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by Micah J. Fleck

This is an odd yet humorous story reported by the Los Angeles Times:

Vegas Vic hewed close to the strong, silent cowboy types with little regard for a mess of extra words.

He’d wave, all friendly-like, to city folk wandering down Fremont Street, and the wink of his right eye suggested he held a secret or two. For about 15 years after settling in his spot in 1951, all he ever said via a loudspeaker was, “Howdy, pardner!”

But eventually he grew quiet again. Pensive, perhaps.

Then Vegas Vic — like many inanimate objects these days — found Twitter. And, seemingly, his voice. It appears he had politics on his mind, but now Vegas Vic is in danger of being silenced again.

A two-year run on Twitter by someone using Vegas Vic’s picture and persona may be coming to an end. Lawyers for the company that owns the rights to the character are in the process of issuing a cease and desist letter to the person that transformed Vegas Vic from friendly cowboy greeter to angry partisan tweeter under the Twitter handle @VegasVictory.

Kevin Hanratty, lawyer for the company that owns the image and likeness of Vegas Vic, said they hadn’t been aware of the account’s existence until this week. He said that after reviewing Vic’s posts on Twitter, he concluded that the user of @VegasVictory was in violation of using the trademarked image without permission. Another Twitter account, @VegasVic, appears to be dormant.

But the angst may also have to do with what Vegas Vic was saying and how he was saying it.

Vegas Vic on Twitter is a hyper-partisan, right-wing cowboy who bills himself as someone who loves “Liberty, America and Las Vegas.”

“I am transitioning from Neon Sign to Real Cowboy.”

Using a flurry of hashtags, Vegas Vic spent much of 2016 eviscerating Hillary Clinton. He ripped Democrats regularly and linked to a website that featured articles, pictures and videos with an anti-Democrat bent.

Let us hope that @VegasVictory can and will live on regardless of what happens concerning Vegas Vic’s likeness; we need more humor in our politics these days.


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