one and the same? Yeah…..higher IQ my ass

      • BG23

        I have no idea where you got the idea that higher IQ people tend to be atheists, but you are blatantly wrong. In fact, studies have shown that, contrary to popular belief, the majority of people with at least one PhD believe in a higher power.

      • Jeremy R Howdyshell

        It all comes back to love. God is love and as love he desires to be loved so he created everything such that it could love him, but love is not possible without choice. Without choice you have slavery and a slave does not love his master. God would be a tyrant if he forced us to act in certain ways. He no more forced these parents to neglect this child than that teenager and doctors to save him. If God were to intervene he would be taking away our freedom to choose for ourselves how to live and where to place our faith. What you suggest is the heresy given by the Calvinists who believe that God preordains all things that will happen. God sees past the mere struggles of day to day life because in the grand scheme the suffering of the individual is miniscule in comparison to the eternal bliss we are given and those who have suffered most are the ones who can best appreciate the grace we are given.

      • Kris

        First off, God didn’t send his son. If you read the dozens of random bible versions, you’d know that not only was God and his “son” the same person, but that since Jesus was immortal, there really was no significance to his death. He simply walked it off. So as for sacrifice, I’ve seen ordinary people give far more sacrifice than Jesus’ faked death any day. So.. If you believe that there is a God, you also have to believe that he was the one who made this child suffer. God isn’t about love. If you read the original texts, God was a hateful, jealous and vengeful God. His demeanor conveniently changed later on. And isn’t that what religion is all about, convenience? Conveniently anytime that a lesson or story from the bible conflicts with peoples preferences, they rewrite the bible to have a more convenient set of lessons.

      • jose

        GOD and Jesus are INDEED 2 separate beings. Jesus was Michael the Arch Angel until he was born Jesus on earth. GOD gave his only begotten son Jesus to mankind to forgive us for Adam’s original sin. Only ignorant people believe that GOD, Jesus and HIS holy spirit are all the same thing.

      • Martin Danzer

        Jose, the original sin you speak of from Adam would that be having Lilith cast from paradise (Edited out by the christian church in the 4th century), Him murdering the unnamed second woman God created because she displeased him(also edited out in the 4th century), or would that be Eve eating the forbidden fruit which the Christian bible recognizes as original sin? As for the holy trinity, that is a varying belief based in individual beliefs and church doctrines.

      • Virgil Lowers

        Lilith is also non-biblical. Not “edited out” in the 4th century, but utterly rejected as an untruthful corruption of the Word. God promised to preserve his Word, and the rejection of such fictions as the Lilith character is due to divine guidance in the protection of His scriptures.

      • Jeremy R Howdyshell

        Lilith isn’t even in the Hebrew Bible so she wasn’t edited out; she was a later added in tradition among the Jews to explain the origin or the Nephilim and you or some other person just created the second wife because that never was a belief of Jews or Christians.

      • Virgil Lowers

        The idea that Jesus Christ was Michael the Archangel is not biblical, therefore it is from human imagination. Jesus and God are the same person in a way. Michael the Archangel is a different person, the equal of Lucifer.
        Here is my thinking (also non-biblical, therefore not necessarily correct).
        Think of the universe as a giant matrix-like program, and God is the Master Programmer. We are all subroutines running within the Universal Program, as is every other living creature. The Master Program contains the code for all physical laws including time, space, matter, and energy.
        God is outside the Universe, not part of it. God created the angels, which are within the program, and gave them power to do his work. He created man to serve and worship Him, and to subdue and tend to the earth. Lucifer became proud and ambitious, thinking he should be worshipped in place of God, and being jealous of humanity, sought to subjugate humanity to himself, destroying our relationship with God by corrupting Adam and Eve.
        God sent His son Jesus Christ into the world, as an avatar of Himself, to provide us with a pathway to salvation, and reconciliation with God. So Jesus is God in a human body, inside the creation-matrix.

      • LittleHunches

        The Holy Trinity consists of God, His son and the Holy Spirit

      • Jeremy R Howdyshell

        How did you just mix Gnosticism, Arianism, Modalism and Deism all in one paragraph? How is it that you try to reprove heresy with heresy?

      • Jeremy R Howdyshell

        Woah, woah, woah Jose. Let’s not going spreading heresy. I have no idea where you get that idea, but the Bible makes it clear that Christ always was. He never was any different because he always was God. The concept of the trinity is that Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all the one God in three persons. What you described is some weird blend of Monarchianism, Modalism, Arianism, Subordinationism and Tri-theism all at the same time. You sir have created your own new type of heresy out of at least five known types of heresy. Just what faith tradition are you anyway?

      • Catherine

        God gave us free will so that we could choose to love him. Love means nothing if you’re forced to love someone. Free will to live how we please.. Because he wants us to choose to live for him. Jesus is GOD who came to earth and became a man. Lived with our temptations, our struggles, our hurts, just like us. He look our sins to the grave, rose up, and proved they can be forgiven.
        On the account of the baby, those idiots decided to do that to the baby. Not God. God didn’t “allow it.” It’s life. We live in a sinful world. It was our choice to make it so.
        Judge not lest you be judged. If you’re open to someone judging you, go ahead and judge! 🙂 The bible also says “you will know them by their fruits.” You have to “judge” them in order to know that.
        Thank goodness I’m not a religious person. I simply believe 100% our the powerful, amazing, loving God. You bible thumping, church worshipping (you worship the church, not God) so called Christians are what make showing God’s love so hard.
        Praying for this sweet little baby. So thankful those kids were smart enough to call someone right away.

      • Jeremy R Howdyshell

        Christ was fully God and fully man. He suffered all things common to man and did actually die, but was brought forth in life after three days by the power of the Holy Spirit over death. The only people who believe that God makes us suffer are Calvinists and they are few and far between. Arminians believe that God created man with free will and it is out of our free will that we choose these things. God neither sent those teenagers to rescue that baby nor caused the parents irresponsibility. I’m going to school to be a pastor and it bothers me so much when people say that everything happens for a reason and that God causes everything to happen because that concept is a bold-faced lie. Scripture makes it clear that although God doesn’t cause all of the events, but he will work them all out for the good of those who trust him. God was never vengeful or hateful. The difference is that the people of the Old Testament were under the Abrahamic and Deuteronomic covenants, but we as Christians are under the New Covenant of grace signed by the blood of God’s son. Also, please at least have a basic understanding of the trinity when you try to refute it. God is three separate persons, but yet one being. Jesus is the son of God, but in being that he too is God.

      • Christine Dodd

        You will face your harsh punishment for the ignorance of your stupidity once Jesus returns. It is folks like you who will face the wrath of death and destruction and will no longer be on this earth. Psalms 37:9-11 Read it.

      • Jackie Tomlinson

        First of all God and Jesus are two separated Beings but they are one in purpose and love. The King James Version is the most accurate translation. The others have been rewritten to suit mans purpose because they didn’t agree to live the way we have been instructed. Many millions have been allowed to die and suffer all over the world at the hands of the wicked for ages. It’s highly unlikely the has allowed this to happen just for shits and giggles. God is love!! And there is purpose is what he does and doesn’t ALLOW to happen. Everyone is entitled to their OPINIONS in this situation but we do not have the right to judge. Its not our job or place (excluding courts) to judge others. That’s His job. And I can guarantee these parents will pay in this life and the next for their actions. We have been blessed with ‘free agency” – the ability to choose right from wrong. We are each held accountable for our own works and actions and not that of others, and he is not responsible for the things we CHOOSE to do. However we are warned of the eternal effects of our actions and choices we make here on earth.There is a special place for those who oppose him and reject the gospel as it was meant to be, and there is an extra special place waiting for those who abide by his laws and faith in him. Those little ones who have passed on before the age of accountability have a special place in Heaven and are taken back to live with Christ. God had a hand in keeping this little one alive although we cant understand the suffering, He was found, nursed back to health and I’m sure in a more loving and secure environment. These are blessings of the righteous. I normally don’t get involved with discussions like this because of the ignorance of the uneducated,but by most of the comments I’ve read on this matter some of them are in for just as big of a surprise as those who have committed this horrible act.

      • Skyler Hamilton

        Yes, use this story to push your atheist agenda down everyone’s throats. As for the parents, they deserve life in prison and eternity in hell.

      • Sarah Wilson

        Holy crap.
        You are sitting there complaining about Atheist “agenda” yet you are the one shoving “god” down everyone else throats in your other posts. If “god” created humans then he created them with the ability to be cruel, and uncaring. That also means all the good quality’s of humans he created as well. You can’t say “god” is only responsible for the good things that happen since he is supposed to love us all therefor why let us kill people? Unless there was a “god” at one point and he has stopped caring about the human race.
        This baby was saved by good humans (NOT GOD) and was put in harms way by bad humans (NOT THE DEVIL). But thats my opinion.

        Religion is like a penis.
        Its okay to have one, and to tell people about it.
        But don’t shove it down peoples throats.

      • Martin Danzer

        Skyler, How is their Atheistic approach any different than your Hellfire and brimstone Old Testament approach? Yes the parents deserve to rot in prison but judging the fate of their eternal souls is not in your hands or the hands of any person. they will be judged in the end times.

      • Jessica Rachel Davis

        This argument is kind of ridiculous. If someone wants to say God provides food for all babies, who cares? This isn’t an argument about the nature of God or whether God’s motives check out in your book. The person you responded to pretty much echoed the same sentiments you did. There is no need to start a stupid atheist/religious war. No one is trying to slight you.

        “Where was your god when that baby was starving in that trailer?” Seriously? What did this response have anything to do with what the person above you said? But I agree that breast milk from a high and drunk mother isn’t what that baby needed. I don’t think the other person would disagree with that either, though. This whole comment just reeks of self-righteousness. Instead of acknowledging that someone who might have different ideological views than you might actually share your opinions about this poor baby and the horrendous way he was treated, you decided to turn it into a religious statement.

      • Kristina K. Bacon

        “Her God” gave free will to these people to chose their own path and desitny – just like He gave us all. her God didnt create a beautiful helpless child to be starved – He gave them a gift and they abused it.

      • Veni Vidi Vici

        It takes a DIC to get on WIC….Why would anyone brag about being on WIC, Unless your scumbag BF refuses to help you, milking the tax payers is nothing to be proud of…
        Anyone who has an IQ is under 90 and of poor genetic health should be paid welfare benefits not to reproduce, now that would be money well spent.

      • mirameame

        WIC is a supplemental food program that started in the 70’s to educated parents on proper nutrition. So that they could prevent babies and young children from starving. WIC also supports breastfeeding and promote breastfeeding as the optimal way to feed your baby.

      • Veni Vidi Vici

        Anyone who needs the nanny state to instruct them on proper child care should not have children in the first place. While I understand there are situations where programs like WIC are needed but these programs should not reinforce bad behavior. Also Why does every Social Program have to enlarge and empower an already bloated and intrusive government. When you give it’s charity, when it’s taken from you, It’s theft.

      • jose

        Actually Terra Magnum, that is pretty ignorant thinking on your part. My family got on wic when my wife LOST her job and I was the only one WORKING at the time as we have 3 children. My IQ is 149 and I am SURE I probably make more than you at this point in life, so you see, some people do NEED to get help from time to time. Stop being so ignorant.

      • Veni Vidi Vici

        Like most people you see only the insult and not the rest of the statement “Unless scumbag BF refuses to help you.” This alone for me places doubt in your claim of 149 IQ. (Most Internet IQ tests do not count.).
        An IQ of 149 would place you at 99.946% or higher then 1838 of the population on the Wechsler scale.
        With this level of intelligence you would the best in your field and a high probability that you would not be on WIC unless you are severely deficient in another area.
        With a 149 IQ you can make a living donating sperm for example.
        Ignoring the value of positive eugenics is ignorant thinking on your part and again has me questioning your claims…

      • Tracy Darlin Sangster

        RED HUNT I Totally agree! I feel that they were much more than just cruel and neglect. It’s 2 selfish, lowlife pieces of elephant dung!! They need to b exhiiled to a 3rd world county so they could starve to death !!

      • Robert Zraick

        It is also a sign of the philosophical depravity which is eating up our country. We need to be shocked by this. But we also need to promote a philosophical awakening in our country and in the world, otherwise we will continue to descend into a new dark age.

      • Janet Locke

        I was still nursing my babies between 7 and 9 months. They were also getting baby food by then, but they would have survived even if I hadn’t been giving the baby food. That b!tch wasn’t even nursing him.

      • Theresa Roberts Wilks

        The thing is, if they didn’t want the baby (and obviously they did not) all they had to do was drop him off at an emergency room or police station. Wouldn’t have to give their names. No questions would be asked. It’s the law.

      • Kath

        Yeah, I dont get why so many of these cases occur when they can simply do that. If you made a mistake and know that you can not care for your baby, why not do the decent thing and give it up. No jail time. Then they would be free to live their life anyway they pleased. Instead, they are going to jail for 60 years now. Stupid…really, religion aside, these people are just plain stupid. The only consolation is that the baby is too young to remember his ordeal and will have a much better life now.

      • Red Hunt

        Also, it doesn’t cost any money to clean your child, and they didn’t do that either.

      • kathy

        who told you they get good mecical. that not right. and the food if that what you want to call it. i know they are in prison, but they aren’t dogs. some deserve to be in for life. someone who has sexually abuse a child gets less time than one who has killed, or one drug. thats wrong, if you are on drug you need help not prison. things need to change.could talk about this all day. but most don’t want to hear what i have to say. the gaurd at the prison are as bad as some of the prisoner. no one talks about that.

      • CaseyEvans1987

        Kathy: then why don’t YOU take these two into your home for the next 60 years? You can give them the best food, pay for top notch insurance for them and while you’re at it you can have them watch your grand babies too!

      • Joshua

        you know the best part of this, these people are given medical treatment, free meals, and the ability to make friends while also smoking pot and drinking in prison – i do think an eye for an eye might be a thing here, and publicize it on national television – these people are not going to be corrected, they will be 81 years old when they are out of prison; they’ll be used to the life and it will be as though nothing changed – the only way they would have to suffer with their actions and think about them, is if their child had perished. Kids need to learn that Facebook and fun are NOT the ruling factors in the universe. Once you have a child, you have a child – By the way, i’m confused as to why their was not some parental intervention in this case – if these kids are that dumb, you would like to think that at least one of four parents (assuming their all alive) – would have wanted to see their grandchild, and taken it into their arms – something just doesn’t set well with me here – then again, no cases of neglect like this in any circumstances, baby or not, are okay with me.**

      • sarcasm

        So many attempts to make believe their opinions matter. Cries for attention? Middle or less Americans spoon fed media, with out a doubt in their mind about the ones feeding them? Rallying with a sick mob mentality over something that happens much too often, yet isn’t news worthy half the time? It’s sick, and worse things happen all the time. Does that mean you should perpetuate the moronic display with apelike intensity demanding death and punishment like you are so great? Statistically, most of the people on this site are terrible parents. Young or old. Look around you, are you really another example of what is great and good in this world? I suppose forcing your ideals on everyone else makes you feel like you must be. Just, like most authoritarian leaders.
        MY OPINION MATTERS OR WAIT IM GONNA BE DEAD SOON LEAVING LITTLE TO NO MARK ON THE PLANET. EXCEPT MAYBE SOME SMALL PERCENTAGE OF PLASTIC. OUR ENTIRE RACE, SO CONCEDED IS NOTHING MORE THAN A TINY BLIP IN THE EONS EARTH HAS EXISTED. AND SO LONG AS WE ARE ALL FOCUSING ON THE GARBAGE OF OUR PLANET OR THE PEOPLE HOLDING US BACK, WE WILL NEVER LAST LONG AS A SPECIES. So we live in our tiny moments of life, concerning ourselves with trivial nonsense as if it protects us from the truth of death. Your god,morals and outrages set to earth, buried they lie never to float on the internet blog forums again.

      • ManlyMiketheCOWARD byLOOKS

        man…give me what ever drugs you are on.Na you are probaly just from Westboro Baptist.

      • Sigfried Hoodinni

        If she is related to them she probably will let them babysit. I have met many idiots that let family members who should not be anywhere near kids (People with a history of child abuse, neglect, or pedophilia ect.) babysit or allowed to live with or be near their kids or grandkids. When I would say something which I always do, they would judge me for judging. You shouldn’t judge would be repeated like a mantra. Over and over.

      • Ed Shenk

        What an absurd observation. At some point, people have to be held accountable for their own actions, as was the case for these “ADULTS” who nearly killed their own. Crimes against babies, are the worst of the lot, as the child cannot defend themselves against harm perpetuated by adults, and in THIS case the “adults” where the child’s own parents. The fact that you seem more concerned for the perpetrators than a defenseless child, in my book, makes you as bad as the adults where when they neglected their child. UNBELIEVABLE.

        To add one further point, I am not with these “nuts” who are the “Kill, revenge, torture, bloodthirsty types” who always appear with their hostile remarks. Unless ofcourse it is MY child, and then it’s “Kill those bastards”!!!

      • Dean Visser

        THANK YOU ED!…pretty much took the words right out of my mouth…couldn’t believe what was coming out of HER mouth, get a grip…refreshing to know there are still some people who look at things for what they are…and not try to find an excuse for abhorrent human behaviour…I am recently a grandfather so my heart bleeds for this little one and sincerely hope the rest of his life void of these animals is filled with nothing but love and snuggles, as ALL precious babies should have…it pains me to know there are people out there with so little respect for human life that they would simply let this new beautiful soul die…and I as well agree with your final paragraph…

      • ManlyMiketheCOWARD byLOOKS

        really? if someone seems more concerned that the people who did this are prevented from doing it again it makes them as bad as someone that trys to kill a baby? You are on the opposite end of the extremism.Syop trying to be so noble.

      • kaththee

        Well Ed Shenk, You are jumping to conclusions. That is not to say you aren’t right. People jump to right conclusions now and then too. I wondered if Kathy was a family member of the “parents” and defending their actions, (in that case it would be interesting what she had to say) or if she just knows someone suffering ill treatment in prison. Her writing skills aren’t the best (not to judge) so it is easy to assume the worst about her but maybe she isn’t defending what they did, but instead maybe she is thinking of someone else who is in prison for possession or some other simple drug offense. If so I agree with her. People who are guilty of nothing more than drug addiction need help not prison. The war on drugs isn’t working. Still that is changing the subject. I could be wrong on that one but I know one thing for sure, to verbally defend dispicable actions by saying “the drugs made him do it” or “the devil made him do it” isn’t as bad as doing something despicable. We have to be careful with the hyperbole here. All we are doing is talking.

      • Angi Ardoin Henson

        So the BABY, defenseless and dependent, is not an important factor? Oh, and they smoke weed and drink. It’s not like they do heroin or crack. They found it easy to walk into a liquor store and buy alcohol. Why not buy a can of formula? She got her damn oil changed in her car, where was the baby?? I agree that people who sexually abuse a child should get a much, much longer, stricter sentence, but this is definately in the same category: it’s abuse of a child.

      • kaththee

        She didn’t even need to buy formula. Not only could she have nursed the infant for free (and should have), WIC provides FREE formula for nursing infants. They track mothers from pregnancy to birth and ply them with formula. (I for one would rather see mother’s nurse but with all the THC in her milk I can really see the value of free formula.) Still they had NO excuse. Breast milk is free and so is formula. They just didn’t care.

      • Pattie Hall

        until u have lived like that and been abused by parents like that or been raped or molested while u r in their care u have no room to talk i have been on the recieving end of parents like that and let me tell u u have no idea what it does to a child and what that child becomes as an adult who was abusedand how dare u blame it on drugs it was a choice that they made not the drugs so u like everyone else stop blaming drugs and blame the person who abused the child

      • HURDUR

        Typical trashy internet person playing victim to someone else speaking their mind.

      • MeanieHead

        So a victim of abuse is a “trashy internet person” in your mind, but the person who nearly killed their own innocent child is a god, right? Wow. I think you need some serious counseling.

      • Michaela Daniels

        ” like everyone else stop blaming drugs and blame the person who abused the child” we ARE blaming the person that abused the child. They were too focused on THE DRUGS to give a shit!

      • Sigfried Hoodinni

        I have known many violent potheads who get very violent and stupid when high. Yes it can and dose contribute to deviant behavior and stupidity. Maybe not with everyone but let me tell you that no one in my life who has told me that weed makes them more mellow has actually been made mellow by weed.

      • Oline Wright

        how do you know that? Even without the drugs they might not have given a crap.

      • Sigfried Hoodinni

        My mother was a drug addict and my father an alcoholic. Drugs can be a factor in abuse and thievery. People are completely responsible for their own actions but I consider drug dealers contributors to this kind of behavior. Especially stuff like meth and crack. This is why I believe drug dealing should be severely punished. As far as the parents they should be severely punished. Maybe even charged with attempted murder.

      • t2shark

        Amen and GOD Bless you! You are absolutely 200% right on! In every way! Been there, sought forgiveness through God and I take full responsibility for all my actions as an adult. I am tired of our society blaming everyone and everything else when it should be a person saying, I messed up. I am taking responsibility. But instead we live in a pass the buck society where everything is everyone’s fault but our own. Thank you for sharing and thank you for telling people, you can move on past your abuse.

      • Lynn Owings

        There is no excuse whatsoever for such neglect…ever. If they did not want the baby he could have been taken to any hospital, church, fire house and left there no questions asked under the safe haven laws. General population in prison will be swift justice ( all those men & women separated from their kids !!!) for these two.

      • Ralph Chubbuck

        Guess you missed that entire story because if you had watched it you would probably have a different attitude. Honestly 60 years in prison is about the most humane thing these assholes could have been given. They deserve to be hung in town square.

        You are absolutely right about one thing. They aren’t dogs, dogs care for their young.

      • Dawn

        I agree. Dogs are higher on the totem pole then they are. I think they both need to be starved to the brink of death and then thrown to the wolves.

      • Christina

        That would be cruel punishment to the wolves. Starve them to the point of death. Then bring them back and repeat untill their body gives up.

      • Dawn

        I agree with you. I think even the wolves would get sick off of eating them. I like your idea better.

      • Chase Messer

        Hell I know of some dogs that would attempt to feed the child.

      • Jayme

        Absolutely. Dogs are loving animals, you cant classify these two mistakes as anything because even sht and dirt are something and these two are NOTHING 🙂

      • BobbieJo Babb Salyers

        I agree, prison is too good for the lot of them. They should all be killed in the town square for all to see, I will pull the lever. No problem at all. I am guessing the lady above is a bleeding heart. LOL.

      • Michaela Daniels

        amen. and dogs seem to have more rights when it comes to being abused or neglected than do children. and that’s wrong

      • Tamara

        No they aren’t dogs–DOGS DESERVE BETTER TREATMENT. I would take a dog that killed someone into my house before I would take either of these two pieces of shit. they were on POT pot doesn’t mean you STARVE your child–You Kathy are EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH OUR SOCIETY.

      • Tony

        Kathy, you’ve been watching too many movies about prison! There are laws in this county that protect the “rights” of prisoners and require that they receive both decent food and medical care. There are actually many medical treatments, including surgeries, which prisoners receive, at no cost to them, while people in the general public struggle to pay for the same treatment, IF they can afford to have it at all. As for food, no, prisoners do not get gourmet food, but they DO get food that meets their nutritional needs.They are in prison for a reason, they do not deserve or need to feel like they are going to a restaurant a couple times each day! As for your comment about prison guards … you are painting with a pretty wide brush stroke there! According to you ALL prison guards are alike, but anyone with a brain knows that is not true! There are a few bad apples in the system just like there are in literally EVERY profession! The truth, though, is most guards are decent people who are simply doing a job!

      • melissa

        you are absolutely correct, but 1 point Kathy made was right… people do more time for selling drugs than killing or raping or abusing children, and the fact is sad.. there does need to be some reform!, but as far as the baby goes… they are worse than pieces of shit. There are so many people out there that want kids, but can’t have them, nor can they afford the stupid adoption process…which is also sad, but they DID have options… Give the baby to someone who wants it!

      • Jennifer Lynn Ward

        My question is where were the other family members? Why didn’t the grandparents step in? Someone surely had to know about this baby. She was pregnant for nine months. Did she tell everyone that she lost the baby? Why didn’t someone ask about the baby. That didn’t just happen over night. So sad. You are right about so many desperate people out there wanting children and can’t have any and pieces of crap have a baby and do something like this. Makes me sick.

      • Dan Conrad

        me and my g/f are preg. we told my family but she didnt want hers to know beacause they are abusive and just out right mean it is our second child. she is due december and wee see her parents almost weekly and they still dont know or just have not said anything. sorry some people are so oblivous to the world u can run naked beside them and they never see you. that or they had no contact with familly they are pot smoking drunks with a child doubt anyone but friends knew about the kid.

      • Lisa Molnar

        Marriage doesn’t automatically make you a great parent, in fact, the 2 in the article are married, and they are terrible parents.

      • Forbidden Fruit

        ^ Most retarded comment of the day right here. Way to miss the point.



      • Glenn Griffith

        Do you think scum like this were raised by people that care? Normal people raise their children to be responsible. Very likely that the grandparents arent much better.

      • Michaela Daniels

        probably used the baby to get welfare – like subsidized housing, free WIC coupons (that they probably sold for 50 cents on the dollar for POT money), Food stamps that they used to buy steak, lobster, etc, and then sold that for 75 cents on the dolalr (or the left over benefit) for POT money

      • Queena Knox

        Just where do you think these losers “learned” to care for kids? Obviously no one else cares either!

      • Suzanne Chandler

        Tony, as a mother of 3 children, 19, 4 and 2, I feel the need to comment here about your post. My oldest did not have the best childhood. I had him at a very young age and I had to grow up quick, to say the least. I worked full time, went to college full time and raised him with only the help of my parents, not his father. His father was and still is an alcoholic and has never lifted a finger to help his son or to try and act like anything other than a sperm donor. I did the best I could to try and give him everything he needed and a lot of what he wanted but it was very tough. Since I was not around as much as a mother in a two parent household would have been, he began hanging out with a boy who was a few years older. I am not going to pretend that I made the best decisions as far as who he hung around with because I was trying to support him and better myself ultimately to better his life. When he was about 13 I met a wonderful man who I am married to now. My husband is a Senior Chief in the Navy which means we have had to move several times in the past 5 years. I now have a 4 and 2 year old as well. Our last move 2 years ago, my oldest decided not to move back to CA with us and to stay with my parents so that he could continue working where he was and enroll in the community college there. Since he was approaching 18, I decided to let him. My husband and I continued his health insurance, sent monthly payment to help my parents with whatever they needed to support him as well as sending my son money. As I previously mentioned, my son’s “best friend”, his words not mine, was not a good role model by any means. My son began to experiment with various drugs and he drank alcohol on a regular basis. My parents and I tried numerous times to get him into rehab or to get him any type of help for his addictions without success. To make a long story short (it is already longer than I anticipated) he got into some trouble and is currently service 1 year in county jail for burglary and a VOP (he got caught with a joint). The reason I am replying is to tell you that your perception of the prison system is incorrect. Each inmate is set up with a commissary account that they use to purchase toiletries, snacks and what have you. The account is funded by loved ones. The jail charges $2 per day for food, they charge $10 if they need to see the doctor and I believe its $20 if it is an emergency or an urgent issue. These charges along with the initial $20 fee at the beginning of each sentence, is deducted from their commissary account. Each time I put money in the account for him I am charged a $7 convenience fee and if there is a negative balance, of course, that is settled 1st. Last night I spent $27 and my son will only be able to use $9 of that. As far as the food, my son is complaining that his teeth and gums are sore because he doesn’t have anything to chew, it is all processed meat products and he is not given enough to fill up even a small child. I have been sending him care packages that I must purchase through the vendor that they use just so he will have enough food. As you can imagine, these packages are also over priced. On top of the outrageous cost, I am charged another “convenience” fee of $7. I also have to pay for him to be able to call me. When I put $25 on his phone account that he can only call 1 number for me, he only uses $18 of that for calls. Each call is almost $3 for 15 mins. If he wants to call his grandparents they have to do the same thing. Granted, I know he broke the law and he has to pay the consequences but the general public’s understanding of the prison system in this country is severely misconstrued. It is not “free healthcare”, it is not “free food” and as for the guards, your comment stated that the majority are good and there are only a few “bad apples” but in reality, it is the other way around. There are a few good ones and the majority are “bad apples”. Please don’t get me wrong though, the couple mentioned in this article do NOT deserve this good of treatment and are actually getting off pretty easy in my book but not ALL inmates are there because of some horrific crime. My son was convicted of burglary but he did not actually commit the crime. He drove the car and the other person was just asking for a ride but he was found guilty by association. He was wrong and he is paying for it but it is in no way, “summer camp”. Just my 2 cents.

      • Suzanne Chandler

        Sorry, almost done. As for the laws that “protect prisoner’s rights”, they are in place to make the general public feel as though prisoners are treated humanely but that is the only intent. One last comment and then I am done, well maybe. Their nutritional needs are not met by the food, if you can call it that, that they are served. My son is severely deficient in several nutritional areas and malnourished. I can already foresee the replies to my post about how he broke the law and how prisoners get what they deserve or how this is better than what they deserve and I agree to some degree. Not all inmates are there for violent and heinous crimes. Some are simply there for poor judgement and being at the wrong place at the wrong time. My only intent for replying to your comment was to let you and anyone else who may read this know that until you know someone who has been in prison or jail or who still is, then you do not know exactly how it is and how the system actually works.

      • Dan Conrad

        idc if all he did was step on grass and got put in jail for it he broke a law idc what law it was if he got jail time well then he shouldnt of broke the law. its how i feel and yes i have been in jail before and it was over traffic violations and i will feel this way.

      • Suzanne Chandler

        I never once said he shouldn’t be in there. Please read my post again. I said that not all inmates are in there for violent or heinous crimes. Some are simply there for poor judgement or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. So how long were you in jail for your “traffic violations”? Since you obviously had a problem with my post, let me ask you this. Do you think that people who have served time in jail for “traffic violations” or other non-violent crimes should be placed into the same category as child rapist or child molesters or serial killers? That was my main point. Well that and the fact that what happens behind those walls is NOT common knowledge as what most people believe.

      • jdevo

        “Dan” can’t even spell or use correct capitalization. Consider his educational level when deciding how seriously to take his comments.

      • kaththee

        There is a difference between prison and jail. I don’t even know my opinion on this subject but I have to point that out.

      • Forbidden Fruit

        “Jail time” should not automatically imply forced sexual relations, malnutrition or other forms of torture that go on inside American prisons. It’s about separating dangerous people from society and removing their ability to re-offend, not satisfying society’s desire for vengeance. Contrary to popular belief, prison does not exist to punish or rehabilitate people. It’s there to protect you and me from violent people – nothing more.

        Just because America–“land of the free”–has adopted mass incarceration of non-violent offenders as the norm does not mean it’s the moral or logical thing to do. Monsters like the Alstons should not be serving their sentence next to a non-violent crack dealer or prostitute who has hurt no one.

      • Sam

        If the food is so nutitionally unacceptable, how so many inmates put on so much muscle? Just curious what your explaination is.

      • grace

        its what they feed them not that it is good but full of carbs and fillers! then they work out at rec time! county jail is cake walk compared to state prisons there are roaches running up the walls in some of our prisons while inmates eat and my sis in law cooks at a prison in va and she will tell you how gross it is the food and conditions! and you are way off about medical they don’t have crap for medical!

      • jdevo

        Actually, in the state I live in, the county jail is FAR worse than the state prison. Far.

      • Suzanne Chandler

        Ummm, well Sam, I don’t fully understand what your asking here. I don’t know what nutitionally means and google didn’t either but if you meant nutritionally unacceptable then I can give you my thoughts on this since you seem so anxious to hear my thoughts. Had you read my COMPLETE post then you would have read the portion where I talked about loved ones who wished to send some pre-packaged foods were required to do so through the approved vendor which charged ridiculous “convenience fees”. That would be one way that inmates could receive the additional nutrition that their bodies require. As for how “so many inmates put on so much muscle”, I would assume it would be because they…….workout? Isn’t that how most everyone “puts on so much muscle”? I don’t fully understand what you’re implying. My son is the only reference I have as far as jail life and he gets the extra nutrients that he is lacking through the care packages that I send and he does daily sit-ups, push-ups, etc. but these are all exercises he does on his own and not in the gym setting that others have referred to. I do have one question for you Sam. In your comment Sam, you said “how so many inmates”, how many inmates

      • Suzanne Chandler

        (Sorry) do you know that have bulked up and put on so much muscle while doing their time? I am just curious because you said that “so many” have and I am just curious as to where you are getting your information.

      • jdevo

        Good one with the spelling errors! Like I said, don’t listen to anyone who can’t spell or use punctuation. They might have been asleep in English.

      • Brittany

        *major eyeroll* The same way that some of us can eat garbage and stay thin, while others suffer in obesity or their teeth rot away. A lot has to do with genetics, and as she has obviously tried to explain, they DO get food, and it’s enough to subsist on, but it’s not healthy. I know a bunch of guys who eat like shit, work out at the gym, and you’d never guess what they were eating. Have you taken into consideration the fact that prisoners are often allowed to work out? Have you thought about the difference that age, genetics or amount of time spent in prison make in a case like this? Come on. Leave the poor woman alone. She admitted that this is where her son deserves to be. Her point can’t possibly be lost on those of us with reading comp.

      • Travis

        Suzanne where is he locked up central Africa? Fact of the matter they are given 3 meals a day equaling approx 2000 calories. Enough for the body to function on. Also if you put money on their books they can buy snacks a couple times per week. So yeah if his body is use to consuming 4000 cals on the outside he’s gonna look malnourished if you cut that in half. Or he could possibly selling his food for drugs or protection from other inmates. I have a few friends inside correctional facilities on both sides of the bar. It is suppose to be punishment, not vacation…

      • Suzanne Chandler

        Travis, the fact of the matter is this, the USDA guidelines state that an active male, age 19-30, requires 2400-3000 calories per day to MAINTAIN a HEALTHY weight. My son falls into this category because he is very active but even sedentary male of the same age group requires between 2400-2600 calories per day just to maintain their weight. So by your own admission, my son is NOT receiving enough calories through the 3 meals per day that I am paying for (inmates are charged $2 per day for meals provided through the facility’s kitchen). FYI, my son is almost 6’3″ and weighed 160 lbs prior to his incarceration so he is by no means obese. He is quite the contrary and by some height/weight ratio tables, underweight by approximately 16 lbs. If you will go back and read my post in its entirety, you will see that I explained the dilemma in regards to funding the inmates commissary account. The facility deducts all of their “fees” prior to the intended recipient having access to their funds in which they use to purchase toiletries and snacks. I understand this is punishment, as does my son, but there is a misconception by the general public that inmates are given nutritious meals with enough calories to sustain a healthy body weight. Your own comment verified the number of calories each inmate is given through the 3 meals a day which is below what a 19 year old boy should consume each day regardless of activity level. Thank you for sharing that figure with all of us. Oh, BTW, he is in the Santa Rosa County Jail in Florida.

      • Travis

        Sorry, thought I had typed 2500 in my original reply, guess I didn’t . Regardless he is your son you’re gonna love and defend him… But the prison systems are over crowded and under funded so the ability of them to try and arrange individual meal plans for ppl with higher metabolisms is about impossible. Still falls back on, keep you rear out of prison, if you don’t like how things are there. And stay away from people that are going to get you in a guilt by association issue that gets you locked up. I was the type who had hoodlum friends, they wanted to deal drugs and such, so I turned my back on them and went to college.

      • Brittany

        I agree with you Travis, and if you read her posts thoroughly, you’ll see Suzanne does as well. She’s obviously a deeply caring mother, and we can’t fault her for that, but she admits that it’s best he’s in prison, because he deserves to be there. She was merely remarking about the public’s lack of knowledge concerning prison, which, from what I’ve heard directly, seems sound.

      • Brittany

        Suzanne: I don’t know why everyone is using you as a scapegoat in a news piece that clearly has nothing to do with you. I don’t know why they think they can PRESUME to know more about your son’s case or his condition than you do. Whether he really is sick, or whether he’s lying to you about the conditions in prison–these things are not up to them to judge about and at the end of the day, they’d have no clue anyhow. You sound very, very informed in all of this (as you should be. he’s your son and you’ve obviously done all you can to research about his position, legally), and you’ve made it clear SEVERAL TIMES that you aren’t excusing what he’s done and that he deserves to be where he is. You can’t help it that none of them have taken the time to read your posts thoroughly. As I said above, I wish you all the peace in the world. This is just as hard for you to deal with as it would be for the victim of a crime. Clearly, you feel a sense of moral responsibility, and I don’t understand why these trolls are berating you over it. You don’t owe them any explanation, and clearly, they aren’t ready to hear it even when you offer. You’re just fine, lady. It seems to me that you need someone to tell you you’ve done your best and that you can’t continue to beat yourself up for your son’s choices. Keep on keepin’ on. Remember that the internet is a safe place for other people to take out their hatred, their stresses, and their angst on an easy target. They bait you with targeted questions about something they know NOTHING about. The best thing to do here would probably be to not respond to it. You won’t win either way when the playing field is obviously not level, if ya know what I mean. 😉

      • Suzanne Chandler

        Brittany, thank you so much for your kind words. Honestly, these remarks from complete strangers are nothing more than entertainment for me. I do not have to justify myself nor explain my actions to anyone other than God. I just keep replying to see what kind of nonsense they spout next. My husband is deployed and my youngest 2 are in bed and I can’t sleep and need a good laugh. It always amazes me what people will say on the Internet that they wouldn’t dare say to your face. I also like proving their theories wrong or pointing out how they can’t form a rational thought and then watching to see what BS they come up with to defend or justify their last post. It is really comical. I especially like when they try to use big words (which is usually anything over 4 letters) in ways that make NO sense whatsoever. Or how they start throwing out facts and figures and then blame their errors on typos or whatever! It is nice to know that I am not alone in thinking that the world has gone crazy when people would rather argue and berate someone for their obvious flaws, that they pointed out themselves, than to focus on the issue at hand which is a severely neglected and abuse baby. Instead of feeling compassion for the victim here, they would rather argue with a grown woman whom they don’t know about issues that have zero relevance to the case presented in the above article. Let me pose this question to all of those who decided to take the focus off of this poor child and try to put down someone who could not care less what any of you think about me or my family, Does it make you feel better about your pathetic existence in this world to attempt to bash someone else for their family dynamics that in no way is even any of your business? If so, please respond below. I am anxiously awaiting your comments. Come on now, you know you want to let everyone know exactly how miserable you are in your own life that you have to pick apart someone else for your own twisted sense of superiority! Brittany, I am going to bed now because I have to get up in the morning to get my youngest son and daughter to preschool. Thank you once more for letting me know that there are people out there that can see the ridiculousness of others in the same way I do. I will include all of those who decided to turn the focus off of this poor baby and on to someone that they don’t know just to make themselves feel better, in my prayers tonight. Honestly, I hope that God blesses each of you and can help you become a little more satisfied with your own lives. Good night all!

      • kaththee

        What Brittany said. Get off this argument with these trolls. I don’t even know anything about prison conditions but I know when someone is being mistreated and used as a punching bag. Your son needs food and you want to feed him. Wow, they can’t see why that is important to you. They don’t see what a mother should care about her son getting enough food. Now that he isn’t an infant I guess you aren’t supposed to care.

      • jdevo

        Good God…leave this poor woman alone! What is it with you people? And if you’re going to post actual DATA (like the caloric amount served) post footnotes, or I don’t buy it.

      • Queena Knox

        Exactly! Not to mention if all you are doing is sitting on your butt you don’t NEED that many calories! I guarantee you they are getting better “nutrition” than what is fed to kids at school! THAT I have seen!

      • Michaela Daniels

        gee… i need to find another kleenex for my tears…. wrong place, wrong time my ass. “Birds of a feather”…

      • Brittany

        Are you guys all lawyers now?!?! Honestly, what did this woman or her son do to you? How can you be so critical when you know so little of his case?!? NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED, THIS MOTHER ADMITS HER SON SHOULD BE RIGHT WHERE HE IS. WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE HER BEYOND WHAT INFORMATION SHE *OFFERED* YOU?!? Geez. Reading comp, people. Reading comp.

      • jdevo

        How’s air, up there, on your high horse? Another perfect person…I didn’t realize the world was so full of them.

      • Brittany

        A good friend of mine served several years in prison for a crime I won’t mention. I know little of her story, since I met her after she’d been released, but she DOES tell me that the food in prison is horrific. She said it was better in the county jail where she first served time, but that in prison it wasn’t healthy. It wasn’t rotten, but it wasn’t nutritionally sound and it was pretty scarce. She said that every once in a while, the inmates would get a banana for lunch and they treated it like Christmas, but even after a while, she couldn’t eat them because by the time they got them, they’d be so brown they were almost inedible. Still, most of the inmates were glad to have them. She said they subsisted mostly on cheetos and tater tots, and that she’ll never touch those things again so long as she’s free. The guards would routinely subject them to sexual harassment and abuse, and that they’d force them to go days and days with no running water and no electricity for their cells. They’d sit in the dark. This woman has no reason to lie to me, and seems altogether reformed. She wouldn’t harm a flee at this point, and I believe what she tells me about her prison experience. I agree with people who say that prison shouldn’t be a four-star hotel with all amenities included. It should be tough, but it should be humane, and from what I’ve heard, it’s generally not.

      • kaththee

        The irony that you are a mother who wants to feed her son and yet no one cares is so rich. I don’t know what your son did but I am sorry it obviously puts you in so much pain. People who can’t understand your pain and the FACT that you are just a good mother who does want to see her son eat, are just inviting pain into their lives. When you judge, you dare to be judged. I dare not. I really feel like people with drug addiction issues (rather than starving baby issues) could get help and not prison. God bless you. You are a real Mom. People don’t even know what is good when they see it.

      • Dan Conrad

        that was a county jail all jail systems are different i know alabama state prisons u pay nothing it is funded by tax doillars and the money the prisons raise by putting inmates to work the same for pa state system. county systems are different having had family serve in alabama i know this no one sent him money but everything was pauid for because of laws in alabama. and in pa my g/f is about to work at the all womens prison and my uncle worked at a state and county joint near pitt. and he will tell you they had it made and alot of inmates i know to go in the state system will say the same thing which is where these guys will be headed. not to a shit hole county place sorry i dont know where u are from but every state is different and county is alot different then state which these two morons will be in state not county.

      • Brittney Burrow

        Wow, I don’t know what kind of prisons your family works at, but my brother in law is a corporal at a max prison and he will tell you that they absolutely do not “have it made” as you put it.

      • Michal CherryFairy Carter

        sorry hunnie but that’s County Jail NOT Prison

      • Stephanie Lynn Lease

        Inmates also trade all of these items to include phone time with other inmates for contraband or to pay off a debt owed to them. I’m just going to say this ‘No one said being in prison is like living in a high class hotel… that it isn’t. The food isn’t gourmet but it is still better than a lot of people are able to give to their children. Maybe the prison your son is in is all processed meats.. though I highly doubt it. In the prison where I worked they had fresh brad, fruits, veggies, chicken, beef, and pork. Plus they could get special Kosher meals if they decided they were religious that month. I saw prisoners leave with better looking teeth then when they went in. I saw the letters they wrote home to mom and loved ones claiming how horrible it is ” I spend 23 hours in my cell…” in reality they spend more time out for rec and programs than in their cell. “the food sucks and I’m starving to death” When really they eat so much commissary they actually gained weight since coming in, or the traded their plate for counter-brand. I heard the phone conversations where they claim to be over worked and mistreated and this guard hates me and everyone is picking on me…. I’ve also seen the loved ones who called in demanding to talk to the warden because their son, or father or husband or Baby Daddy doesn’t deserve such inhumane treatment. Many of the inmates play card games all day, or chill out watching their free cable, or gamble in the rec room. The thing is don’t believe everything an inmate tells you…. on top of that its supposed to suck its prison… but for real half the time the inmates get treated better than the prison guards…as well as our vets… that’s what is sad

      • Brandi K

        Sure, he was guilty by association. He did not know the “friend” committed burglary and I am so sure he told you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Hell, I have to go to the OB Friday and my copay is 75 dollars, wish I could go to the doctor for 10 dollars. My primary doctor cost me 30, so sign me up for that medical plan. Plus their diets are regulated by the state and must meet dietary guidelines. Officers have to deal with a lot of verbal abuse and rude behavior from smart asses each day, but it is always the officer who is the “bad guy” because they are not kissing the inmates ass. The system is not perfect but you mainly sound like a mother who believes everything her little boy tells her. Maybe you should not had left him with your parents and took care of him yourself. Oh, I forgot, you sent money….

      • lilly

        brandi, remember it was all the “best friend’s” fault? “not my perfect son”.

      • Suzanne Chandler

        Lilly, please show me where in my comment that I said it was his “best friend’s” fault because I looked over it again and did not see those words. I DID see where is said that the “best friend” was not a good role model and that it was MY fault for not recognizing it. I also said that he should be where he is for what he did and I also think I said that he was wrong for what he did and I never said he was the perfect son nor did I say that I believed everything he told me about that night. I have seen all of the court documents and police reports as well as eye witness testimony which is why I stated what I did. Before you start to make assumptions about another person’s life and actions, maybe you should have ALL the info instead of making BS judgements.

      • Queena Knox

        “He was only driving the car!” And as for you being under attack here…you are bringing this on yourself! You’ve written a book! If they don’t have “all the info” now they never will! My son stole a road sign when he was 16. We knew before he got home and called him immediately! He had to meet us at the police station WITH the sign and the friend who “helped” him. They had to admit what they did and get up the next morning – at 5 am – and go put it back up! He was grounded from truck and cell phone for 6 months! The other kid’s parents wouldn’t even have made him help put the sign up if my husband hadn’t had a fit! They felt that it was all our son’s fault. That was my son’s last time to get in trouble with the law. Guess what happened to the other kid? First of all In a year (we were told) he had a barn full of road signs. Later he had numerous speeding tickets. Some were reckless driving. Now he’s dead. High speed chase trying to outrun the police was a bad idea. But daddy had taught him that he should run from his mistakes and blame other people. I’m sure his parents would be happy to pay $2 for 2000 calories per day for him to serve a couple years in jail.

      • Suzanne Chandler

        Where should I send your “parent of the year” certificate to? I don’t have to justify my life to you! When you walk one day in my shoes, then we will talk! Must make you feel like a great role model for your son to go on the Internet and berate someone that you don’t know and have absolutely no clue what they go through on a daily basis! I am so glad that your husband, the boy’s father, was the one that stood up and made the other boys parent see what was happening. Now maybe your hubby deserves the certificate and not you! Trust me, raising a boy with 2 parents is much easier than just 1. I have been on both sides of that fence. You are missing one important fact here, you are constantly saying “We”. “We” knew and “We” called and “We” were told. Do you think you could have done just as good if you were not a “We” and it was all “I”? Well I didn’t know that only “perfect” parents were allowed to comment here. Thanks for the info from the “Parents of the decade”. Must be hard to be so “Perfect” all the time. Do you find it difficult to get through the day here on earth with all these people who are beneath you? Where can I sign up to take your parenting classes?

      • Michaela Daniels

        i am military and the only way i wouldconsider to allow my child to remain behind on a PCS move was if he or she was within 2 years of graduating from high school, and even then – if they aren’t towing the line as far as grades, friends, etc – not going to happen.

      • Suzanne Chandler

        He was on the Dean’s list and working full time. Yes he made mistakes and I NEVER said he was a perfect son. He was only a few months away from being an adult and his mind was made up. Legally, had I tried to force him to move again at the age he was and the circumstances, had it gone to court, I would have lost. After he got into this mess, I asked his attorney if I could have done something different like forcing him to move and I was told, as previously mentioned, that I could not have legally forced him to do so.

      • Brittany

        I don’t want to be negative (since, obviously, this news story alone shows a need for better behavior from society as a whole), but I think all of you are attacking the wrong person here. This is a mother who obviously feels a lot of guilt for the fact that her son has entered the justice system. She wouldn’t have brought it up if she didn’t feel some sort of pressing guilt to society for how things have happened in her family. Let’s back off of her, shall we? She did what she thought was best, she clearly states that even her son’s attorney would have done the same thing, what more can WE say as people who have no connection to her? Let the woman be. It’s never going to be easy for her to reconcile that her son is in jail. No mother can let that go easily, even when they can admit that their child belongs there (which she HAS admitted).

      • Suzanne Chandler

        Brandi K, hit me back up in 18 years when you have had a chance to experience being a parent. The reason my son did not move with us this last time is because he had already moved numerous times in the previous 5 years and he had a job and was attending college. The challenges that a military family face on a daily basis in regards to parenting are unimaginable to those who have never served. Maybe you can send me a copy of that manual that your OB gives you once your kid pops out. Please only send me the portion that covers how to handle constant moves and uprooting your teenager who is months away from being an adult and has begun to put down some roots with a job and attending school. That was the part that was left out of mine. I can already tell that your kid is going to be president some day cause his mom already knows EVERYTHING in regards to parenting. It must be awfully tiring to be such an expert at parenting while still pregnant! As far as how much you have to pay for copays, if you are such an expert in life then why do you have such crappy insurance? Also, just an FYI here, my son already has full coverage medical insurance with $0 copay for prescriptions so by him (I) having to pay for ANY medical related circumstances is just a way for the state to earn as much money as they can.

      • Brittany

        Suzanne: I can’t even fathom how difficult it would be to watch your son go through this. No matter what he’s done or what he’ll do, as his mother, you will suffer right along with him because of that love. We often think only about the victims of the crime, and we should, but we tend to forget the effect it can have on the family of the one accused. I’m new to motherhood, and I’m already learning that no matter how I try, I’m going to keep messing up and making mistakes. We all do. It sounds as though you’ve deeply regretted and wracked yourself for a long time over decisions you tried to make in your son’s best interest. I wish you all the peace in the world. If kindness really is all that matters in life, and I believe it to be, then rest assured that your loving him is the absolute best you can give, and it’s what he needs. Too many troubled teens and adults go without the support of someone that loves them. Don’t ever condone his bad choices, but letting him know your love is unconditional is paramount. Good luck. You’re never alone!!!

      • jdevo

        She’s just a mean, judgmental person. And some random crazy person on the web. Don’t let it get to you. Sounds like you did all you could. Am I a “bleeding heart,” hell yes. Better a bleeding heart than a cold heart.

      • jdevo

        May you someday encounter a person as judgmental as yourself. I am thrilled you have never made any mistakes in your life! Wait…why is your name Brandi and not Jesus? I am confused…

      • lilly

        i’m sorry your son is facing the natural consequences of his choices. i have toured the jail my husband works in and have seen the type of people in it. most of them deserve to be there. there is a huge module of sex offenders (alive). try booking in a man charged with 11 counts of sexual assault with extensive bodily harm on a minor under the age of 14. then rebook him the next day for murder because the child died from their injuries at least once a month and tell me how you still think these people deserve to be treated like humans. in my opinion if you take away the rights of someone you have no rights any more. go ahead and make your mistakes but remember they will follow you the rest of your life. by the way my brother did time in prison for crimes he didn’t commit, he just didn’t get caught for the ones he did commit.

      • Brittany

        READ HER POSTS. She agrees with you. We all agree with you. Who is the antagonist here? Her kid is in jail, she said that’s where he should be. She was simply remarking on the public’s view of prison, and how in the dark we are. THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY.

      • Michaela Daniels

        my kids ever do anything stupid like that, and they are on their own, financially, emotionally. if they are adult enough to do drugs and go to jail, then they are adult enough to do their time as well.

      • Brittany

        Um, wow. So this is what I’ve gathered about you and your relentless attacks against a woman you don’t know:
        1. You’d emotionally cut off your own children if they did something contrary to your belief system.
        2. You’re sarcastic about another person’s plight that has nothing to do with you, rather than being humane and thoughtful, you’d rather be crass and mean-spirited.
        3. You’re not tolerant of anything you don’t understand, and you’re iron-fisted towards your own offspring in the same manner.
        Ouch. I sure hope your kids never disappoint you or make any mistakes, knowing how they’ll be treated. That’s really all I’ve got. Good luck, honey.



      • x_anima

        There are also laws and rights in this country, constitutionally protected, that are violated by lawmakers and law enforcers every day. Go have a chat with a few people who have actually been in prison, and they can tell you about the horrible medical care (if they get any), mental health help (again, IF they get any), poor nutrition and health services, and abusive practices that go on inside.

        As for “being in prison for a reason”.. For NON violent offenders, The most serious charge against 51 percent of those inmates is a drug
        offense. Only four percent are in for robbery and only one percent are
        in for homicide. 51% are in jail for non-violent offenses in the ENTIRE system. (That’s millions of people). 3200 people in five states are currently serving life without parole sentences for crimes such as shoplifting.

        Something to think about when you say “they’re there for a reason”.

      • Guest

        Thank you! That was the point all along and this poor mom got tossed on a bonfire for it. People need to take better courses on reading comprehension.

      • grace

        I have a son doing 2 years in prison for a B&E and here in our state the food is not good and the medical is not there for them you all watch to much tv the prisons are not good cozy places with great food and great medical and yes I think they should be locked away for a long long time for hurting that cute baby! but don’t act like your giving them this good life behind bars! there is no such thing! they will have to watch their backs because other inmates hate people who hurt babies and kids!

      • grace

        and so glad the baby is ok and hope there is a good loving family to adopt him!

      • Glenn Griffith

        Ooooooh that explains your stance. Youre one of the crappy parents.

      • Michaela Daniels

        lol. don’t have ’em if you can’t raise ’em, and don’t breed ’em if you can’t feed ’em

      • Brittany

        So all parents who have children serving time are “crappy parents”?!?!? REALLY? I have one child, and they’re still a toddler. So far, so good. I have no comment on how to raise an adult child, for I haven’t done it. And if I had, I still would have NO ROOM to critique the raising of other people’s children. Nor do you. Do you honestly think, sir, that all parents everywhere can control the behavior of their children? Do you think all parents can monitor a child’s behavior over the years SO CLOSELY that they would never make a wrong choice, or get involved with drugs? What a narrow view of the world. Even the most hard-nosed parents won’t catch everything their child does. It’s not the nature of the beast. Have you ever done something out of view of your own parents? Or did they monitor every decision you ever made? Would you have let them if they tried?!?!? Oh, well. By your standards, I’m guessing your parents were such great people that they installed a personal tracking device under your skin so they still know where you are and what you’re doing. They probably came with you on your honeymoon. Hell, you probably still live with them, because heaven forbid you make a choice without their consent and screw things up. Do you let them run all your bank accounts, too? Do they pack your lunches for work? This is ridiculous. There’s only so much a parent can do to persuade their child to make good choices. This kid was legal when he made his. Her choice in the matter was legally dunzo.

      • grace

        well no I am not my kids were great growing up had good life till they got older and found some friends that they followed I have a son who is a marine and owns his own company also have a son who is captain of a police force in NC and I am raising my 7yr old grand daughter who was born with many medical problems so I adopted her to give her the best medical and the most love and she goes to best private school so if you knew anything about me you would not say that I also take care of my dad 88yr with alzhiemiers and my mom 80yr who is disabled from a bad fall! so no I am not a crappy mother I am a single mom have been thanks to a father who did not care to help but I did the best I could do and because my 1 son took a road that put him in prison for 2yrs and it has changed him does not make me a crappy mom it makes you a very narrow minded person! do not bother to reply I do not care what you have to say!

      • Suzanne Chandler

        Grace, I fully understand your situation and I agree with your comment. Prison/jail is not at all as they would have everyone believe. It is indeed punishment and my son should pay for his actions but I do get defensive when people who have never experienced it or has had someone close to then experience it start to proclaim how much better inmates have it than someone who is down on their luck. It is not summer camp as well it should not be but it also is not adequate when it comes to the healthcare and food provided through the detention facility.

      • HURDUR

        8 ignorant people downvoted kathy and 80 worthless morons upvoted casey. That is seriously embarrassing to see.

      • Glenn Griffith

        Not quite as embarrassing as your post. For your information, when you start a sentence with a number the number should be spelled out. Also, names should be capitalized. Although since “kathy” isn’t smart enough to capitalize her own name maybe I shouldn’t fault you for that. Stay in school my 10 year old friend, you need it.

      • Linda L. Ashmore

        Animals treat their young better. I grew up in abused foster homes, was raped, etc… Yes the system is broken and other criminals should get more time in jail. But, this is not them. For a change a criminal got a sentence that they deserved. They would of killed the boy if given time. Hooray for the 60 years!

      • Crystal E. Vallance

        I’m sorry for your experience, but I’m grateful for your logical outlook.

        People willing to starve a baby, a dependent [infant] child, should have the same sentencing as those who raped you. A brutal, long and miserable death.

        Abusing those weaker than you is the most colossal sign of human weakness.
        Only my opinion, but hey.

      • YeahIsaidthat

        Ok we will send them to YOUR house, I’m sure they will give you grand chidren the best of care! Lady you make no sense.

      • Elizabeth Schuerr

        you are only thinking about them look what happen to the kid are you crazy in the head sex abuse, kill, drug. they need help what are you talking about. they are talking about a baby. think about it do you have kids did you do that to your kids. i think that should get what everyone has said done to them.

      • Jennifer Lynn Ward

        Why should they get fed and taken care of? After what they did to an innocent baby they don’t deserve ANY kind of care. I hope the inmates find out what they did to that poor baby and take care of them!!

      • C.Anne

        Hmm are you in the legal profession? I didn’t think so… This would be classified as ATTEMPTED MURDER

      • Roger Brock

        It wouldn’t be attempted murder but rather negligent homicide.

      • Glenn Griffith

        LOL!!! How can you ask kathy if she’s in the legal professional after seeing her grammar?

      • we are not free

        You are ridiculous. They made a choice and that choice brought them to prison. No matter what the choice was. My choice is that I don’t want my tax money being wasted on said people in prison. They should get no medical care, they should only get bread and water and only two times a day, they should be made to fix our roads, and other services that are true hard labor. Not given a free ride, which is what they are getting. Why do you think people keep getting back into prison? IT’s FREE for them!!! No mortgage, no grocery bill, no power bill, and if they get life and not the death penalty, their punishment is getting off scott free. You Kathy need to rethink your view on what a ‘prisoner’ should be allowed to have, I have a feeling by your improper English in your post that, that will not happen. I probably pay for your stuff too.

      • x_anima

        Maybe you need to re-evaluate why people are in prison, and your ideas about it.

        As for “being in prison for a reason”.. For NON violent offenders,
        The most serious charge against 51 percent of those inmates is a drug
        offense. Only four percent are in for robbery and only one percent are in for homicide. 51% are in jail for non-violent offenses in the ENTIRE system. (That’s millions of people). 3200 people in five states are currently serving life without parole sentences for crimes such as shoplifting.

        And if you think the risk of abuse, rape, solitary confinement, violence and a life-ruining record are “motivation” for people to go to jail “because its free” then you need to actually go interact with those who have been in the system and educate yourself.

        Something to think about when you say “they’re there for a reason”.

        If you think someone in jail for say, a small amount of marijuana or cocaine possession deserves no medical care, bread and water and abuse, then maybe you should go back and live in the last century.

      • jdevo

        Oh yeah, I’m telling you, when I have trouble paying my bills I always think, “Wow, if only I could be in prison, where it’s free, life would be so much better.” Cut me a break. How amusing it would be if you or someone close to you winds up in prison!

      • Dusty

        As a former guard of the James V Allred prison I would just like to point out that you Kathy are a complete DUMB ASS!!! For one I guarantee they will be getting fed a hell of alot better then they were feeding that baby. As far as the fairness of the criminal system. We all know its not, yes if you abuse a child in any way shape or form you should have a more severe punishment coming your way ( my votes for DEATH) No one talks about the guards being bad because most prisons are not some oz tv show you watched on late night HBO. Has there been a few bad eggs hell yes, should they have to pay for there crimes as well? Fuckin ay right. However if your going to make a statement putting them all in the same barrel well then lets just go ahead and stereotype all man kind here ill sum it up for you. Some guy somewhere killed, raped and dismembered someone in that order, there for every single human being is a low life piece of shit that deserves nothing more then to be put down like the dogs they are. Now shut the fuck up and dont talk about shit that you dont understand. FYI watching the news or some tv show does not mean you understand. If you want to know how things are then go do the job you chicken shit.

      • Kat

        Sorry but people usually don’t go to jail for being on drugs. More than likely they are there, because they committed a crime that the drugs got them there in the first place. They are probably in for DUI, you know maybe they almost killed someone while under the influence. Or drug possession, dealing, or stealing to get their drugs.

      • x_anima

        No, not for being on drugs, but possessing them gets you jail time. Im pretty sure having a little baggie of heroin in your pocket doesn’t deserve to be locked away in a cell.

      • Sam

        If they get locked away for a little baggie there were probably more little baggies before or a big baggie. One doesn’t get significant time for a small amt. Not the first time.

      • x_anima

        A lot of states have three-strike rules. If you’re a chronic addict (or hell, maybe you just like it) and are caught with it three times, you can be put away for life. In some states, without possibility of parole and no discretionary power on the part of the judge. However, this isn’t a debate about the merits of the war on drugs and its policies, simply a statement that not everyone in prison (and these days, less than half) is being locked up for something that even deserves incarceration. No one is against locking away the rapists and murderers (or taking them out behind the woodshed), but to say that someone should be locked up for using drugs that usually shouldn’t be illegal anyway is a whole other story.

      • Glenn Griffith

        LOL, Life for three baggies. ROTFL. See previous comment.

      • Glenn Griffith

        Yep, JAIL, not PRISON. Two TOTALLY different things moron. And YES, Heroin should land you in Jail. You should be thankful being stupid doesnt land you in prison cause you’d be doing life.

      • Jayme

        Sounds to me like you must have raised an animal just like these two. Any woman or mother who believes this trash should receive anything that insinuates that these are humans needs to be placed with them…I hope they get the correct justice inside those walls…i certainly hope you chose not to breed as our world is over populated with “things” like you. Have a happy day and remember to send your prison pen pals a care package 🙂

      • Crystal E. Vallance

        To be fair, she youngly raised a child that made a few mistakes. My parents were young and botched some shit too, but never would I do this to my child. At 16 years old in Detroid my folks raised me and fed me better. We all fuck up in various degrees. Lets not compare a B&E’er to someone who’d rather get and oil change and smoke drugs than feed the starving baby they produced. J/s.

      • mo mcentee

        Kathy grow up!!! this pair of scum bags starved a BABY almost to DEATH!!! And you find this defensable?? if you do, you deserve a good kick in your ass!!

      • MeanieHead

        You bitch about how bad prison is????? Really, you pathetic cow. They nearly starved a BABY, an innocent BABY, to DEATH. Who gives a crap about some piece of $hit in prison?????? They wouldn’t be there if they were a decent human being, would they? So sick of liberal bleeding hearts like you. Get off my planet.

      • Dottie Sorrels Spiares

        Kathy, I know all too well what you are talking about. Some people just don’t want to hear the truth about how some prisoners are treated. They feel as though they deserve to be treated badly. Even the ones that only harmed themselves with drug use. I also could go on all day.

      • Donna Fisher

        Here is an idea DONT GO!!! Its a pretty easy concept. As we all have choices.. Even if there are bad apples just as well in the streets DONT GO.

      • Sarah Paxton

        Who cares how prisoners are treated?! Their civil liberties ended the moment they violated the law. That is in the constitution. Jail should be harsh so people will get deterred from going. As for drug use, they chose to use drugs, they chose to commit the crime. They still know right from wrong. Drugs are not an excuse to act as you please without any accountability. This type of coddling is the reason American society is going down the toilet.

      • Donna Fisher

        And you would know this how? You have no right to judge Correctional Officers as one, they are there to protect the public from these kinds of POS. They go in day after day knowing they might go home at the end of the shift or they might not get to go home at all. If you feel that inmates are so mistreated, come and work for TDCJ and open your eyes. The elderly in a Nursing home gets much less care and have to pay big buck for it than the inmates do for free.

      • jdevo

        Most nursing home care is subsidized by Medicare or Medicaid. Research something before you put it out there.

      • Diana Kerr

        Kathy, what do you say of people who prefer getting drunk and high with their friends, feeding their own faces and even taking good care of their CAR to feeding their 9 month old baby for TWO MONTHS!? How can you defend this or worry about how they’re treated in prison?? They refused to feed this baby for TWO MONTHS and he was found caked in urine and feces (after all, if you’re not going to FEED a baby, you’re surely not about to take time out of your “precious schedule” to change its diaper, right?). He was SO emaciated and starved that he had to be fed intravenously because his little digestive system had shut down! Our American prison system is FAR too good for these narcissistic, self-centered, amoral individuals.
        You say they aren’t dogs…. I don’t know ANY dog that would allow their puppies to go without food. Female dogs will often die of starvation herself rather than not feed her puppies. So, you’re right… they’re not dogs… but, I don’t know how you’d call them humans either–other than DNA sequences. How does a human being, much less TWO human beings bear to live in a small singlewide trailer with a baby screaming because it’s starving to death!? As having had 4 children of my own, I can tell you that a human mother can’t function if her baby’s screaming and crying and hungry. I don’t know how the little guy didn’t die of dehydration.
        I’ll bet the teens who showed up for that party and found the grisly sight have re-examined their lives! At least, I surely hope so….

      • Michaela Daniels

        amen to that. i hope the teens that ‘discovered’ the child have done a 180 and nop longer hang with the trash. OMG. i think if i would find a baby in that condition at ANY one’s house, i’d be sick. i’d call 9-1-1 immediately

      • Crystal E. Vallance

        It seems from the article the teens that found her were pretty concerned. So much so that they called an adult to their ‘party. Regardless, as a woman with no children but four younger siblings and a former nanny gig..
        How the fuck could you ignore your own starving child?
        Disgusting. I can’t even imagine smoking weed (though I love too) before feeding and caring for my own beautiful child. That’s YOUR legacy. And even if not.. that baby depends on you. I just can’t comprehend.

      • Trina Lynne King

        they have a great life in prison …room and board, u buy ur own junk food …. u get schooling for free, Medical … these people will, get way more healthy than what they was … time stands still for them while there in prison …, they even get internet in prison now …. they are scub bags… they starve a baby almost to death and now they will get well educated, Medical, FOOD, and work ….
        I hope someone beats there asses in there.. i would SPIT IN THERE FACES !!!!

      • jdevo

        I know when I get tired of my high grocery bill, my thoughts often turn to how great it would be to be in prison where my food was free. Oh, and it’s “their faces,” not “there faces.” I find it hard to believe information posted by someone who failed freshman English class.

      • Alexis

        seriously? these ppl left their baby to starve to death. teenagers are the ones who reported it, and you’re defending the perps? ya, seriously, most of us dont care WHAT some guard does to them. i do agree about pedophiles, tho. they arent getting enough prison time. they deserve the death penalty. quick needle, and not after 20 yrs of appeals sitting on death row, either

      • Christina Woods

        I understand exactly what you saying, but I think in this case, it would be far too simple to say that they need help for their drug habits… these are two irresponsible “parents” that almost cost their baby’s life. If they had no concern for him, they could have placed him up for adoption. The truth is that they didn’t care about the repercussions of their neglect, and I don’t think they deserve for you to care about their well being…

      • Stephanie Lynn Lease

        I worked in a prison… I also served my country in war. I ate the food they served in prison and I can tell you it sure was a lot better than the food I got for 15 months while deployed….plus they are allowed to purchase snacks for a lot cheaper than we can at the store. Many of them don’t go to work and spend more time out of their cells than they do in. As far as the medical… they still get better free medical care than law abiding citizens do.

      • Brandi K

        If you speak the same as you write I would not be able to listen to you anyway. Maybe you should go volunteer at a prison. The inmates would have you working for them in no time because you would believe every little story they told. However, by reading your comment and lack of proper grammar, I would bet you have been in jail or prison yourself or know someone who is now. No one talks about the POS law enforcement have to deal with each day. The rude verbal abuse, physical assaults and health risk because half the persons incarcerated have some type of communicable diseases such as HIV, HEP C ect…Inmates who assault an officer do not care if you get infected and die. BTW…dogs do not starve babies.

      • Corey Pinkley

        You might want to check your English. It was very hard trying to understand what you were saying. Also, it’s dangerous to speak before thinking. However, you are right about one thing, they aren’t dogs. I wouldn’t even go as far as to compare them to an insect or a rat. Insects and rats even have the brain capacity to feed their young. On a side note, stop acting like the parents are the ones in need of help. People need to be held accountable to their own actions more in this country. It’s no wonder crime rates, unemployment, and abortions are going up in this country. It all goes back to people thinking there shouldn’t be consequences for their actions in life or that they don’t think have to take responsibility for their choices… liberal thinking folks, it’s dangerous.

      • jdevo

        Perhaps the parents should have had an abortion. All this could have been prevented.

      • Corey Pinkley

        I suppose torturing a baby to death is worse than killing a living being while in the womb but that still does not make it right. Making it so the parents couldn’t reproduce would work to but that would be cruel. Let me first explain why I disagree with abortion. First off I believe it is inhumane as hell but that isn’t even the whole of it. If we allow abortion what kind of message does that send to our kids? It sends the message of “hey it’s ok to have unprotected sex with anyone you want”. Why? Because they know they or the partner can have a abortion. This is bad in two ways. One, sexual transmitted diseases will be spread at a higher rate. If you think I’m wrong I encourage you to think deeper because lets be honest, who doesn’t like sex? Now, the second part is that more people will get pregnant, duh, and some maybe still decide to keep the baby even though they don’t really really want it or aren’t ready for it. So would we really be reducing the amount of unwanted babies or would we just be enabling? Now, at what point do you put the blame on the parents? I’m 23 and have yet to make a girl have a UNWANTED child or child at all because I’m not ready yet. How have I done this? Simple, I control myself or use protection when I am with the one I love. Why? because I know the consequences of my actions and how they would affect me. Maybe if these two parents held themselves accountable to themselves similar to people like me Instead of reproducing like rats we would not have this problem. If you listened to the video you would know that baby Riley had a older sister in foster care. This being said they fucked up once and STILL didn’t learn from it. To not learn from a horrible mistake is incredibly stupid and irresponsible. So I again say it comes down to responsibility, but that is to much to expect from people who have the brains of rats and reproduce like rats. I do say this because less intelligent people do have more kids than intelligent people. They especially have more unwanted kids,FACT.

      • Glenn Griffith

        kathy you are a certified idiot. Yes inmates get medical attention anytime they need it. It’s not medical insurance but the prison is required to supply medical care when needed by federal law. The food in prison is also very edible and most guards are good people doing there jobs. Defending bottom feeding, baby abusing scum….yea….you are not much better then these two scum bags.

      • Crystal E. Vallance

        Yeah.. little harsh. She fed and cleaned her children. One fucked up and suddenly she’s just as bad as a couple who doesn’t feed or care at all for their infant? Mkay.

      • Sarah Paxton

        No, these people are where they need to be. If you commit horrible crimes, on drugs or not, you deserve prison. Drugs are weak person’s escape from accountability and real life. With the education out there, everyone knows what drugs do to you, and know right from wrong. Prisoners have it pretty easy, people are not deterred from going. Prison needs to be tougher and feared. No TV, no outside. Crime deserves punishment. People’s liberties end at the end of the nose of some one else.

      • Sarah Paxton

        I never said Kathy was as bad of a person as the couple who starved and neglected their child. I feel her view is far to liberal and tolerant of those who use drugs and commit crimes. And yes, one fuck up in this life can lead to the loss of another. The point is that people need to be accountable for themselves and responsible for their own actions at all times. Harsh…well that is the real world. Prison…needs to be less of a resort and more like a punishment so people will actually think twice before they act like fools.

      • dawn

        They get better medical care then we do. I work in a prison as a nurse so I know how it is. Inmates are treated better then the staff that work in the prison. They can even write staff up for being disrespectful

      • Michaela Daniels

        shut the cell door behind them, no visitation other than a video monitor – thus their access to DRUGS unless a guard is helping, is taken away. end of problem.

      • t2shark

        Kathy, The parents of that beautiful baby are eating off of my tax dollars, watching cable tv I pay for, getting a roof, electricity, fresh water, an education, free legal counsel, all on our hard earned money. I hope those pathetic pieces of pond scum hang themselves, save their son from the horror of ever knowing them and save our tax money to feed and find a loving home for their baby. The parents are a waste of the oxegen we breath and should take their own life and go straight to HELL! They are going there anyway, they might as well save us all the grief of their 60 years of wasted existence. Just because Jesus forgave the people who crucified him, does not mean God forgives everyone. Read the entire bible! They have committed grave sins. They have dammed themselves to hell. Hell exists for a reason. Many souls will never make it to heaven. I say leave a rope in their cell and let them choose their own fate.

      • jdevo

        Yes, sorry, but Jesus does forgive anyone who comes to him and asks for forgiveness. That was the entire purpose of Jesus’ death, to intercede between God and our sins.

      • Master255

        Yes he does forgive but that doesnt mean that there are still no consequences to your actions. Just because your forgiven does not mean that you should be punished in equal measure for your crime. People always forget that forgiveness doesn’t mean absolution from consequenses of ones action.

      • Unknown

        how would you know what they get in jail i have been told by a people who work in prisons they get free good medical the get any type of food they want ethnic meals are made if its in their religion they get cable they are kept warm the get to have people come see them ask if they are okay if they are being treated right unlike their child who they more then likely only saw once a day they also get mental care and help they get to get further education and job skills do you think that is fair to give someone that nearly killed their child and knew that they were doing it more things then some hard working people who don’t abuse their child and live their lives paying for these scum to get these things? I bet if you took the time to look and see what your talking about before you decided to talk about it as if you knew you would not. Gaurds seem as tough as they do because on a daily day they must endor derogatory comments by inmates they have to deal with attacks by inmates and they even have to clean up after some inmates smear fecal matter over they walls if they are lucky to not be the one covered in it. They must watch over the people that rape beat and murder people even kids everyday they have to watch over the people that sell drugs to the kids that later rape beat and kill people even kids everyday. If you stood in their shoes would you hold their hand and say its going to be okay sweet heart. I am not saying i agree with some of the ideas that people are posting on here i believe 60 years of nothing but other people looking at you knowing what you did and only seeing jail bars is a good punishment but i believe they should never be aloud around a child again they should never be aloud to drink and party ever again. As a mother of two i am sicked by what these two people have done and wish them everything that has been given to them the loss of their freedom. And i would like for you to keep in mind what i have said before you decide to assume all gaurds are just as bad because they are not they do the job you would not want to.

      • Jennifer May

        “arent dogs” let me tell you .. someone who would do this to a poor poor baby deserves LESS then my DOG does!!!!! They get tv, medical, food(whatever food it is ,its more this this poor little baby was getting) im not saying all inmates deserve the worst of the worst.. but if they dont want to be treated like animals maybe they shouldn’t act like animals!!! Dont want to take care of YOUR child… how bout they shoulda kept it in their pants or kept their legs closed!! or even easier.. get on free birth control im sure the state would pay for!! they probably will put these sick sobs’ in protective custody.. where was the protective custody for this poor innocent baby??!! i think they should fry the fuckers!!!

      • Old_school_TO

        I’m sure a prisoners rights activist has a lot of issues that could use addressing but simply look at the photo and think again….does that baby deserve justice?

      • ManlyMiketheCOWARD byLOOKS

        you have pity for these bastards. You know what? you are right they are not dogs…..they are worse than dogs. Dogs dont purposefully let their children die because they wanted to smoke weed. When it comes down to it they made a choice. Just like all people make choices. People that make choices like this dont need help…..they need to be removed. Either you have lived a very coddled life or you used to do some bad stuff and are trying to justify it.

      • CC

        Your bad spelling aside my dear friend, I don’t think you have very bad points here. What you are saying is basically true. I think it partly has so many dislikes because of the article you have posted this comment on. People’s comments here do nothing but prove to me how much some people can think like animals. It’s very disheartening. It does not take away from the atrocity this couple committed. But it makes the rest of these supposedly sane people sound like bloody romans.

      • Sarah

        Like the fact that most inmates that werent addicted to drugs before going to prison somehow BECOME addicted while in prison? Somehow the guards miss that. I agree, I think if someone has sexually abused a child they should at the very least get as much time as someone who has killed. Since the fact is that if they had sexually abused a child, thats what they did, killed that childs childhood.

      • Elizabeth Newbauer

        uh no they need to be hung. They didn’t feed their baby for crying out loud. Where is your sympathy for that infant? You are rediculous.

      • kaththee

        So, you blame drug addiction for their behavior? Do you know them?

      • Shawna Mathews

        No, kathy you are right, they arent dogs. They are child abusers and were probably days away from becoming child murderers. They had a baby then left it to lay in its own filth for MONTHS with no food, no bath, no nothing…. They dont need help, they need severely punished. Let them feel what that poor innocent baby felt for months. Let them have to lie in their own filth and starve FOR MONTHS with nobody to save them.


        I am sorry but whatever you were told about what goes on in prison as far as the food and the medical attention was a lie!!! My ex put on more weight in the “joint” than he ever did out of it, and, he got his teeth fixed (actually a full set of dentures for free!!), had his eyes checked and a free pair of glasses, his hearing checked, and after all that he was given free psychiatric care and meds!!!! so what ever you were told is a lie!! he had better care in prison than he got when he was let out!!!! He was already talking about committing another crime not two weeks after he got out just so he could go back!!!! shoot I don’t know about you but I think it is bull that they whom hurt, rape, drug, beat, kill, molest, and ect other human beings get better living situations than most of us on the outside!!! Three hot meals a day, a free roof over their heads, free cable TV, free clothes to wear and free laundry service, free medical treatment, free psychiatric treatment, free behavior modification classes, free education to compete GED/high school or a degree from college, and all at the tax payers expense!!!!! And for those on death row not to worry you are more likely to die of old age than be actually put to death by the state or federal government (unless you are in Texas of course than your ass if fucked, I heard they were talking about actually putting in an express lane on death row as they are the only state to have as many executions as possible lol)!!! I agree with Texas you are on death row than by God we are going to kill you, you are not going to sit here and waste our honest, decent, tax paying citizens money while we wait for you to exhaust the appeal process!! Hell not we are gonna fry you as soon as possible!! lol Yeah buddy that is the way to do this thing Texas!!! OOOPS well will ya look at that and this couple is in good ole Texas lmbo you two are screwed!!!!!!!

      • nightshaderebel

        i have no morals when it comes to peices of shit like that. id torture them to death myself(ive got an 11 month old)

      • Cheryl English

        I have an 11 month old boy too, and a 3 year old. Didn’t starve EITHER! WTF is wrong with people right? Babies are cute as fuck. Who would neglect/starve a poor baby? And to sit there and ignore the way it looks? No medical help? Some sickos out there for sure.

      • Pete Bundy

        i am all for making them work 14 hours a day seven days a week making little rocks out of big rocks and doing this in plain view of the public. Death would be to easy for them so I like the life in prison but make it hard for them. Vey hard.

      • YeahIsaidthat

        I would like to hit them in the head with said big rock!

      • Venesa Winegardner

        make them stand in from of a wal-mart wearing a sign that say’s for 2 months, we starved our baby, because we needed to change our oil. bet they wouldn’t stay there long.

      • Holly Roloson

        they should have to hold a sign up but with cops right there making sure they don’t go any were and no food , or drinks, Not at wal-mart but a high way .

      • John Soderman

        Holly. Why should the pigs be there? They have no business whatsoever being there. Pigs are only supposed to be places where it’s dangerous. People holding a sign doesn’t create something dangerous.

      • rebecca

        Shouldnt two people that nearly killed their child be considered dangerous? Also, cops would ensure that they wouldnt be able to leave the spot and would be subjected to humiliation. Btw it is clear that you have had some issues with cops, I am sorry for your personal issues but not all cops are the enemy just like not all people are the enemy …

      • Darlene Williams

        I wouldn’t want humiliation for them. I would want them placed somewhere that people could be outraged enough to go off on them. I think that people should be allowed to take out some anger on fools like they are without killing them, if we have to support them for the rest of their life.
        Let the police be there. I’m sure that they feel the same way as we all do.

      • Brandy

        no wear it saying i starved my baby cause i much rather drank and smoked pot

      • Gloria Barley

        Actually it did if you knew how to read… Re-read what was posted

      • Theresa Roberts Wilks

        Prison is too cushy for them Three meals a day, a roof over their head, heat in the winter, AC in the summer, no significant work to do. Remember that cartoon with the 2 emaciated guys hanging from shackles on the dungeon wall? Now that’s what they deserve.

      • Tiffany Qualin

        Deployment to the Middle East? With no pay, I like your thinking Pete.

      • Kellie

        Now you’re talking. Deployment plus one meal a day that consists of bread and water. If that won’t work then just send them to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his pink prison in Maricopa County, Arizona.

      • bburg70

        Deployment to a war zone ? You want your brother’s / cousin’s “back” covered by one of these cowards ??

      • rachel

        Bring all of our soldiers home and replace them with the (lifers) in prison; replenish them as needed.

      • kaththee

        I think hard labor wouldn’t do them any harm. It would be good for them.

      • Brison Brazil

        Should also make them wear diapers that they can only change at the end of the day, while people that walk buy get to throw rotten tomatoes at them.

      • Darlene Williams

        Diapers changed once a week and no way to take them off in between changes. Let them where their own shit

      • Darlene Williams

        I don’t know about the prisons in Texas but some prisons only give you the bare necessities to get by and you have to buy whatever else you need with you own money. You can earn money in prison but they only pay you about 9 cents an hour. That’s the way it should be. You don’t get coffee or tea for free. You don’t get any kind of snacks. I think that prisoners should only get beans and rice, because that is the cheapest way for tax payers money to pay for their food.

      • Eric

        No…..that would be too easy on them. Have them bust rocks 24 hours a day with no stopping for ANYTHING!!

      • Stephie Silva-King

        Yeah they will be taken very good care of than this child was in prison. Sad! Poor baby!

      • Sharon Bellows-Loder

        agree…this is too sickening to talk about…put them in a cell and forget them ….im sure we could find something productive to do like get our oil changed…i would love to see them get treated the same way…make them starve to death!

      • Metha Christopher


      • Heather Driggars

        That’s a horrible idea because you also become a killer.

      • ManlyMiketheCOWARD byLOOKS

        its a great idea . There are consequences to actions. people need to learn that. Once you take away anothers rights then you forfeit your own. Every one is so coddled and soft now. If you let are willing to let your damn baby die then why should anyone care if they die themselves. Peopel like that are simply a drain on society. no one should be forced to pay for them to live.

      • MidgardMortal

        Wow, I am glad that we don’t live in YOUR universe. If you are an example of strength and sanity, then our world is just plain screwed. And you think you are one of the good guys?

      • ManlyMiketheCOWARD byLOOKS

        Wow. I am glad that we don’t live in YOUR universe.You have no idea of self accountability. And not i just think you are naive.

      • rebekah leathers

        capitol punishment. punishing a murderer. it doesn’t make the state or the executioner a killer, it just makes them the one to carry out the well deserved punishment.


        no that my dear is called the death penalty and GOD!!! Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you!!! and an eye for an eye!!!

      • MidgardMortal

        I would becareful what you associate to God. Karma is a bitch.

      • Martin Danzer

        Actually this is another Old Testament justification, the laws of the time stated punishment for a crime was equal repercussions delivered by the one wronged or by their family in the case of death. Do unto others is a New testament teaching of tolerance which with the other recorded teachings of Jesus show a pattern of him speaking out AGAINST the text and teachings of the Old Testament, Namely the books of Genesis through Deuteronomy which were the recognized teachings in his time.

      • MidgardMortal

        Well, most of these people don’t seem to understand that Heather. But they do seem to think that they are, oh so, superior.

      • MidgardMortal

        It wouldn’t work. And what about YOUR soul? Or maybe you don’t think you have one?

      • Andrea Isabel Chacon

        wow. an “eye for an eye”??, you are SOOO innovative, really truly not at all barbaric or hypocritical, yeah, stoop down to their level, be the SAME as them. good idea. I’m sure no one before you, or any society has ever thought of that before, and I’m sure if they did, it worked really well for them… =.= SMH

      • Dawn

        I hope they do.. I hope they live in fear for the rest of their miserable sorry ass lives.

      • Michaela Daniels

        i am mixed. on one hand, i hope they live a LONG LIFE in prison, have to worry about getting beaten in general population every day, have to worry about bending over to pick up the soap, and spending all day in a cell not much bigger than my bathroom closet – and that can be their life every single day. then on the other hand, i want to turn them loose in general population and make sure it is widely know they abused children, worse, a NEWBORN, and let ‘prison justice’ take care of the rest!

      • shylow

        I love that idea, but sadly u have a choice of going into gp or pc n because of what these people did the guards will put them into pc without a question.. these are sick kids n personally I would love to see them go into gp for one day.. if it gets wind on either side m/f of what they did..and it will..they will not survive and if they do they will be on life support the inmates do not take kindly to people who harm children


        unfortunately they will never see gen pop they will be put into protective custody like my evil sadistic psycho ex husband was after he took a high powered competition paint ball gun put it point blank against our son’s hand and pulled the trigger and then did it again on his bare foot!!!! Bruised his hand through and through, fractured the metacarpals (bones) in his foot and his excuse for doing it???? To teach our son a lesson!!!! for discipline!!! To teach a four year old defenseless little boy that you don’t touch what is not yours and you don’t get up in the middle of the night and get into things (food)!!!!! He was starving our son on his weekends (We were divorced at the time this all took place) not giving him anything to eat making him sleep on the floor with handcuffs around one ankle and the other to the couch with nothing but a thin blanket and a small flat pillow!!!! He threatened our son that if he ever told he would kill him!!!! My son was terrified to say anything I did not know it was happening until the paint ball incident!!! My son came home and was saying mommy my foot hurts bad and my hand does too, thinking ok let me take a look right, I about had a heart attack!!! I asked my son what happened and all he would do was look at the floor and turned white with fear!! I cried and took him in my arms and asked him again what happened that I would not allow anyone to hurt him ever again!! He finally after I kept bugging him about it told me what happened, and, that it was not the first time his dad had done this!!! That he had “shot” him before in the back, arms, legs, stomach, and chest!!! I knew my ex liked to go paintballing but I was not aware he was taking our son to go with him and at night with his military infatuated psycho buddies!!! he would take our son as I was told and go out and make our son be the “pray” and they would shot him!!!! HE WAS FOUR YEARS OLD!!!!! WTF he was thinking is beyond me and further more when the judge told him that he and his 17yr old son go paintballing so he knows how bad it hurts from 50 to a 100yds away and they are grown he can only imagine what it felt like to a four year old little boy point blank barrel to skin what were you thinking and why!!! My ex said it was for discipline sir he needs to know what he can touch and what he can’t he got onto my computer while I was asleep and erased some of my files and then got into the food when he was not supposed to be up and out of bed I have to teach him somehow so that is what I did!!! The judge looked like he wanted to come up off that bench and wring his neck him self, I wish he would have because as soon as my ex got to prison they put him into protective custody because his crime was against a child and that is were he spent his sentence!!!!

      • Kath

        OMG thats terrible. What a sad excuse for a father and thank goodness u were on to it so fast before it escalated into something far worse. I hope he got a decent sentence. Dont worry about him serving time in protective custody, its not so rosy in there anyway. He would have to associate with pedophiles, rapists and child killers and I am sure he would hate that if there is any sense of decency in him. Furthermore, he has probably ensured that he will never spend any time with his child again so in some ways, he does get a life sentence. Nothing short of what he deserves either. Fortunately, your beautiful boy had you looking out for him and he is safe now 🙂

      • Jimmy James

        You would be surprised with jailhouse justice. I doubt either one of these sick individuals will make it too long in prison.

      • Michaela Daniels

        sad thing is, they will be classified as ‘high risk’ or they will make a lame attempt to kill themselves and be placed in a special ward and kept out of GP – when GP is exactly where all of these degenerates should be!

      • Kris Barrantes

        The majority of criminals look down on those who abuse children in any way. I am sure their stay will not be pleasant and it is possible that their life will be short lived.

      • Gary Shipley

        what about all the food stamps these degenerate fucks received and any other welfare program handouts. our government raises these lazy people

      • Suzanne Chandler

        Toni, please read my post in reply to Tony a little further down. It will explain who is paying.

      • Chuck McLeod

        I think the inmate population won’t allow them to live out a quarter of that sentence

      • Dottie Sorrels Spiares

        Toni, When the inmates find out why they are there, we won’t have to worry about someone spending thousands on them. The prisoners will take care of that matter.

      • Donna Fisher

        No they wont because the Correctional Officers have to protect even POS like these. Maybe at a male unit but not a female unit.

      • JackPoint

        It’s part of our social contract. They are horrible people. But they ARE people, and we take care of people in our society. I think 60 years in “anal rape and hope you like hepatitis” prison is good enough, especially considering that they won’t be reproducing while inside. And these people are also about as bad as child molesters in there. I doubt they will last 60 years.

      • Ruth Ann Malloy

        they don’t deserve any of that, just lock them in a cell and forget to feed them. the problem will be dealt with in a couple weeks when their worthless bodies shut down and they die, then throw them in an unmarked grave someplace. they don’t deserve anything else!!!

      • lafarqu

        They deserve everything they get, but where do you get this “very good medical care” in prison? You don’t. Ask someone who’s been there and stop believing people who have never been. I hope they rot though!

      • TJ Hooker

        Torture is not Moral. Execute them swiftly if you will. But to crave torture makes you nearly as bad as them.

      • Aaron Dominic

        I rather pay .000045 cents in taxes for those two to rot in hell, than allow them to be free, or sentenced to the death penalty. That is to easy. That is a fraction of my tax dollars well spent.

      • jussayin

        they wont live that long. people get killed in prisons all the time but you never hear about it. especially in cases of child abuse or rape, inmates that have nothing to lose will not hesitate..

      • MidgardMortal

        They are sick, perhaps even evil and they need to be locked up away from others because of that. But for you to put a dollar sign on their lives, lives that you did not create and you do not understand, is sick as well. And you think that YOU have morals? Take a slow, long, look in the mirror.

      • Kellie

        I dunno how good their medical will be….I mean it will be Obamacare.

      • Jeremy Delong

        they sure as hell will get fed and good health care and you know they EXPECT AND DEMAND it but didnt care about that before and there are so many homeless and elderly people who would love to have shelter food and meds for free

      • ian

        good people makes mistakes i dont condone what has happend but dont forget to stay balanced you can’t paint every inmate with the same brush, – an eye for an eye and the whole world would be blind – Ghandi p.s ( If you don’t get this concept don’t say you have morals )

      • Vallontina

        No need to feed them – that’ll cut down on the cost. Also, only give them the same medical care they gave that poor baby before he was rescued.

      • Blake Howard

        very good medical care? lol, their care is horrible. You are lucky to get full doses of prescribed medications they are supposed to take, mattresses are plastic and most prisons do not even offer a pillow. That high cost of each prisoner is a total myth and all that money goes into the pockets of the wardens and people that work at the prisons. That being said, they deserve what they got.

      • Laurie Bergeron Duplantis

        Too good for them because they are getting fed on a regular basis there! Let them know what that baby felt!

      • Persephone Hallows

        They will not be eating much in jail, I promise! Other inmates will steal their food and beat them until they die. There are levels of acceptance in prison, and sexually abusing or starving a child are at the bottom of the pile.

      • Laurie Bergeron Duplantis

        One can always hope that would be the case but I’d rather not take that chance! Starve them like that starved that precious baby and lets see how long they last then!

      • Ashley

        they don’t deserve the three meals a day they’d get in prison.

      • Christopher Adams

        They won’t last in prison — The inmates even won’t touch this.

      • Lorin Chane Partain

        yep, just let the other inmates know what they are in for.

      • chefnettie

        yeah…people in prison aint gonna like them two. they will pay for this.

      • Catherine Anderson

        No, they won’t die soon enough. They will be fed and will eat, something they denied their child. They should be put in lock down and starved to death!

      • Ruth Baker

        pfff they wont serve that 60 years, they will be out on parole in 20 or less.

      • crystal

        chance is they get there and get shanked once inmates hear about it

      • shiftdnb

        I’m hoping what I’ve heard happens in prison to people that hurt kids is actually true.

      • Sandra Lou Carr

        One can only hope the “prison justice” system works for these two.

      • Dingus

        prison…that’s the place where people like that do a lot of suffering. And rightly so.

      • Witchy Currier

        Why should we as tax payers pay for them to eat, and be housed,,, They deserve to be hung

      • Debbie Bollinger-Klauzer

        Let’s hope it’s sooner and not later.Worthless POS.

      • John Leite

        hopefully they will do every last day of that 60 year sentence that will put them in their 80’s when they come out

      • dfghdfgh

        They are what, 21/22 now? I don’t think they are going to be making any babies when they get out of prison in their 80’s

      • Gary Shipley

        they wont be having babies in jail dont worry. the dude might get an anal injection of baby gravy daily but i doubt he will reproduce

      • Michaela Daniels

        oh you know that! He’ll be crying out “hey! am i not entitled to LUBE? what do you mean Obamacare doesn’t cover it??

      • Cheryle van Gelder

        They got 60 years in prison, I doubt that when they are released they will still be able to reproduce.

      • Michaela Daniels

        even if they only serve half of it (likely), they will be in their 50’s and too old to procreate…i hope – at least she will be

      • Master255

        If any of you know the legal system you do know that most and probably these will get about 30 with good behavior and parole. The sentence was not 60 years without parole so I’m pretty sure they’ll be out before that time. Sadly they will eventually be let out into the population again. Regardless lets just hope they hate their time in prison and both of them uses their medical access (if even allowed which is probably not) to get her tubes tied and for him a vasectomy. They shouldn’t have had the child to begin with since they obviously weren’t ready to be responsible in the first place.

      • Mama<3syou

        well they’ll be 81 when they are released doubt they will be able to produce then

      • Gail M

        I don’t think making them sterile will really do any good. They were sentenced to 60 years, I think their reproductive days will be gone by the time they get out.

      • Guest

        You would be surprised with jailhouse justice. I doubt either one of these sick individuals will make it too long in prison.

      • J Rene Cloud

        But to think that for 60 years we will house, cloth and FEED them 3 x a day.

      • TJ Hooker

        Cruelty should never be tolerated. Just spend 5 cents on a bullet and send them to God to deal with them.

      • Timothy John Garrett Jr

        they got sixty years but probation they will be out in 10 i bet.

      • Alex

        Of course the top comments are fantasies of maiming and killing the accused…

        What a lovely bunch of folks you all are.

      • Raeann Howard

        Im with you on this one , 2months 2months wit out feeding that poor lil boy … I cant belive it , WTF !!!! That lil boy would have died if them teens didt tell someone what they have seen … How didt the teens family know what was going on?didn’t they knw they had a baby???? There is just no words for this and how I feel…GOD was with that lil boy and I thank him for looking over him …he is going to do something great with his life …

      • Freeman1776

        Another vindictive poster, you must be one of those who is ok with execution but not ok with abortion. Both are killing of human lives, and you protect one but your vengeance drives you to KILL another. You need to share the cell with these two people for the next 60 years.

      • Suzie Que

        Freeman, execution is the consequence of committing a horrible crime…abortion is the killing of an innocent child because the mother was either too stupid to say no or too lazy to use birth control…for you to try and say the two are related is quite ridiculous….

      • Rose Marie Hall Spradling

        This picture was also used as the cover photo on a story published either last week or earlier this week about a little girl that was eating her dried skin because she was hungry.. Also in that story, a grave of another child was found in the yard. The pictures that are under this story’s heading are of the baby boy ..I think

      • Beverley Davis

        criminals always want to say they are no different than infants. Serial killers often times don’t believe in the human soul….

      • Billy W

        How do you equate the killing of an unborn child to the killing of these evil people?? Freeman you need to examine yourself and your thoughts because they are disjointed at best.

      • MARY BONK

        She is right, you can’t be pro-life and pro-death penalty. Murder is still murder- even if it’s justified.

      • Conservativesniper

        One is punishment for a conscious act. The other is usually done for convenience.

      • Michaela Daniels

        still murder. abortion is a conscious act. you PLAN to kill your child for your convenience

      • CT

        Pro Life and executing someone for a crime are completely different! If someone commits a crime they should be punished! Pro Life is about an unborn baby that has done nothing!!

      • Queena Knox

        It isn’t even about punishing the low life animals! It’s about preventing them from committing another horrible crime! Prison 60 years and out at 80…won’t hurt another child? Never heard of 80 year old child molesters and abusers? Alive = able to commit a crime! The only way to be sure they never harm again is to put them to death! That isn’t punishment! It’s prevention! A woman KILLING her unborn child because she doesn’t want it makes her AND her doctor equal to these two! Had this child died they would be no more guilty of actually killing a baby than the woman who aborts. They didn’t want him. He was inconvenient. The difference that appalls people is that this is a baby that you can see. But when pics are posted of aborted babies everyone (pro choice) gets all offended because it’s inappropriate!

      • Steph

        Very good. And the only difference is in fact THIS baby LIVED! So….. I’m trying to figure out too why the punishment ought be any different because they really seemed as though they didn’t care if he did or not. If he died, there’d be “murder” attached to their sentence and they’d probably get out earlier (if they managed to live their sentence). So I agree w/ you.

      • David

        Wouldn’t it have been better if these two POS had been aborted?

      • Queena Knox

        You are “seriously” tempting me to agree! But I can’t do it. We are all innocent at birth. So were they. Every baby deserves a chance to be loved and cared for. These two obviously never had that. Hopefully this baby now can. We can’t predict evil. Just as we can’t predict genius or compassion. I often wonder if the person who would have permanently ended the suffering of cancer has been aborted.

      • Ladyjames123

        I have 3 out of 4 children that precautions were used for. Yaz, Depo shot, and condoms can all fail. Of course I kept them but still. That’s a bit to absolute on the lazy or stupid part…And before you say I was too stupid to use them right, turns out that I just metabolize meds too fast. up to and including epidurals and anesthesia. I blame the condom part on my husband 🙂

      • Yourownfault

        no one cares about your “exception to the rule” In general people are not responsible like the parents of this poor kid. Most people are not being smart with sex, and cause crap like this to happen.

      • Yourownfault

        That’s logical if you are a lesbian, but last time i checked it takes two to make a kid. And with women like you thinking that way, it gives more outs for dead beat dads to run off

      • Ladyjames123

        That is my entire point! A woman can be lazy or stupid when it comes to birth control but the fella has to take responsibility just as much.

      • missmyelk

        not really! The power of the pudding is in the woman, consensual sex does not happen without the woman saying so. I love how we all sit back and say oh the man the man the man….well if women weren’t saying YES they would have no issues with getting pregnant. Guy are guys we have always been promiscuous. You don’t want to be pregnant don’t have sex. That’s up to the woman, a man will mattress wrestle with anything that is woman….it’s up to the woman.

      • Conservativesniper

        And when the female agrees to consensual sex, THAT is when she makes her ‘choice’, not after she gets knocked up.

      • Conservativesniper

        I know you are remarkably stupid, ie a true dumbass. Look up the meaning of the word consensual, idiot. You should also look up the word agrees. What are you about 10 years old?

      • Renee Burkhart

        But their are also the men that lie to women to get what they want. For instant the first guy i ever did it with(also first to ever show any interest in me) told me “I can’t have kids.” and got me to agree with it. And what a surprise i got pregno. And another shocking surprise he’s not in her life at all!

      • Cynthia Bosshart

        Wow, lets just put you in a cage and cut your nuts off cause that is the only way to prevent a wild animal such as yourself from procreating.

      • wendy26

        You are dumbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!!!! That is like saying we asked 2 be born so we can breed……lol….and i think you are a IDIOT 2 STICK up FOR MEN WHEN THEY SHOULD HAVE AS MUCH SENSE AS THE REST OF THE HUMAN RACE….hmmmmmm sorry…lmao ….you probably have a penis so that must be why you think the idioticness
        you speak of is okay but lets not forget it takes a sperm donor 2 knock us foolish women up ….we all know what sex can lead 2 and after all if you did not have sperm 2 shoot us up with we would not become impregnated….it takes 2 to make a baby you pompous loser

      • Back2Thekitchen

        Or you could just “mattress wrestle” with a man. Just saying.

      • Papi

        Until women can create artificial semen, they will need said penis, even if indirectly.

      • Steph

        Yes and I am a female. I HATE today’s man bashing garbage. Men are just as important as women! I believe that we have to fight to preserve what’s left of manhood.
        I’m tired of watching women berate their husbands, boyfriends and fathers and they EXPECT to have nothing but POSITIVE feedback? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! The golden rule works WONDERS when used in the family too.
        I RESPECT my husband like CRAZY. And NEVER, EVER tell him off. And I’d ESPECIALLY wouldn’t ever tell him off IN PUBLIC! Funny how it’s accepted for women to do that today yet the man is supposed to “cow down” say NOTHING!
        So if THIS is not abuse just as it was when it was the opposite way around, then womens lib has turned into the very monster it was attempting to eliminate! A man is more than just a “semen provider”. Just as women are more than an “incubator”.

      • Conservativesniper

        Wrong, if you sincerely believe that then women should be treated as in the Middle East. You don’t get it both ways, tramp.

      • jon

        you say in general people…are like the parents of this kid…are you crazy??? this is a rare case, mr….i dont know where youre from, but i dont wanna go there….

      • Yourownfault

        Im sorry Jon, you read that wrong. I am comparing the irresponsibility of conception, not ignoring the kid. Most parents of unwanted children had unprotected sex and did not care about the consequences.

      • Ladyjames123

        There is also a huge difference between unplanned and unwanted.

      • missmyelk

        you’re right and the simple answer if you don’t want a baby don’t have sex….

      • Steph

        HELLO! The words of wisdom for today. Anyone ever heard of ABSTINANCE actually being a BAD thing???? Sure sex is FUN but it’s got more purpose and meaning than just FUN! It’s not just an alternative to SIX FLAGS for the day. It’s a COMMITMENT! Lol, boy am I gonna hear about this one :-)) Does anyone remember when it was something SACRED that only marrieds were supposed to do? I do! It was better then too!
        Isn’t it strange too that there’s WAY MORE divorce today than there was then? Hmmmmm wonder if there’s a correllation? DUH! Congratulations for nailing it missmyelk!

      • Mac37

        Yeah, because telling teens and young adults not to have sex totally works, that’s why the US has the lowest teenage pregnancy rate in the developed world.

        (Please understand that this is sarcasm)

      • Master255

        Wrong we have gotten worse since we stopped treating it as a stigma and started telling young adults to wear condoms and protection. The rise in single mother homes has been exponential because we stopped teaching abstinance in the home and yes this should be taught in the home as schools have no clue how to really deal with children on that level and good parents do. The rate grew because we stopped stigmatizing the issue and encouraged them through the use of our “sex education”. Tell a kid to at least use a condom and they go out and make a few babies. ” But I thought you told him to protect himself and herself? Duh I guess that meant they didn’t care in the first place.” There was a time when women actually held out for a good man. Now a good man has to get lucky just to find someone not completely destroyed by someone else. Women were much smarter and practical then it seems.

      • chewinmule

        Unplanned? Here, poopsie, sit down and and let the ol’ chief draw you a diagram and show you just how the actual event you term unplanned starts out as a ‘plan”!

      • Steph

        Most of human nature is not “smart” when it comes to sex. Been a problem thousands of years now. That’s why most of us are here 😉

      • Yourownfault

        there are lots of things that human nature does not do smartly, does not being we should not socially evolve past it. Slavery, rape, women’s and civil rights, stealing, murder, lazy, greed, etc… never excuse it.

      • Trudy Kretschmer

        Actually I am quite interested in her “exception to the rule”. Speak for yourself. Additionally, if anti-abortion people are so concerned with the suffering of an unborn fetus, why do they oppose RU486 drug which simply makes the uterus detach the embryo? OR the “morning after” pill which simply makes the unterus unable to have a fertilized egg attach? (About 4 cells). I would think that would be the solution to avoid suffering for all parties concerned.

      • DLinz

        Newsflash: Try not having unprotected vaginal sexual intercourse in the middle of your menstrual cycle. You can read a calendar can’t you?

      • Jazz Gibbs

        Not all women know exactly how thier menstral cycle work. And by the way its not quite the middle of your cycle you become fertile its about 3-4 days prior but that’s different with every woman.

      • Kelli

        WTF does a menstrual cycle have to do with getting pregnant? OH wait your one of those that believe that is the ONLY time a woman can get pregnant! LMFAO. . . I was no where NEAR mine nor in the middle of mine when I got pregnant BOTH TIMES…. (Same father not that it’s anyones business!) Were my children planned? Yes and no! I wanted to start my family at 25. Instead I was DONE at 25! I had my daughter, then my son, and then I chose to have my tubes, cut, tied, and burnt! I’ve been raising my children for the last 12 years BY MYSELF! but even though they came earlier than I had planned I have a Very beautiful 16 year old daughter and a handsome 13 year old son! even if their dad is a dick with ears!

      • Megan Hall

        are you retarded? wait you are, I can tell by your comment… Once you get your period for the first time you’re always on your menstrual cycle when you MENSTRUATE (your period in case you’re to simple to understand) its the beginning of you new menstrual cycle. It makes sense that you didn’t get pregnant when you were on your period because that’s the least likely time to get pregnant. You’re most likely to get pregnant when you ovulate which for me is about 14 days into my menstrual cycle. Do research, I hope you aren’t teaching your daughter such ignorance.

      • Cynthia Bosshart

        How about we remove the appendage that causes a woman to have to choose, I would be happy to take care of your offending part!

      • purplediamond

        Dlinz, apparently you don’t realize many women are not regular & can not follow the calendar & MANY get pregnant when the calendar said it was safe.

      • ValH

        just because birth control doesn’t work sometimes, isn’t an excuse to commit murder.

      • Vinita Thonen

        Adoption is an answer if you do not want a child. A lot of people do, but can’t.

      • Steph

        I dooooon’t think that her comment advocated murder. Nobody was “murdered” in this news flash. There’s never an “excuse” to commit “murder”.

      • Derek Miller

        its at the very least related because they both die they are both human ect. The degree to which you try to separate the two is understandable but is on the verge of to much a lack of universality in your principles Its all based on your concepts of reciprocity due to a lack of empathy of an individual which doesnt make sense thus only defending yourself using deadly force would make sense.

      • Meran

        Whoah, wait, did you just say “too lazy to use birth control?” You mean, like this couple who nearly murdered their own child? Or did you somehow miss the people who are raped. Please don’t open your mouth unless there’s something intelligent coming out.

      • Papi

        Like Yourownfault said, “Most parents of unwanted children had unprotected sex and did not care about the consequences.” I think this set qualifies for that and I don’t see anything stating that the mother was raped and kept this child in

      • ValH

        no need for a child to be growing, rape victims can make sure pregnancy doesn’t happen almost immediately. In fact, as soon as they can get to a dr. or hospital. That doesn’t hold water any longer. as for medical conditions… those are different and have to be looked at with a dr.

        And unless you have been raped, who are you to open your mouth. I have been. No need to take it out on the child, the child didn’t cause the rape, nor should the child be punished for it. Either take that morning after pill, and stay in touch with your dr. or stfu.

      • Angus

        Uh, no it’s not the child’s fault, but it’s not the woman’s fault either, and if she doesn’t want to carry the pregnancy to term that’s NOBODY ELSE’S BUSINESS. Why should she live with the reminder of the terrible thing that happened to her every day for nine months. As for the morning after pill, some women are too traumatised to do anything about it straight away. Stop being so judgemental.

      • Megan Barron

        Some women can’t afford it either…I bought one of those sets of pills once…it cost me $75!!! That’s a full tank of gas to get to work, or a water or phone bill! I feel bad for women who get pregnant from being raped…those men don’t care about what they are putting the woman through at the moment of int he long run. Fucking sick.

      • Kristen

        Haha thats funny. You say what if they can’t afford it? Abortions costs money a whole lot of money as a matter of fact. Its not the childs fault and NO its not the womans fault either. BUT how can a woman kill her own flesh her blood? If your so worried about a full tank of gas or bills have protected sex dont just worry about it the next day wayyyy cheaper. How can you destroy a precious life, that baby was never asked to be brought into this world so why so a woman have a say when she should end it? Might be her body as some say but that baby is its own person thats that babys own body. Scientifically proven a baby is a human at conception. So argue with that. SMH! Which means who does have abortions are murders as well.

      • Hoot

        NO, it is NOT “scientifically proven” that a baby us human at conception. Do some REAL research and not picking which “science” you want to believe.

      • Dan

        Not to be “That Guy” But the chances of becoming pregnant after being raped – Although possible , are slim. The human body has crazy ways of adapting. But i understand your argument.

      • sh

        Not all woman that have an abortion do it for the reasons you listed. Some have been raped or worse and choose to abort it.

      • Kelli

        There is something worse than rape, that causes a woman to get pregnant?? Do tell!

      • Ashly Daugherty

        So the only reason why people have abortions are because they’re either lazy or stupid? What about rape? what about a medical problem that needs to be taken care of and can’t be treated while pregnant? I:E Cancer? I use to think the same way, but it’s not black and white! Yes it’s a innocent child, but I rather someone like this to have an abortion early on then a child being tortured, neglected, abused all the horrible thing people do who do not care for their children one frickin bit!

      • Kerri Lindsey

        The sad thing is, that these people never had to leave the hospital with this angel baby. People are sick.

      • John L

        Ashley, the exceptions you mentioned, which are the same ones ALWAYS brought up in liberal talking points about abortion, account for less than 1% of the million abortions taking place every year in the USA.

      • missmyelk

        I would rather people take responsibility for their own actions and not have sex if they’re not willing to be parents. Then if they do make the choice to have sex and end up pregnant there are plenty of people adopting babies. No need to murder unless like you said Rape and medical reasons.

      • Jazz Gibbs

        You can go on about people not having sex as much as you want. But it won’t stop them so come up with something new and more intelligent to say please. After all your wearing yours out very quickly. Besides in the right circumstances sex is a beautiful thing. People shouldn’t have to give up physical love,to make shrewd people like you (who clearly aren’t getting enough and therefore is upset by anyone who might be) happy.

      • ValH

        why do we all have to come up with something new because people refuse to be responsible for their personal choices? I don’t think so. You wanna spread your legs or whip out your penis, then stand up and take full responsibility for those actions, don’t commit murder or child abuse, or both.

      • Cynthia Bosshart

        I is human nature to desire SEX, that being said no human wants to become a parent every time they have sex. But the you are perfect right? Get off your high horse and join the human race!

      • Suzie Que

        If you don’t want to become a parent then use any one of thousands of birth control on the market…it’s not rocket science….it’s quite easy actually if you have a brain….

      • Linda

        It’s also human nature to lie, cheat, and steal, and eat until you are fat. Sin is human nature. That does not make it okay. If you have no intention of becoming a parent you need to use birth control or not engage in sex. It’s not hard at all. Men and women both.

      • Jazz Gibbs

        Ok did I say its ok to commit murder or child abuse? No, No I did not. I do not condone any such behavior. I merely said that telling people not to have sex will not stop them. As the person I replied to has made the same comment (more or less) more then once. I do believe that at least 65% of the world has rights to your own opinion and freedom to speak it for women. I am merely voicing mine. As that is not a crime and this is the internet not an interrogation room you can just shut the F**K up and I’d appreciate you not accusing me of saying something that I did not. Yes people should take responsibility for their choices and actions, but unfortunately that doesn’t happen as we are a society who these days do not mature until late 20’s or early 30’s most of the time. We may be adults by the time we are 18 but that’s just our ages not our maturity level.

      • Vinita Thonen

        How about sterilization if you are determined not to have children?

      • Jazz Gibbs

        Did you when you put that comment up consider the repercussions of it? People may not want kids right now, that doesn’t mean they don’t want them period. And some men/women who think they don’t want them at all later find they do. If they get sterilized where is their chance of that later? Exactly they do not have one. You can be as determined as you like, but you never know what you might decide better to keep your options open then to end them completely. I mean yes there is adoption or surrogacy but who’s to say that child you adopt is any better off then if it was your own? Some people shouldn’t have children, those same people shouldn’t be allowed to adopt. That doesn’t mean every person/couple that ends up accidentally pregnant is going to beat up their child or murder it. Jeez give people a chance lets not become a society that can’t let women and men make their own choices (YET AGAIN). Thats taking a step backward and it seems stupid.

      • Jazz Gibbs

        That is Irreversible however, and people may easily change their minds on whether or not they want kids later. If they get sterilized in their 20’s because they don’t want children then and think that they won’t ever want them they can change their minds later on in life so how then are they supposed to have the baby they now want? They will regret the decision to get sterilized. Not everyone will change their minds but at least half will.

      • Jazz Gibbs

        That is extreme and irreversible, It would be ok for people who are absolutely sure they’ll never want kids. But half the people who don’t want them change their minds later in life so it’s not the best option.

      • ValH

        rape can be dealt with the same day it happens, no need for the child to even start growing.

      • ValH

        medical situations are an entirely different conversation… good grief. This statement right here is what makes you all look like idiots.

      • Conservativesniper

        The newborn can be adopted. Aborting a human life for the sake of convenience is inexcusable.

      • Kelli

        There are many women with Cancer, that do have cancer treatments while pregnant! there are alternative treatments for pregnant cancer patients..

      • CrystaLeupold

        You know there are many other reasons for a woman to abort a pregnancy.

      • Jacqueline Stewart

        Killing, is killing, period… It is ridiculous to say that it isn’t… whether it is legal, through execution, legal, through abortion, or illegal, via anything else, it is still killing/murder…. The only time it is not murder, in my book, is when a death is caused without intention. In other words, I think manslaughter, is ridiculous, since an accident is an accident…

      • Linda

        Killing a criminal is justifiable homicide. Killing a baby is totally different. Babies have human rights. Serious criminals do not, as they have taken away the human rights of others. Let something horrific happen to your family and see how long you stand by this “the death penalty is murder” crap.

      • Kathleen Bohr

        Suzie, you are the really stupid person in this equation. You couldn’t possibly have summed up why people need to mind their own business better than you did. The only reasons women need abortions (according to your sheer brilliance ) is because they were too stupid to say no or too lazy for birth control? Please, go take a good long hard look at yourself and you will see the problem.

      • MARY BONK

        Actually, you can’t be pro-life and be for the death penalty. It’s not possible, logically. I am 100% pro-life, that means no abortion, no death penalty, and no assisted suicide or mercy killings. THAT is pro-life.

      • Cynthia Bosshart

        Last time I checked it takes a man and a woman to produce a child. Why is it there is so much being done to allow the birth of children into our society and yet once they are here the very people that insist on birth over abortion refuse to care for them? Suzie maybe you should walk a mile in another’s shoes before throwing stones.

      • Suzie Que

        Cynthia….I haven’t had a perfect life but when it comes to sex and birth control it wasn’t difficult at all….I knew what was required and what wasn’t….as I said before, it’s not rocket science and to promote abortion is just promoting ignorance in woman…I think women should be more intelligent than that….either don’t have sex…or use birth control…if you get pregnant either keep the child and be a responsible parent or give the baby up for adoption…no excuses or blame.

      • Amanda

        I agree with you that there’s no comparison between the death penalty and abortion but keep in mind, you shouldn’t judge people just because they get an abortion either. I definitely don’t approve of it as a ‘cure all’ method for stupid decisions, but sometimes it’s necessary for the health of the mother to abort the child. That’s the only time I think it’s even remotely acceptable.

      • Marilyn Fenner

        Hello Susie it takes two to make a baby remember or are you that stupid that you think you can do it yourself. And because of you pro-fetus people and closing the clinics birth control is getting harder to get.

      • Suzie Que

        Marilyn you calling me stupid is quite the oxymoron based on your post.

      • Kyara

        Ummm, the father is at fault, too!!! She can’t get pregnant without a guy!!!

      • Krunkus

        Abortion isn’t killing an innocent child, it isn’t inhumane, it isn’t murder. It’s simply saving a child from a hard life. If a parent doesn’t think they can look after their child sufficiently why should they go through with it? In some cases you’re subjecting the child to this kind of treatment, neglect and starvation, the baby could have dodged that had it not been alive. The baby doesn’t know it’s been aborted so how is it even a problem?

      • Suzie Que

        Krunkus by your standards we should just take anyone having a hard life out back and shoot them. You need to watch an abortion video.

      • Trudy Kretschmer

        Actually some birth control methods do fail at times. Also some women WANT their baby but the husband says “No MORE!” and she is afraid of the husband. Sometimes there are medical issues such that if the pregnancy were to continue, the mother would likely die. That might be important to you, but it would certainly be important to her children at home who don’t want to lose their mommy.

      • DanInAustin

        One is the killing of an innocent life, the other is the killing of a vicious killer. There is a difference.

      • Beverley Davis

        damn straight I am vindictive too. And no one is killing these monsters….just locking them up. And yeah I support capital punishment. A baby harms no one. I just can’t believe liberals see no difference between somone innocent and pure and a walking talking two legged predator who kills other people. If you make a concious effort to kill someone whose only crime is they are a live, then the same needs to happen to you.

      • Kelli

        You know their replies would be 100% different if this baby actually died!. . . then they would be screaming KILL THEM 60 YEARS IS NOT ENOUGH! .. by what more can you expect out of hypocrites?

      • ronwator

        I never called for their deaths. I said “Starve them to the edge of death” I will admit that if they were to meet an untimely demise while in prison I would not shed one tear.

        Why you would bring abortion and capitol punishment into this defies logic. You must be a liberal, and based on the number of comments you have made on this string you a troll to boot. Enjoy your righteous indignation but know this it does not impress me at all.

      • leftiesneedhelp

        Go F yourself you tool. You are too stupid to live and I bet you voted for Obama.

      • Virginian

        What does voting for Obama have to do with anything

        Talk about a piece of scum – look in the mirror.

      • leftiesneedhelp

        Please come to MI and say that to my face. Obama was a reference to their stupidity and ignorance so obviously it was lost on you.

      • Virginian

        Like you would have said any of that to Freeman’s face. Obama has nothing to do with this conversation, and anybody as partisan and hateful as you can’t be commenting on others’ stupidity and lack of sympathy.

      • American Vet

        @Virginian, I know he probably promised not ejaculate in your mouth, but he’s been known to tell a lie or two. So, if I were you, I’d tell Obama to get his package out of your mouth and find another sucker to make that promise to. With all he’s done and said, and you still try to protect him? There’s no doubt in my mind that you are helplessly on your knees for him.

      • Virginian

        Clever, did you think up that homophobic spiel yourself? Or did you have to phone your mommy from her basement to give that one to you? Now f-ck off and die you worthless pig.

        Not that it is any of your f-cking business, but I did not vote for Obama either in 2008 or 2012. So you can keep your ignorant ass opinions, to yourself.

      • John L

        Virginian, you a a liberal, whether you know it or not. You can say you don’t play baseball, but come 7 PM there you are a Yankee Stadium standing on first base.

      • Virginian

        Well I don’t usually vote for Democrats, especially liberal ones, but I guess I am a liberal since you say so.


        “You can say you don’t play baseball, but come 7 PM there you are a Yankee Stadium standing on first base.”

        What the hell is this blabber about? You are exceptionally bad at analogies, if you can even call it that.

      • leftiesneedhelp

        Joke alert and the butt of it is… The Virginian!!! Anytime anywhere for either of you b**ch.

      • jon

        it should seem obvious to you that “voting for obama” implies that one is stupid….can you see any evidence to the contrary?

      • Virginian

        Well most scientists and college professors probably voted for Obama… so yes there is plenty of evidence to the contrary.

      • John L

        …and that is because most scientists and liberal college professors are morally bankrupt. Why else would someone vote for a POS that fought against the Born Alive Protection Act.? You liberals have no problem with killing your own unborn children, so WTF should anyone throw caution to the windand follow liberal scum into oblivion?

      • Virginian

        Well, I hate the idea of killing babies, but I do like to consider myself pro-choice in most cases, because I’m smart enough to realize that sometimes it’s a decision that has to be made, and not something the government should butt it’s already bloated head into. If you wish me to elaborate, I can, but I would rather not, and I’m sure you are smart enough to know the circumstances.

      • jon

        “most scientists and college professors probably”…..theres a genuine prequalified false statement, but….IF they did, THEN, i guess that proves that there is such a thing as an educated MORON….by the way….hows that health plan working for you? heard any good jokes lately? got yer free phone? how bout those jobs figures…..GO CRAWL IN A HOLE, MORON!!!

      • Virginian

        I see you are another unhinged, intellectually dishonest, utterly insane lunatic. You cannot be educated and a moron, it’s a fallacy, or dare I say, an oxyMORON. I hate Obama’s health care law, it’s clearly an utter failure. Does calling far right loons and hateful bigots out make me a liberal? I don’t think so…. NO!

      • jon

        ” You cannot be educated and a moron” really??? are you saying that morons dont have the ability to memorize and then regurgitate learned information on request? my dog knows to sit on command, and often does even before instructed at feeding time…so, apparently you dont know the definitions of “moron” and “educated”, now do you, you little unhinged, intellectually dishonest, utterly insane lunatic, loony, hateful, bigotted liberal? BUWAAAHAAAHAAA!!!! what else ya got? LETS DO IT AGAIN!!

      • Virginian

        “are you saying that morons dont have the ability to memorize and then regurgitate learned information on request?”

        Sure they can, Palin proves that all the time. Are you saying that is the difference between educated and non-educated people? Their ability to memorize? You’re really beyond hope if you think that. I wish I could help you, I really do, but you are just too far gone. I’m sorry. I pity you.

      • jon

        i never said that, you ignorant jack ass, but it is true that people who cannot memorize cannot be educated, so, yes, that is a necessary quality…the ability to memorize…. and, accordingly, any moron who can memorize, can, thus, be educated, given the opportunity…so im saying that opportunity, ability and the exercise of both can create educated persons, and though even morons with opportunity and ability can be educated, move on to become professors, and, obviously, bequeath those gifts to other morons, such as yourself….this does not necessarily make them intelligent persons….sad to hear that you believe an education makes you intelligent….you poor moronic soul….

      • Virginian

        Dude, take your meds. You really do have issues. You can backtrack your statements all you want, but no intelligent person is going to take you seriously at this point.

      • jon

        “take your meds”??? ARE YOU SERIOUS? whats next, tin foil hat? you just cant admit that an education cant make a stupid person into a smart person, so i will allow you to ponder the old adage “you cant fix stupid,” and with that, im going to quit trying….have a nice day….you highly intelligent educated person…BUWAAAHAAAHAAA!!!

      • Virginian

        These people starved a baby because they were too busy drinking beer and smoking pot, and you are showing sympathy to them?

      • E.J. Burger

        I want to live in a world where people believe birth-control always works, oh wait I already enjoy that pleasure. 😐

      • Virginian

        You’re right. Telling teenagers not to have sex will work much better.

      • Virginian

        Simply “telling them” is likely not why they didn’t have sex. Which I don’t see how you could know that for sure unless you practically had them enslaved. Eventually teens will rebel against their parents and make their own decisions. If they have been properly educated, they will probably not want the risk, but if they do, they will know to use condoms and such when their hormones take over. Otherwise, they won’t really care about the risks.

      • Kelli

        roflmfao … that is hilarious! ! I am sure if you have your child (or children) take a REAL lie detector test, you will find out your child/ren were not so innocent! sorry to break your bubble! and yes ORAL sex is STILL SEX! if it was not it would never of had the word “SEX” in it to begin with.

      • gonecrazytoo

        I know my children quite well. No oral sex, no any sex. They were educated and knew what was available to them. They had/have higher goals and the brains to achieve them. They are twins. They are 22 now… one finally has a full time bf after her 4th year in college, the other joined the Air Force and still hasn’t found a man she wants that close to her. It’s a conscious choice. Just because YOU and your friends didn’t choose to exercise self control doesn’t mean everyone else behaves in such reprehensible ways. And yes, I could prove it with medical records. But there’s no need. They don’t do drugs. They only have the occasional beer, never been arrested, never kicked out of school, never stayed out all night. They weren’t interested in TV. And neither gave a crap about what their friends were doing. They didn’t like spending the night at friends houses and when I tried to get them to date in high school they laughed at me. Not interested. Their older sister, she had her fun. She got married young and had babies. But she didn’t kill them. She loves them and takes care of them. She chose to devote her life to them. So. Teaching responsibility works both ways.

        But parents must CHOOSE to teach these things to their children right from the beginning. Not let the school indoctrinate them, or the TV or whatever else.
        If you are going to have sex, expect at some point there is definitely going to be a baby. That is what sex is for…. making babies. If you don’t want a baby, don’t have sex.

      • ValH

        so, birth control not working is a good excuse for child abuse and murder? Try adoption. In fact, in this day and age, no need to take the baby home from the hospital.

      • Don Kenner

        Christ, Freeman1776…THIS is your response to people being angry with a couple of barbarian POS who tried to starve a baby to death????? Thanks for setting back liberty another hundred years. You are why people default to the state. How about a little anger on behalf of the that starving child? Or, you could just shut up forever.

      • Christina_bdba

        Big difference between execution and abortion.In an execution someone has been found guilty in an abortion the victim is always innocent,

      • Mickey Rayfield

        Freeman, you should be the poster child for ‘ignorance’. Executing a CONVICTED FELON is far different from the cold blooded murder of an INNOCENT baby, if you can’t see the difference then perhaps it would behoove you to remain silent until you do. You need to gain understanding, I only hope that you are capable of that.

      • MARY BONK

        You can’t be pro-life and support the murder of a living person- even if they are murderers themselves. Willful taking of life in any form is pro-death. And doing so with vengeance, calling it justice, is evil. God will punish those who punish others..

      • Kelli

        I can and have my entire life – But then again I am Atheist and can care less what “god” thinks or supposedly will do! . there is 1 reason and 1 reason ONLY for an abortion and that is if that baby is going to die within a couple months of being born and it is beyond a doubt going to happen. (a lot of people are told their child won’t live past 6 months old and they grew up to be adults and on wards!).. If a person KILLS another Person in cold blood (like these people tried to do) then they need to be killed, NOT put in prison, where they get a roof over their head, 3 meals a day, a warm place to sleep in the winter/cool place to sleep in the summer, not where they can go to a jail/prison library and get books and read, or go work out , or go outside and play basketball or football, or use computers, watch t.v and all that other stuff they do in jail and prison – that is NOT being PUNISHED for the crime(s) they committed! that is getting a slap on the wrist, and being catered to! and getting off the hook for what they have done!

      • Leilani Jade Flannagin

        Freeman1776 are you kidding me? You can look at that poor baby and know what he had been through and still think everyone is being too harsh. The Mother is 21, SHE KNOWS BETTER. They had no care in the world for the human life dependent on them. I actually say yes give them life in prison, but first let all the other inmates know exactly what they did…they will be handled by the other prisoners.

      • American Vet

        @Freeman- You’re either a hard-core Christian, or a dumb F-ing liberal. I’m thinking the latter, because even the Bible says to “do onto others, as you wish done onto you, and, “an eye for an eye”. You probably have a “soft spot” for Hitler, Dalmer, Son of Sam, Saddam Hussein, and all the rest of the satanic losers in the world too, right? What if this was your kid they did this to? Hopefully you don’t have any. And never do!! F-ing bleeding hearts, sheesh!!

      • Born in '42

        Bull Crap, THEY are NO the same. A baby has no vote on losing his/her life in Abortion. Executing a person for Willfully Killing another human is JUSTIFIABLE. Because he/she had a choice!!

      • Dylancn

        I kind of skimmed and then skipped the discussion entirely… but based on the last comment, what I have to say is on topic. *ahem* God damn, you people are f*king brutal. Sure, what they did was wrong. But this isn’t the dark ages where we burn witches and cut off the hands of the thieves. Sure, the baby went through hell. But you guys DO realize that these “punishments” for the parents are a bit time consuming, require some decent timing, and over all is far too difficult to achieve just for one person. Especially when we have other things we should be focusing on. I’m also in favor of abortion and I don’t see any GOOD reason as to why the parent doesn’t get to choose whether or not to birth and raise the child, birth and put up for adoption, or abort through a medical procedure. For one, a two week old zygote is absolutely NOT a baby. It is simple living cells. A baby doesn’t even gain self-awareness and cognition until around the age of 2. If you’re going to use the argument of “potentially” becoming a baby, then I’ve already got MANY reasons as to why that’s B.S.. If not wasting potential for human life is important, then you would only mate with extremely fertile women, never have a handy or B.J. (so basically, only orgasm inside), you would never masturbate, and you’d spend hours upon hours of finding out your partner’s menstrual cycle to find out when the best possible time to introduce sperm into the body would result in fertilization. Sure, I was born and I like being alive. But it’s not like it would have mattered to me when I was a zygote. I wouldn’t have had conscious thought or feelings yet so basically, I’d keep experiencing the eternity that you normally feel before birth and after death. Something I wouldn’t even actually be able to experience since I wasn’t alive. Plus, there are PLENTY of good reasons or situations in which abortion is necessary.

      • lilsolitare3

        can you imagine what will happen to the parents when the get to prison.they have their own justice for people like that.that’s one thing you don’t do is mess with a child.just look at what happened to Jeffery dalmer.i don’t think he lasted more than a month before somebody gave him what he deserved.

      • jon

        SURE the punishments are time consuming…but if we sell tickets, that will help pay for the kids food and education, so he can go to college and learn to think inside a book, and be a liberal commie, who loves abortion, hates justice and guns, but wants to execute gun owners with the guns that are taken from them…that way no one gets shot…except by the criminals who still have guns, and of course, now the rehabilitated parents qualify for section 8 and food stamps, and vocational rehabilitation….so…maybe…WE SHOULD SHOOT THE PARENTS….and save a few million dollars….like the libs want to do with old people and death panels, so we can have more commie teachers…..GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

      • Brandi DeAnne Smith

        there is a difference. Aborting a baby is killing an innocent life, executing a man is killing a guilty life full of selfishness. i am one who is against abortion and indifferent to execution. Save the innocent, not the guilty, Just saying you can not compare the two in my opinion.

      • missmyelk

        OMFG, there is a HUGE difference idiot, one is innocent and has nothing but a dipshit parent who is to ignorant to abstain from sex so she does not get pregnant the other is a person who has taken the LIFE, LIBERTY and or Tortured another innocent human……….ONE IS A MORTAL SIN THE OTHER HAS NOT EVEN HAD THE CHANCE TO YET!!

      • Vinita Thonen

        These people made a conscious decision to starve this baby, a crime and an atrocity. No unborn child has ever committed a crime, and has every right to live. Not so these pot heads.

      • Steve N Nicole Orrantia

        I would be ok with executing these monsters! They are ADULTS who knew what they were doing was wrong. Abortion kills an innocent baby who has no choice in the matter, who has done nothing wrong in his/her life to deserve death!

      • Conservativesniper

        You’re an idiot. The fetus has committed no class A felony. The death row prisoner, of his own free will, has been found guilty, by a jury of his peers, of such a crime, and deserving of such punishment. Do the world a favor and stfu.

      • Erika K Moureau

        abortion and execution have very little in common. Abortion ends a life before it has a chance to start. Execution is reserved for the most evil amongst us, and is not used nearly often enough. These “parents” deserve execution by starvation.

      • nightshaderebel

        im not OK with abortion, but i don’t think it should be illegal either, im not one to judge someone else’s situation, but if you starve a child, on purpose, and just party instead, you’ve forfeited your right to rights. there’s a line. they don’t deserve to live.

      • Steph

        There needs to be consequences for actions as we are in a day and age where people are more afraid not to be “politically correct” (another way to say “wrong” but okay with the general public). It’s important NOT to relate murderous rage with execution. It is the ultimate punishment to go with the ultimate crime – the INTENT to end anothers life for NO reason at all. There IS a reason to end a MURDERERS life. NO ONE has the RIGHT to murder a baby before it has a chance to choose down the road itself whether or not he/she would like to keep on living on his/her own.

        God said Himself that children are a blessing – that means they are His “gift” to us as adults. And if we believe that destroying that “gift” is our right. Then He is to Whom we answer for it later on.

        Nowhere in the Bible does God call capital punishment “murder”! But He does advocate capital punishment as an acceptable punishment FOR murder. Why? Because one that is “okay” with removing one of God’s “gifts” from the land of the living is displaying that they are “okay” with doing it AGAIN!
        What if it was YOUR grandson NEXT?

      • Conservativesniper

        NO, to death. They knew what they were doing was wrong. I hope Riley has no long term effects from this despicable behavior. And 60 years is not long enough.

      • Pat Webb

        Well they will be in prison for a long time… They will get medical attention and 3 square meals a day! And we will support these lazy asses! I am so disgusted in the way some kids act now a days ! WHERE were the grandparents! I mean seriously, starved him for 2 months… and no one knew??

      • Michaela Daniels

        i don’t support the death penalty in any case, nor do i support abortion. but i do think ‘prison’ life should be SO AWFUL and focus on the PUNISHMENT it is intended to be and SO BAD that no one wouldwant to go to prison. i’m not saying torture, but i have no problem with them all rotting in their cell 23 hours a day. the gym equipment? the rec yard? GONE. you are not there to work on your 6-pack, you are there to be punished, and maybe during those 23 hours, you can reflect on your life and WHAT GOT YOU THERE and IF you get out, make smarter choices…

      • Steph

        Here’s an idea; The zoo’s need funding to “feed” their animals. Let’s feed the lions at the zoo! Or the panthers, alligators or something that has us as next in their food chain. Now THAT’S an eye for an eye! 😉

      • Tony J Mirabella

        PREACH! I had the same idea. Videotape it so the rest of us can get some laughs.

      • muneka

        i agree to that poor child not his fault his parents are IDIOTS

      • William Peters

        I also agree. I can’t believe someone could do such a horrible thing. It’s making me cry for the poor defenseless child. If they could not support the child then they should’ve put him up for adoption I’m sure there is at least 1 home that would love to have a child like perhaps a coupe that can’t have kids because of medical reasons.

      • ashley

        i agree with you what bastards they are for doing this to such an innocent child they should die!

      • sandee

        Jail is too good for them: they will get three meals a day, a roof over their heads, TV and gym facilities but oh no we can’t squelch their civil rights now can we?

      • Cheryl Sabina

        I completely agree. Tear out the womans uterus and make her eat it first. Then completely starve her. This brought tears to my eyes.

    • Freeman1776

      Sorry, as horrible as their crime is, killing them like you suggest is only bringing humanity down to the level of these two ignorant people. I’m not with you on any killing of any human being. You should think about that, you don’t like a baby starved to death, but YOUR vengeance permits you to be as cruel as the people you want to execute. Kind of an oxymoron. As for you, I’d just apply the “moron” part to your title.

      • chewinmule

        Well, maybe we shouldn’t even lock them up. How ’bout a little rehab, house arrest, and probation? And oh yes, all the pot and beer they need. What say you?

      • Beverley Davis

        hey they are only misunderstood and the real villian in the story is that bany who imposed on their life.

      • jlmealer

        Freeman 1776 might have a nice cozy bean bag chair in his mom’s basement that the couple can share with him.

      • jlmealer

        I’ll take the title of “cruel” when it comes to these types of crimes against a child. What do you think about pedophiles Freeman1776? ((You have far to strong of a ‘sneaky pretend name/handle’ to be talking this way)).

        The founding fathers.. you know, the free men in 1776 would have keel hauled this couple until they were dead and then fed them to the sharks.

      • ronwator

        He(freeman1776) is just a liberal troll filled with righteous indignation.

      • Papi

        I doubt the founders would have done anything of the like. I’m willing to be they wouldn’t have interfered at all if they even knew about it.

      • jon

        WILLING TO BET???? and how, exactly, do you propose we prove this bet youre so willing to make? but addressing the slanderous remark you just made against great men, im willing to bet you havent educated yourself very well on the character of the men you so frivolously slandered in a public forum, and also willing to bet that many if not all of them would have challenged you to fisticuffs, or a duel…and also bet you would turn tail and cower…

      • Papi

        You prove it by looking at what they thought government was supposed to be and how it was supposed to work. It wasn’t there to interfere with the lives of men, and it wasn’t there to tell them how to live their lives.

        Had someone taken an axe handle and smashed the head of a baby, I am certain that murder would have been the charge then as now, but the busy body nanny state that exists here didn’t exist then. Children died every day, from things like dysentery, food poisoning, weather, malnutrition, abuse. You think for one second that Thomas Jefferson or George Washington would have stepped up to stop someone from taking the switch to their child or provided groceries? These “great men” as you call them, for whatever good they did to make this country, were not pillars of virtue by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe you should educate yourself on the real men of the Constitution instead of just sucking down the fantasy of ‘MURICA.

      • Zelda

        Do you have a suggestion for how society should deal with people who would starve a baby to death?

      • zorroxx

        How about a lifetime of indentured servitude, whereby they could financially support their child (who of course lives with an adoptive family) and also contribute to the support of other children in need? Some form of restitution is much more helpful to the victim than just killing them, no progress there.

      • Zelda

        I’m fine with that, but I’m always baffled when someone tries to equate guilty human life with innocent human life, without offering at least a suggestion as to how to deal with the criminals.

      • Jason Smith

        If people were punished with the very acts they inflict on others, the crime percentage would go down.

      • jkinjr

        So we just lock them up, give them free medical and dental care, free education, three square meals a day and TV and movie privileges? Who’s the moron here?

      • Terry Tigger-Spencer

        It’s redundancy…. the way of our fucked up world.

      • jon

        WAIT damned second….FREEMAN IS RIGHT!!!! these people ARE PERFECT FOR WORK WITH THE TSA!!!!! TSA! TSA! TSA!

    • Elizabeth Presley Blackwell

      no just let it slip in jail what they did the others in there will make it two less people we are paying for in jail

    • TyandKatie Kazeck

      Being quarter is to swift. I agree with Ronwator that they should be starved nearly to death and then when they are on the verge of dying they should be given something so rich that it kills them! And if anyone thinks that that is cruel and unusual punishment then they need to be right next to them because no child should ever be treated like that especially one that has no way of taking care of themselves.

    • Catherine Anderson

      I agree, and believe if we brought back some of these tortures into our society, we would have less of this and the like.

    • Marni Dianna Hazen-Stoner

      They won’t last long. Child abusers usually get the shit beaten out of them in prison.

    • heybabe1371

      they defintely don’t deserve to live… especially not off the government for the next 60 years… they should be put to hard labour to ‘earn’ a meager meal of bread ‘n’ water…

    • Lori Kimball

      Nah, I say keep em in prison where all of the inmates will torture and torment them all day long. locked in a cell all day with nothing to look forward to but death. I say let em be treated like dogs, but they should be able to torture people like this. Dont worry they wont segregate the child abusers and neglectors like they do the cho mos which I think isnt fair at all.

    • scott

      Why waste any time or money… Give them a horrific death. Water board em until they drown. Cost effective and a suitable punishment.

  2. Knucklebuster48

    I don’t think there is any punishment we could come up with to justify what they did. Jail isn’t good enough physical harm to them would bring us to their level EXILING THEM TO SOMEPLACE WITHOUT FOOD OR WATER MIGHT WORK ? Maybe a firing squad would be better or a gas chamber. What the hell is this world coming to! I hope this little guy is placed with loving family as soon as he is able!

    • gypsey

      I like the no food for 30 days ..have to give them water but no food.. Then I assure you they would feel the child’s pain…Hunger is the worst torture

    • Kimberly Lazarski

      Better yet; starve them, then bring them back to health, and starve them again, Do it repeatedly until their vital organs give out.Some might call it “cruel and unusual” but is it any more cruel than starving a child who is wholly dependent upon their supposed caregivers?

  3. Richard Hunting

    Stories like this make me want to cry… It’s sad that there are so many people who do not care about their children! It makes me sick to my stomach!

  4. Freeman1776

    how old was this baby?

    As for the parents, they need to be in solitary confinement with nothing but bread and water and no lights, and when they get their lights eventually, they should have a picture (the one shown above) in each of their cells to remind them of why they are in prison.

    • michaelsquared

      I believe the baby was 2 months old when the kids found him and alerted authorities.

      • rabidfox1

        how is that “torture”, it is a merciful punishment considering what the parents did. Torture is actively inducing pain usually for gathering information. No one wants anything from these dark minds, except perhaps an induction of some sort of guilt, so we can know they are human. We don’t want to spend much money on them, so yes, leave them in a hole with no lights. Make them almost as helpless as this poor child was.

      • heather

        I can’t but agree with him. At least in a hole with only bread and water they would still be getting food, unlike their poor baby was.

    • Leilani Jade Flannagin

      what in the world difference does it make how old the baby was?

  5. CJ Humphrey

    This is truly horrible. I’m just thankful for the kids who had better sense than these ‘adults’ and got the baby help!!

    Where were the friends and family of these two parents??? Why did it take so long for anyone to realize that something was wrong??

    Why didn’t they just give the baby up???? So many unanswered questions. And now they have 60 years to figure it out!!!

    Thank you Lord for watching over this child till he was safe!

    • Steve in Iowa

      “Thank you Lord for watching over this child till he was safe!” That statement begs me to question why your ‘lord’ would even put the child in that situation?

      • jon

        ive got an idea, steve…if you REALLY want to know…..ASK HIM….UNTIL HE ANSWERS….and if you really mean it, and work for it, HE will answer, but its a lot of work….work that i doubt you will ever do, unless youre locked in a damp hole with rats and worms….then maybe you will ask in sincerity…

      • CJ Humphrey

        The Lord gives us free will…whether we use that freedom in a positive way or a negative way is left to us. It was the parents who put the child in that situation not God. But God was there to watch over him till help arrived.

      • Steve in Iowa

        But it was still a part of ‘his’ plan, right?

        “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
        Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
        Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
        Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?”-Epicurus

  6. Beverley Davis

    I am ashamed that these bastards live in Texas. Sixty years is a good time for them to think about what they did,,,,,maybe there will be justice in the pen if you get my drift.

      • TonyWestover

        Doesn’t mean they were on welfare.

        My point is that if they were on welfare, then the state was basically paying them to be lazy and neglect their baby. If they had to work for the things they wanted in life, like pot and booze it appears, then they’d probably be more responsible.

      • michaelsquared

        I was just repeating the extent to which the couple were described in the article. It did not mention whether or not they were on welfare, nor did I intend to imply that they living in a trailer means they are on welfare.

        On your other point, I do not disagree.

  7. Erin Owens

    UGH! That poor baby… it’s times like this I wonder why people like these are given the blessing of children, when others (such as myself) can’t have them. I don’t know that I would have been a great mom to this little one: I can barely walk and cleaning/cooking/daily chores are difficult in my condition, but you can be sure I would have fed and changed the poor little guy! I mean, how much effort does it take to warm up a bottle of formula for your little one and change his dirty diaper? People like this make it VERY hard for me not to change my stance on the death penalty.

  8. Jerry Colon

    they will get plenty of loving in jail now.let’s see if there friends will help them now.
    all that pot and alcohol really did them good i see.freaking losers need to be treated the same way they treated the baby

  9. 1heartonfire

    I don’t understand why anyone in America is upset about starving an infant nearly to death. One of the primary justifications given for abortion is to prevent the birth of an unwanted child. The parents were just doing what our society has taught them to do. The child was unwanted, disposing of it is the humane thing to do. Think of this as a failed retroactive abortion.

    Our culture devalues life. Our culture taught this couple that their baby was a choice, not a child, that they could get rid of it if it became inconvenient and that their right to dispose of their unwanted unborn child is sacred. Why are we upset when our citizens act upon the rights our government has given them and the values our culture has taught them?

    • heather

      plenty of us in America care very much about the wrongfulness of society and totally disagree and are disgusted by the idea that our children are a choice. While I see the point you are making, it is not an attitude most people have at all. The minority speaks the loudest unfortunately and has made the most difference in regards to children being a choice.

  10. Jerry Colon

    they nkept the baby for the free welfare money to buy alcohol and pot.
    if they left him on a door step they would lose all that free obama money.
    now starve them….well in jail he will be eating alot of semen so he will not starve

  11. Miss Smarty

    Throw them in prison, forget to feed them and while you’re at it, you might want to take a look at the parents that raised people that could do this.

  12. Jason Alan Glazier

    That is one tough kid those parents should be put on the death penalty

  13. leftbehind

    .Sorry these people are not Parents and should of been Shot like a rabid dog .

  14. Brad Kirby

    Why is it someone can sell pot and get this much time in prison but someone does this to a child and only gets 60 years?

  15. barrashee

    Isn’t the point of having this article on a Libertarian blog to discuss how a libertarian society would deal with this? Children are not property, yet we believe the parents are free to raise their own children in any way. When does that way become something that must be interfered with? When life is threatened, as in this case, because the State does exist to protect life, and society can be organized to protect life over the protection of property or parenting roights as well.

  16. donleonard69

    The world murders 34,000 children every day , from preventable hunger and disease, due ONLY to a lack of money…

    While we murder millions more with deliberately sanctioned starvation, and murderous wars… America murdered 500,000 Iraqi children under Clinton, and a million more people under Bush and Obama, for giggles and kicks.

    Our collective logic is totally fucked. Do you not see the absurdity in this? Sure the parents are useless. But even if this kid died. Who fucking cares? Really? Who really fucking cares, given the FACTS above?

    I saw lots of “commiserations” in the comments . And
    still these same commiserators keep fucking voting for the assholes that
    do it.

    34,000 AND ONE.

    And 60 years?

    To what end, so we can pretend we fucking care?

    And your libertarian politicians are absolutely the fucking same. Wanting to give corporation free reign to wreak destruction.

    Keep voting for markets, or voting at all, and you are voting for human extinction.

    “We have become a Nazi monster in the eyes of the whole world – bullies and
    bastards who would rather kill than live peacefully. We are whores for
    power and oil with hate and fear in our hearts”
    – Hunter S. Thompson

    • TonyWestover

      What the hell was this all about?

      We libertarians care because most humans are innately wired to have compassion for the helpless and to find abuse repulsive.

      And what the hell does a corporation have anything to do with this? What a bunch of useless ranting you’ve produced. If anything, government in all likelihood enabled this behavior.

    • randyo99

      You are somehow trying to make this right and acceptable? I feel great sadness for you as well as this baby.

  17. Lisa Dipalo-Tasli

    This image is horrible, they will have to spend the majority of there lives thinking about what they did..

  18. TonyWestover

    So here’s something to think about:

    Julie Borowski posed this story as a question for acceptable government intervention because she’s a brilliant, cerebral woman who is always asking questions. A lot of people have concluded that this can’t be addressed in a libertarian or anarchist society. A lot of people have concluded that this can only be addressed by government action.

    … but the baby was found by two teenagers just walking in the trailer park. Not the police, not Social Services, not by any branch of government. In all likelihood, the government’s only involvement was mailing welfare checks to the parents, even though I don’t know that and it’s never mentioned — my point is they weren’t involved (and if they were mailing welfare checks, they were probably enabling this abusive behavior).

    So doesn’t that answer the question itself? We’d resolve this ourselves, and we’d probably do it more effectively than the government. If those two teenagers didn’t hear the baby crying and if people were encouraged to mind their own business and let government solve any problems that arise, then that’s a dead baby.

    All government’s done here is punish the parents with jail time. But that raises the separate question of how do you punish people in a libertarian and/or anarchist society — or do you even punish them at all. Judging by the responses here, I highly doubt what would happen is we’d let the parents go and when we see them we’d say “Oh, there are the parents that starved their defenseless child. Let’s openly engage in social and economic activities with them. Let’s not shame them. Let’s not tear their limbs off.”

    • Shanda Stone

      First off..thanks for the intelligent comment. I’d like to address a couple of points:
      1. Crime and abuse is more often than not reported by citizens to authorities. Therefore that nullifies your first comment. We are all glad that we do not have Big Brother keeping us in check 24/7.

      2. The second issue is more relevant to the posting. Punishment? Do we have vigilante systems… and mass mob lynchings? Remember, we have a system of due process that presumes “innocence” and it’s an essential part of how and why this country was formed. The Libertarian question is ……….what extent is a government authority able to deal with the repercussions and victims of crime?
      Ayn Rand had no answer to this question in her “objective” paradigm. Libertarians do not either. How do we care for that child that may have no appropriate family to care for it? How do we assure that those who are wronged are compensated? How do we resolve civil conflict? (i.e. the stuff you see in civil court?). How do we decide what is proper?

      The George Zimmerman case is perhaps one of the most telling of the shift towards favoring vigilantism… We shall see in the McBride case if this holds as well.

      • TonyWestover

        You speak of vigilantism as if it’s a bad thing. It’s not, it’s a tradeoff.

        Due process is based on an artificial concept called legal law meant to prevent innocent people from being punished. It doesn’t always achieve this and thus has an appeals system. In addition, guilty people can get off if the system itself fails. This can’t really be mitigated. Legal systems give their enforcement supremacy so that they can violate rights and laws in order to apprehend.

        Vigilantism is based on morality, a natural concept, meant to protect yourself — the risk is that the vigilante could be the aggressor. It doesn’t always achieve this and thus people can arm themselves to prevent aggression. In addition, guilty people can get off if the vigilantes fail to apprehend them. This can be mitigated with strength in numbers. Vigilantes do not necessary own the land therefore they’re probably easier to evade than from the legal system’s law enforcement because vigilantes would have to avoid infringing on the rights of others while executing justice.

        As for those questions that Ayn Rand supposedly had no answer — according to you at least, I have readily available non-government answers to all of them — the legal system has answers but it doesn’t have solutions or guarantees. This abuse happened under a legal system with government enforcement and it was completely helpless to prevent the abuse. The legal system had promises and it couldn’t keep those promises.

      • jon

        zimmerman wasnt a vigilante….it was self defense….vigilantes go to punish those who are assumed to have commited a crime without a trial….zimmerman saved his own life DURING a crime, and this was pronounced by judge and jury. thank you for trying to RE-muddy the waters…

  19. JerryDDay

    Drawn and Quartered
    is to good for them. Maybe hungry wolves.

  20. Al Gagnon


  21. Couples' Chaos

    Wow. I can’t imagine being so selfish and caught up in yourself that your child nearly starves to death.

  22. Satisha King

    This makes me want to vomit… How could someone to this to their baby. Some people should not be allowed to have babies…

  23. WillSpencer

    Feeding and sheltering these two for sixty years is not a good use of taxpayer funds.

    In addition, it is Cruel and Unusual punishment. Execution would be more kind.

  24. Debbie Broker Harvey

    That’s so horrible! I’m so glad the parents have been sent to prison! I would gladly take that little boy and love him!!!

  25. Mita

    Whatever happened to the good old days when children who had babies as irresponsible teens would pawn them off on Grandma or Auntie to care for? Or even a neighbor? Prison is a good thing for people who do not need to breed. Less chance of them getting pregnant again.

    • Mita

      And there is a difference between brute retaliation and justice. Some people who comment here need to learn the difference.

  26. Lisa McClintock

    give the baby to me!!! I will love this child and take good care of him. How could any person do such a terrible thing to a child!!!

  27. Ali Hellion

    What a BlTCH. I think I would have beat her in her horrible face until I knew she’d be permanently disfigured and then I’d do the same to the father. What pieces of SHlT. Now they can have a good ‘ol party time in prison for the rest of their nasty lives. I bet she’s the type that’ll get snobby attitudes with the wrong women in there too and I hope so because she’ll get straightened out very quick, if not killed. Same with him. It’s a very good thing they had friends over, else that baby would have definitely died. WTF >.<

  28. Brandon McMillan

    It’s funny how everybodys comments move away from the bigger picture. the baby. No matter what happens, the baby suffered and there is not a punishment big enough for the parents. All we should worry about is the future of this poor little child, now being in a foster home, think about the emotional scars this kid will face growing up. I pray this baby grows up to be something special and doesnt let the world take over its mind. During the 60 years i hope the parents learn something if they dont, God bless there souls.

  29. Joe Cocker

    This is to the guy by the name of freeman1776… If it was farther back in history these people would have been Quartered, as they should be… It wouldn’t kill them with today’s medical abilities. I have a teen daughter and I could NEVER understand how someone could do something like this. Personally a public hanging might do society some good. You are a prime example of what is wrong with the US. You say punish them by torture but don’t kill them?? Torture is worse then death so how can you justify that? The punishment for this should match the crime. 60 years on my dime screw that. Hang em in public, and let the lynch mob burn em…. They are garbage and should be treated as such.There is no possible way to justify the crime, therefore we need to inact a punishment people understand, hang em and I bet no one else starves a helpless innocent child.

  30. Jonathan Roberts

    There seems to be a misconception where in the minds of many people “Libertarianism” means “Irresponsibility.” Libertarianism grants you the liberty of your actions but holds you accountable for them You are free to do as you will, but are responsible to society and to the individuals you interact with.

    Anarchy grants you the liberty of your actions and does not hold you accountable for them. You also have no responsibility to the people around you. Do as you will. Society (if there is any) has no recourse to condemn you. You will not be condemned, and society will degrade to a continually more animalistic state where the strong and clever feast upon the bones of the weaker. The ultimate outcome is the end of society.

    Socialism does not grant you liberty of action, but holds you accountable for your actions. You have no free will of your own, but are bound by the moral dictates of the State. You are completely individually irresponsible, but your actions are seen as a condemnation of Society as a whole. You as an individual are meaningless; it is someone else’s fault you developed this way. Hand-wringing and Kum-Ba-Ya circles will form, but Society will not progress; it will only seek to hide the transgression and maintain it’s status quo. The ultimate outcome is total conformity and the end of the individual.

    So under a true Libertarian government, the crime of neglect would be held against the parents because they violated their responsibility to the child and to society. Libertarians support a limited collective government where transgressions against a weaker individual may be addressed, and transgressions against the society as a whole are deal with, but they limit the power of a centralized government over the individual; not to the extreme of anarchy, but neither to the unlimited control of socialism. It is the only system that preserves the rights of the individual and the requirements of society.

  31. Kurt Cook

    Dear Heavenly Father, I have to call you out on this one! You know how much Ann and I want a baby, and you have made that almost impossible, but you give one to to these worthless wastes of skin? What is this, some kind of sick joke to you? if you had given us that baby, he would NOT have gone through this garbage, I guarantee you that! You never even gave me the chance to prove what kind of a father i can be, but you give little babies to people like this? I am very upset with you right now! we ARE going to talk about this when I die, so go ahead, make me live a long time! you can’t make me live forever, and sooner or later we are going to deal with this. I am very disappointed.

  32. Daryl Revok

    WTF?…If they didn’t want the baby, there are literally TONS of adoption options available…..these animals should just be put down, its immoral for the tax payer to feed these dogs for the rest of their life.

  33. Janis Stern