SoCal Man: Cops Tased My Genitals In Front Of My Mom (VIDEO)

Officer Allegedly Tased Man’s Genitals While Mother Watched

LOS ANGELES, CA – A Southern California man is alleging that police tased him in the genitals while his mother watched after an incident involving a cigarette butt being tossed on the sidewalk.

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Daniel Johnson filed a lawsuit in January against the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department alleging that deputies threw him to the ground and attacked him after he asked if he could pick up his father’s cigarette butt to avoid a fine.

Johnson was cooking dinner at his mom’s home on December 26th in 2012 when a man knocked on the door to tell him that his father was receiving a ticket for throwing his cigarette butt on the ground.

Johnson’s father is a 58-year-old disabled man who walks with a cane and often drops things due to nerve damage he has in his hands. The LA Sheriff’s Deputy Abdulfattah was threatening a $1,000 ticket and community service order for the littering. Johnson approached the officer and asked if he could pick it up, but Abdulfattah reportedly said “I can write you a ticket too if you want.”

“I asked if it would be possible for me to just pick it up,” Johnson said. “We don’t have $1,000 to pay that ticket.”

That’s when things got ugly.

Another deputy reportedly grabbed Johnson and slammed him up against the patrol car and into a concrete post. Johnson’s parents asked the deputies to please leave him alone but the officer allegedly put him in an arm lock. The complaint against the officers also claims that Abdulfattah reportedly hit Johnson’s father in the face.

At this point, the report claims that Johnson was thrown to the ground and Abdulfattah used a taser on Johnson’s genitals multiple times. “He was definitely point blank,” Johnson said. “He was right above me as he Tased me, so there’s no mistake that he was trying to Tase me in my genitalia.”

Johnson’s mother claimed that Deputy Abdulfattah reportedly stared at her right in the eye as she screamed. “He’s looking directly at me every time he pulls that trigger, and at one point my son says, ‘Mom, I’m OK,.”

“So at that point, I realize this guy is doing this because I am reacting.”


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