Renowned Surgeon Admits To Putting Initials On Patients’ Livers During Surgery

Renowned Surgeon Admits To Putting Initials On Patients’ Livers During Surgery


Gabrielle Okun

A renowned surgeon in England admitted Wednesday to signing his initials on patients’ livers during surgery.

Simon Bramhall, 53, a renowned liver, spleen, and pancreas surgeon, confirmed that he used an argon beam to mark his initials on two patient’s livers during transplant surgery, admitting to two counts of assault by beating, reported The Guardian. He also pleaded not guilty to putting his patients at bodily harm.

A colleague at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth hospital first spotted the “SB” initials during a follow-up surgery on one of the patients in 2013. The surgeon was then suspended from his post.

“This is a patient we are talking about, not an autograph book,” said Joyce Robins, of Patient Concern, in regard to Bramhall’s actions.

“Those assaults were wrong not just ethically, but also criminally. It was an abuse of the trust placed in him by the patients,” said Elizabeth Reid, a Crown Prosecution Service specialist prosecutor, reportedThe Telegraph.

The marks are not thought to damage the organ. He later admitted to the press that the actions were a mistake. Bramhall was granted unconditional bail and will be sentenced Jan. 12.

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