US Strong Economic Outlook in Coming 12 Months – Industries to Watch

With so much going on politically around the world at the moment, there has been some amount of concern in major markets such as the United States and Great Britain. However, both markets seem to be going strong in spite of a highly questionable presidential race in the US and Brexit in the UK. In the US, the economic outlook is quite strong for the coming year and overall, there are a few markets that bear watching. Investors are advised to follow these closely.

Key Indicators – Employment Is Huge

When it comes to predicting market trends when looking for sound investments, most investors simply look at how a company is doing based on how shares are moving and the historical growth pattern over previous months or years. However, that only shows what is currently on the books for those companies. What about business that is yet to be logged?

Employment should be, and often is, a key indicator as to how well an industry is forecast to move in the coming year. If there are infinite jobs available in a sector, then chances are high that those companies have taken larger than average orders that are yet to be on the books as they haven’t been filled yet. In the United States, healthcare and technology are two of the industries that are actively seeking professional staff and that should be a key indicator right there. They are doing well and don’t have people to supply the need. So there you have two industries that are set to explode, from there you can start looking at past performance to gauge future earnings.

Political Reform Opening New Doors

There is one industry that in the coming year or two is set to explode simply because it is still a federally illegal industry although legal in more than half the states. Cannabis is going to be the next big industry to hit the NASDAQ once it is legalized nationally and on a statewide level, there are multiple opportunities for investing and making a virtual killing. Legalization is not on the ballot at this point in time but it is on the ballot of some states.

Consider California with its 55 electoral votes and as the most populous state in the union with a potential market of 40 million people. Investors are watching Prop 64 closely and to date Ballotpedia lists recent polls predicting more than 51% in favor of legalizing weed types other than for medical purposes. Recreational use would be legalized and the industry in the nation’s most populous state would literally be off the charts. Looking for a strong economy in a state that is currently bankrupt? Watch California on November 8 because Ballotpedia predicts a win.

While technology and healthcare are historically two strong industries, there are other industries creeping in the back door that could factor heavily into the economy. These are just three to watch but good ones if you are looking for a wide range of risk. Technology and cannabis can be risky if not chosen wisely, but healthcare of any kind is a booming industry as Boomers age and enter an overburdened industry. Look for profits all the way around on all three but choose wisely.


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