House of Cards makes long awaited Second Season Debut

Valentine’s with a Murderer?

Diabolical schemes, lying, cheating and deception; the Netflix original series House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey is a fitting Valentine’s Day companion. The second season of the acclaimed series has its long awaited release this Friday. So if you’re bitter and alone, happily single, or in a relationship but would rather stay in on Friday, House of Cards is worth checking out.

The show is groundbreaking in both its depiction of politics and in its format—being the first series ever produced solely for streaming audiences. The popularity of a show without a network is largely due to the brilliant portrayal of Congressman Francis Underwood by Spacey.

Spacey’s presence owns the screen with theatrical flair, often delivering articulate asides to the audience. Underwood feels like a modern day Shakespearean lead in a plot soaked in betrayal and power lust.

Francis Underwood is a smooth talking Congressman from South Carolina and Majority Whip of the House. The plot centers on Underwood in the wake of a great betrayal. After being passed over for the position of Secretary of State, Underwood plans to exact revenge on all those who have wronged him.

The show depicts back room politics where pull and favors are traded and trust runs thin. The writers do an excellent job of depicting the legislative and political processes without losing the audience in the mundane.

If the never ending manipulation and morally grey characters make you cringe, that’s the point. Series creator Beau Willimon equated all politicians to murderers in a recent interview with the Telegraph. His statement on politics really underlies the plot of House of Cards.

“There’s something primitive about politics,” he says, “because long before written history it’s one person saying to another, I’m leading the way, and that can be done with a cudgel or an electoral mandate, but its purest execution comes down to physical power. “

Libertarians in particular will identify with the corruptive and dastardly depiction of American politics and media.

Great Quotes from Francis Underwood

The series is not only groundbreaking in regards to its plot, but is also a complete game changer in television entertainment. In the world of instant streaming, a television network is no longer the sole provider of quality TV. While networks string viewers along for weeks or even months, staggering the new episodes out to maximize anticipation and sell advertisements, Netflix releases all 13 episodes of a House of Cards season at once. Viewing parties and marathon viewings are being planned in eager anticipation.

Consider that Saint Valentine was violently executed for defying the political powers of Rome. What better way could there be to celebrate his legacy than reveling in a tale of the politically unconscionable acts of betrayal and deceit?

Grab some wine and some chocolates and enjoy you Valentine’s Day with enigmatic Francis Underwood.

About the author: Keith Farrell is a political commentator and community organizer. He is a frequent contributor The Libertarian Republic and the founder and president of Spirits of ’76, a nonprofit service club dedicated to solving community problems with volunteer efforts. He graduated from the University of Connecticut and holds a BA in American Studies and Urban & Community Studies. Follow him on Facebook.  SFL black and white

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