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*Video* Is Mount Rushmore Bullsh**?

Penn & Teller

Would Americans sign away their rights to free speech?

Penn & Teller’s Bullsh** was a Showtime special running for eight seasons with the express intent of murdering every sacred cow known to man. The libertarian duo’s show was an amazing tour de force that expressed the individualist arguments of free thinkers in America whose voices are often squashed by political correctness in modern society.

Never ones to avoid controversy, Penn and his silent partner Teller take on the issue of Mount Rushmore, Patriotism and the willingness of Americans to willingly hand over their rights. The 30 minute video is an ideological takedown of blind patriotism and what is viewed as the inherent racism of Mount Rushmore’s founding on Native American tribal lands.

What do you think? Is Mt. Rushmore bullsh**? In the age of the PATRIOT Act, the NDAA and the War on Terror, are Americans too willing to blindly hand over their rights in the name of patriotism? Watch the video and comment below.