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by Elias J. Atienza

Tomi Lahren is a hypocrite. When she appeared on the View, a lot of people were shocked to hear that she was pro-choice despite a host of tweets from last year show common pro-life rhetoric. But it’s not exactly news for she’s been saying she’s pro-choice since an interview with the New York Times in December 2016.

So while pro-lifers who used to be fans of Tomi start to gasp in anguish and must now find a new young conservative voice to latch onto until they do something or espouse something they don’t like, it’s time to realize one thing.

We’re all hypocrites. From the most leftist anti-fascist who causes hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage while calling conservative speakers fascist to the Donald Trump supporters who are willing to forgive every single thing he’s done, we’re all hypocrites. Libertarians, liberals, conservatives, communist, fascist, alt-right, socialists, all of us have done something we have condemned.

Lahren is one of the worst kinds of hypocrites; claiming to be one thing and then her actions say different.

She’ll hold Colin Kaepernick over the fire because he refused to kneel for the national anthem, but won’t mention his support for charity and starting an organization which teaches young people their constitutional rights. Or her attacks against the Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi because the man protested the temporary ban on travel of Iranian citizens to the United States.

Let me be clear; I do often enjoy Tomi’s commentary because she is a rising star on the right. Some of what she says is good and others not so much. But as with any conservative media personality, she focuses her attacks way too much on the left and runs into the inevitable; having to defend every single thing Trump has done.

It’s a classic dilemma for people like Tomi Lahren. Defending every single thing Trump has done, from increasing drone strikes to upping tensions with countries like Iran and North Korea. Or the disaster currently unfolding on healthcare.They’ll use Obama’s actions in order to justify Trump’s. I already wrote extensively on this in a previous post, but here’s something I want to highlight.

“But that doesn’t mean conservatives should use Obama to justify Trump’s executive actions. By doing this, they continue the trend of scapegoating the previous administration to continue their support for the terrible actions of the current president.”

But in the end, we should all be clear. We are all hypocrites. I’m a hypocrite because I claim to be a libertarian but I like NASA and believe in a less libertarian foreign policy. Donald Trump is a hypocrite because he’s…well he’s Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Gary Johnson, Rand Paul, Austin Petersen, Paul Ryan are all hypocrites. To which degree they are a hypocrite, that’s the important part.

So should we hold Tomi over the fire for her pro-choice stance? Yes. But that doesn’t mean we should just dismiss her or her commentary nor should we dismiss the arguments of our opponents. Listening is important in politics and I’m afraid that more and more of us are not doing this.

And yes. I’m a hypocrite as well.


  • Dallas Sampsel

    When did this site become a conservative mouth piece. Last I checked real libertarians are pro choice. That is unless you think libertarians believe some people have a right to your body. Certainly I see that as a contradiction of the NAP. Good for Tomi, age is more consistent than most conservatives. If the adult who can’t work has no right to your body, labor, or property neither does a baby. Unless you believe a baby has more rights than other humans.

    • Robert Miller

      I would consider Lysander Spooner to be libertarian before it was cool to call Ayan Rand libertarian. The basis of rights, our inherent, immutable, and unalienable rights is rooted in the natural laws of justice. You have no claim to property rights without the laws of justice. But within the laws of justice it is self-evident that our inherent rights are brought into this world and not bestowed upon on magically. Within the laws of justice no person can claim a property right over another person, even if they reside within your body. Within the laws of justice the intentional loss of life caused by one person to another must, must include an act of aggression that triggers the right of self-defense (being pregnant in and of itself isn’t an act of aggression).

      You would be a hypocrite if you claim that justice only applies when and where you choose to allow it to apply. It isn’t a matter of a baby having more rights, it is a matter of each individual having an equal claim to the preservation of life as much as possible.

    • LifeZone

      That’s nonsense. Unless being libertarian means you can kill whomever you want, that is.

  • JSB

    Sorry Elias, we are NOT all hypocrites. We are all sinners but not all hypocrites. Ms Lahren appears hypocritical since just months ago she was taking a pro-life position and now is pro-abortion. This is a moral choice on her part and people can change their minds. However, Ms Lauren goes astray by basing her opinion as a “constitutionalist” on the Constitution which is silent on abortion. This is just plain ignorance. If you are a “Constitutional Conservative”, that document speaks plainly about life and liberty, reason and science dictate that unborn fetuses are human, and morality, derived from natural and divine law, enlightens our thinking. Classical education combined with critical thinking might also prove useful…especially in Ms Lahren’s case.