Tucker Max: “We’ll Have a Hollow Government, Responsible for Military and Whatever!”


By Dries Van Thielen

Recently, on an episode of the James Altucher show, the entrepreneur/writer/podcast host/founder of 20+ companies, James Altucher interviewed Tucker Max. The New York Times best-selling author  (and inventor of the fratire genre), recently founded a personalized ghostwriting company, Book in a Box Inc.

Traditional Book Publishing

Tucker Max has personally tackled down the traditional book publishing industry by promoting self-publishing to a wider audience. Now, he continues his trail with his newly founded company.

In a lively discussion on the continuously changing book publishing industry, Max coined the concept of micro-tribes. This concept – as Max explained – stands for targeting specific audiences in niches. An example: if you want to publish on pop-up marketing, instead of writing a piece for a large platform (e.g. New York Times), it is more efficient to aim for smaller magazines with a specific appetite (for say pop-up marketing). In doing so, it is easier to reach out to your target audience and rake in more clientele.

“Backlash against conformity”

Altucher and Max predict the downfall of large media-biased platforms (The New Yorker, USA Today) in spite for smaller, more niche and ideological diverse media platforms – leading to more individualistic approaches on news (like The Young Turks or yours truly (The Libertarian Republic!).

Altucher asked Tucker if the latest election was a backlash against conformity media. Tucker responded: “The election of Trump was the backlash against intellectual homogeneity. So much media is the same. For a long time, they were the standard bearers of truth. I think that period is over.  The idea that we all believe the same thing is gone and is never coming back [suck it, Francis Fukuyama!]. We gonna break back into tribal units – not like a Mad Max Tribe. We’ll have a hollow government, responsible for military and whatever. This Trump election is the first crack. It said: people don’t have to be in large groups anymore. We’ll have our own tribe of people who think alike”.

Use of Knowledge in Society

Even though both authors are un-political, it seems as if Tucker Max was reciting Friedrich Von Hayek’s 1945 article “The Use of Knowledge in Society.” The Austrian Economist pleaded in this libertarian classic for decentralized societies in which ‘knowledge’ could be distributed most efficiently. Large centralized governments (UNO, NATO, EU,…) are inefficient in their bureaucratic overstretch. Their only concerns should be among classical liberal government agencies (justice, defense,…) .

The authors do not consider themselves as political affiliated, these statements show that libertarian recipes are interesting amongst certain entrepreneurs. Not looking at you Bill ‘Robot Tax’ Gates !


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