The Best-Kept Baccarat Secrets That Experts & Casinos Don’t Want You to Know!


There are many known and unknown secrets in the gambling industry that are guaranteed to spice up your gaming prospects. With the rising popularity of web-based casinos, more players are accessing games through an online platform, thereby increasing the exposure of gambling to new markets than ever before. Games such as Baccarat are top-rated among high-rollers, making it the top casino game in the world in terms of betting volumes and casino revenue. However, there are some secrets and unknown (or sometimes known but not established) facts about Baccarat that the casinos and experts would rather keep privy from regular gamblers. There are many reasons why these operators prefer to keep these facts away from the public consciousness, as the ultimate aim for any casino is to make money from their customers.

Casinos are not entirely fond of losing their money, and regardless of the winning streaks enjoyed by a lucky few, the house always wins in the grand scheme of things. The house edge and general environment of every casino are designed to ensure that players are at a disadvantage even before they place a single bet on the table. The ambiance, freebies, entertainment, drinks, and even the bonuses are all designed to take money away from the gambler. Of course, one may argue that casinos are all about the experience, but who wouldn’t want to take the house down in one massive win? In this regard, Baccarat is one of the best games to do so, as proven by various gamblers, and we will let you in on some of the top secrets and facts about Baccarat that can help you to understand the game better.

Fact #1: Baccarat holds the #1 spot in Casinos Worldwide

According to the data published by leading casinos from Vegas to Macau, Baccarat comprised of more than 88% of the entire revenue obtained from all games combined. It is indeed a staggering figure and one that has made Baccarat the top game of choice for all casino managers and gamblers worldwide. However, baccarat is not all that popular in pop culture and move references, where blackjack, roulette, craps, poker, and slots seem to be the more popular choice. Therefore, contrary to your expectations, Baccarat is indeed the most favorite casino game in the entire industry.


Fact #2: Baccarat has the lowest house edge of all casino games.

Baccarat is one of the most feared games for casino owners due to its low house edge, which only offers a 1.2% advantage to the house in the long run. Therefore, when compared with other games, the odds in Baccarat are stacked against the casino, where they can potentially lose millions of dollars in a single night. The high-limits nature of the game is also a cause of concern for pit bosses and dealers, as a single lucky streak can result in millions of dollars changing hands within the matter of a few hours.


Fact #3: Baccarat is preferred by millionaires & billionaires – especially from Asia.

Wealthy businessmen and entrepreneurs are always concerned about the risk-to-reward ratio aspect of their ventures, even if that concept holds minimal relevance in the world of gambling. However, the lower house edge in baccarat does offer a safer option for these high-net-worth-individuals to try their luck at the tables, without facing the risk of losing it all to pure chance. Baccarat is also a game that is determined by probability and rules, with user strategy taking a backseat. Therefore, it makes sense for affluent individuals, including Asian gamblers, to take advantage of the incredibly attractive odds offered by Baccarat.


Fact #4: Casinos don’t burn cards after a dealer error.

All casino games involve luck and are considered to be a game of chance, which means that a dealer error can be a common occurrence. However, burning a card after a dealer error is highly frowned upon by high-rollers, especially by Asian players who consider their luck to flow through the shoe and reflect in their hands. Therefore, if a dealer or croupier burns a card, they will immediately leave the table, which is not a good scenario for the casino. In such as case, dealers are instructed to deal a dummy hand instead, by hiding the card that is supposed to be burned. Therefore, the game continues without any interruptions.


Fact #5: Baccarat was originally James Bond’s favorite casino game.

If you were of the notion that James Bond prefers Texas Hold’em poker, especially after watching the 2006’s adaptation of Casino Royale, you might be forgiven for making a massive error. In the original Casino Royale novel from 1953, James Bond used Baccarat to defeat his enemy, which was the game of choice in subsequent television and movie adaptions until 2006. While filming the 2006 version of the James Bond movie, the director replaced baccarat with Texas Hold’em, primarily due to the massive popularity of poker at that time.


Fact #6: Baccarat tables are usually set in high-limit areas on a casino floor.

Baccarat is usually a high-stakes game that is set in private and high-limit sections of a casino floor. Of course, there are tables with lower limits for regular players, but it may not be as exciting or preferred as the other games on offer. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you feel that the table limits are slightly higher for baccarat than other games.


Fact #7: Online Baccarat offers considerably lower table limits than land-based casinos.

If you are looking for the best casinos that offer baccarat games with reasonable table limits, an online casino may be more suited to your requirements. is an excellent resource that provides information on the top web-based casino operators that offers different versions of the game through an online platform. You can expect the lowest betting limit to start from $1, while some operators may even provide the option to bet from $0.10.


Fact #8: There are many variations of Baccarat in the market.

Baccarat is primarily offered in three different formats, the Chemin de Fer, the Baccarat Banque, and Punto Banco, with Punto Banco being the most popular version across the world. There are also other iterations such as Mini-Baccarat, which offers a smaller version of the game with different odds and betting limits.


Fact #9: Baccarat is one of the easiest games in a casino.

While card games generally involve active participation from the players, such as strategies, betting decisions, and many other components, baccarat only requires the player to choose a betting amount and place a wager on the ‘banker,’ ‘player,’ or a ‘tie.’ Therefore, baccarat is extremely simple and easy to play, which is also one of the primary reasons why high-rollers choose the game over other card games on the floor.


Fact #10: Baccarat wasn’t really popular in the early 1900s.

Although the game is still not entirely popular among the masses, it was even more unpopular during the first half of the 1900s. Despite James Bond’s association with the game, casinos and pit bosses had a tough challenge ahead of them in filling up the empty chairs at the baccarat tables, which almost led the game to be ditched in favor of other popular options. Regardless, the massive influx of high-rollers and wealthy individuals have brought about a massive turnaround, with the game having the largest share of revenue among all games combined.