The Top 7 Libertarian Science Fiction Novels

#4. Alongside Night by J. Neil Schulman

Alongsidenight_2014_Freedom_Print_Poster_ web

Alongside Night is Schulman’s award-winning novel from 1979, endorsed by Milton Friedman, Anthony Burgess and Dr. Ron Paul. This action and suspense science fiction novel is thought of in libertarian circles as being in the same league as Ayn Rand and Robert A. Heinlein’s works.

A future America experiences hyperinflation, an unpaid military, and massive arrests and imprisonment of political enemies. Among the missing are Elliot Vreeland’s family. Setting out to find his family, Elliot is joined by the Revolutionary Agorist Cadre and followed by federal agents.

On a mission to promote liberty, Schulman successfully warns against an all-powerful government in this thrilling novel full of action, adventure, and romance.

Shulman brought his novel into cinema in 2014, starring Kevin Sorbo.

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