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Welcome to the Stonegait Institute


The Libertarian Party’s convention has come and gone, but my commitment to fighting for smaller government and personal freedoms has not. I am proud to say the Stonegait Institute is doing just that.

The Stonegait Institute’s mission is to empower activists and advocates through reporting, training, and advocacy, to ensure that the important values of personal liberty and economic freedom remain in the forefront of the national conscience. Our goal is reducing unnecessary governmental intrusion into our lives and to ensure that our Constitutional rights are protected against the greedy and authoritarian abuses perpetrated by some of our leaders.

State, local, and federal governments are more concerned with taking as much money out of their citizens’ pocket as they can to support inefficient and unnecessary pet projects than valuing the personal liberty and economic freedoms that made this country great. While policing has become more about profit than enforcing the law, politicians are hamstringing small businesses with insane regulatory actions and high taxes, crushing innovation and competition that would otherwise empower the American people.

I cannot do this without your support. My candidacy proved that there are concerned citizens across this nation who are ready to stand up and fight, but without your generosity, it is impossible for us to make the dramatic impact this country needs.

washington_flintlockBy investing in the Stonegait Institute, you’re helping lead this country to a better future, and if you donate $25 or more you will be entered into a drawing for a replica of George Washington’s flintlock pistol. For every $25 you donate to the cause you will receive another entry into the drawing.

For those thinking about donating a bit more, we are holding a second drawing for donors contributing $200 or more.

Friends, we cannot do this without your help. Let’s make sure our voices remain heard!

Your friend in liberty,

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