Donald Trump Gives Props to Vladimir Putin for Being a “Leader”


By Wayne Pac

Last night at the Commander-in-Chief forum, Donald Trump gave compliments to Russian president Vladimir Putin. He said “that man (Putin) has been a leader, while it’s not a system that I particularly like, he is still a leader. Far more of a leader than our president is.” Trump then went on to talk about how we should look to have a healthy relationship with not only Russia, but the rest of the world.

Some other things that were brought up during the conversation were Trump’s stance on the Iraq War, as well as the “Game Plan” for defeating ISIS, and how he doesn’t want to divulge the details. Also discussed was whether or not undocumented immigrants should be allowed to stay within the country if they have plans for serving in the armed forces. He replied, “Yes, I think that is a very special circumstance.”

Throughout the conversation, more topics were brought up pertaining to how Trump can help out veterans. He went through things such as vastly improving the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs). He also talked about the staggering suicide rates of veterans, as well as instituting a department in the VA for mental health to help veterans suffering from PTSD. Overall a lot of the messages he was sending to the audience were very clear: that the VA is in dire need of improvement and that we need to be “tough” on ISIS.

Watch Trump below: