WATCH: Rand Paul’s “Neocon” Charge Baffles Clinton Camp

Rand Paul calls out Hillary Clinton as the hawk she is and her campaign has no answer.

On Friday night while having a discussion with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Rand Paul showed his non-interventionist approach to foreign policy by calling Hillary Clinton “a neocon,” comparing her to Marco Rubio and other hawks in the GOP while citing her many foreign policy blunders across the Middle East and North Africa.

As Josh Guckert writes for TLR: 

Paul explained that, “Cheney’s been wrong about most foreign policy decisions for the last thirty years,” and that the war in Iraq has destabilized the region. Matthews next brought up the newly-found love affair that some Republican hawks have with Marco Rubio, but Paul used this opportunity to bring up an often-missed point: the many neoconservatives in the GOP field share a common foreign policy with Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Paul pointed out that Clinton supported the wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria, and now also supports a no-fly zone in Syria. Matthews quickly asked if Paul thought Clinton is a hawk, to which Paul responded with an answer that took the dozens of Democratic spectators in attendance by surprise.

Not only did Rand’s charge take many of the spectators and Chris Matthews by surprise, it also seemed to baffle Hillary Clinton’s chief spokesperson, Jennifer Palmieri, who attempted to respond to Rand’s claim (attempt bein the key word here.)

Watch below, as Palmieri stammers and gropes for something of substance to say in defense of Hillary’s hawkish foreign policy record:

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