SWAT Team Has Six-Hour Standoff with Empty Apartment

“Police [finally] went inside the apartment only to find that there was no one inside.”


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DALLAS – Police surrounded an Oak Cliff housing complex after a woman reported that she had been sexually assaulted in an apartment.

“She was severely beaten up,” a witness said “Her eye was black and her nose was broke. I was trying to do the nice thing and let her know there’s a hospital over here, but she was too terrified and scared.”

The woman’s report lead police to believe that there were multiple armed men and a hostage in the apartment. SWAT officers arrived at the building and set up a perimeter, calling out to the suspects over a loudspeaker.  “Do what’s right. We are not going away!,” an officer shouted.

Police continued to hold their ground for six hours as they attempted to negotiate with the suspects. During the standoff, a police spokesman said the officers were working “toward a peaceful resolution.”

Officers eventually entered the apartment to find that there was no one inside.


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