Ted Cruz crushes CNN host over “blackmail” claims!

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) appeared on State of the Union with Candy Crowley to discuss the ongoing government shutdown. Cruz was being painted into a corner in the interview, as if he was the one responsible for holding government hostage. Crowley invoked the word blackmail, which sent Cruz into attack mode. Cruz fired back that it was a false claim and declared why the Democrats are to blame for the government shutdown.

Cruz: “But Candy, let me press back. It’s twice you’ve said Harry Reid would say it’s blackmail. And I want to press back, because I actually — I think that’s a false claim with no basis. The bill that the House passed on the VA simply funds the VA. It doesn’t mention anything about Obamacare. It doesn’t mention anything about anything else. Now, for hundreds of years, the way Congress is appropriated has been one topic at a time. How is it blackmail to say we think we should fund the veterans? Do you agree? That’s a yes or no vote. Now Harry Reid refuses to let the Democrats vote on that. But how is it blackmail to say, we may not agree on everything but is there anything we can agree on? We ought to agree on supporting our veterans.”

After Crowley’s claims are thoroughly repudiated, Crowley then levels the most ridiculous question ever asked by a CNN host. “Do you think you hurt the Republican Party brand?”

Cruz laughs. Unbelievable.

The full interview is below.

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