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Why Rand Paul Should Not Endorse Donald Trump and Instead Join the #NeverTrump Movement


By Lee Enochs

Like many Americans, I have grown exceedingly disillusioned and angry with our politicians in Washington. My deep-seated animus and bitter antagonism towards our elected officials is predicated upon the fact that they essentially do nothing year in and year out exempt contribute to our astronomical $19 trillion dollar national debt.

The one bright light and shining white knight of congress has been my beloved Rand Paul, who has caused me to believe in America again. In fact, I would be exceedingly remiss not to mention that Sen. Rand Paul, more than any singular person on earth, has influenced me to be part of the political process in this country.

Since last April 7th, when Senator Paul announced his Presidential bid at a campaign event in Louisville, Kentucky, I have been virtually relentless in campaigning for Paul and the principles of Liberty.

While I have been a Liberty-minded conservative my entire life, Sen. Rand Paul’s incessant stands against the civil liberties-undermining Patriot Act and our staggering national debt have given me personal motivation and impetus to become a liberty conservative activist in my own right.

The book I wrote in defense of Rand Paul last year.

Since that historic and majestic day in the Bluegrass state last April when the most honorable Rand Paul announced he running for our nation’s highest office, over 250,000 people nationwide have read my articles in defense of his political positions and legislative endeavors. I believe in Rand Paul so much I even wrote a book, “The Case for Rand Paul,” to help convince my family and friends to vote for Rand Paul for President.

Thus, it is with a heavy and broken heart that I must now announce to the liberty movement nationwide that I will be disappointed with Senator Paul if the rumors swirling around the current political blogosphere are true and Rand Paul intends to endorse the abominable and disgusting Donald Trump.

My worst fears were realized when Sen. Paul recently reminded radio host Leland Conway that he plans to endorse the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, no matter who it is.

“You know, I’ve always said I will endorse the nominee,” said Paul. “I think it’s almost a patriotic duty of anyone in Kentucky to oppose the Clintons,  because I think they’re rotten to the core, I think they’re dishonest people, and ultimately I think we have to be concerned with what’s best for Kentucky.”

I am personally mortified by the prospect of my beloved Rand Paul endorsing the worst Republican Presidential nominee ever. To quote Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now, “the horror!”

I am not sure if Rand Paul will read my piece, but I am begging and pleading with him not to take this course of action. I must remind Sen. Paul that this is your archenemy we are talking about. The Donald is your one true immortal nemesis who has personally vilified you and your deeply held convictions before millions of people. Do not sell out and endorse this horrible man!

No, Sen. Paul, you should not endorse Donald Trump for any reason. It’s that simple. I will always love and support you, but this is incomprehensible to me. Don’t do it, Sir. Just don’t do it.

If Rand Paul endorses Donald Trump for President, I will vote for Austin Petersen, the Libertarian Party candidate out of protest.  


Lee Enochs is the author of “The Case for Rand Paul” and Editor-in-Chief of The Libertarian Shaman 

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