Pros and Cons of Getting Your MBA Online

The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most respected qualifications in the business world today. The great thing about this qualification is that whilst it covers all of the core areas of business, it also allows students to branch out and specialize in the various areas that interest them the most. And, as a globally recognized qualification, you can be sure to find plenty of lucrative career opportunities around the world when you study for an MBA. But, is taking your MBA online worth it? We weigh up the pros and cons.

Flexible Schedule:

Most students find that online study is tempting as it offers a flexible, self-led schedule that allows them to study completely from home and at times that suit them, rather than having to make adjustments to their schedule in order to attend classes at set times throughout the week. When you’re studying for an MBA, you might already be working in a graduate job, or perhaps running your own business at the same time, so this option could be very handy for you. For more information about what to expect from your online MBA program, visit

Save Money:

Although the earning potential of studying for an MBA certainly outweighs the cost of tuition, students who are perhaps earning a low income or have not been accepted for financial aid may struggle to foot the cost. Since an MBA is a master’s degree, many students who study for it have already earned their bachelor’s degree and want to avoid getting into any further student debt as much as possible. With online programs priced at around a third cheaper, this is definitely one of the best ways to do this.

Less Networking and Social Aspect

On the down side, studying for an MBA online could be tricky as you won’t have as many opportunities to socialize and network with fellow students as you would when studying for a course based at the campus. However, this isn’t to say that as an online student you will need to isolate yourself. With online study growing in popularity, many colleges that offer online courses are making every effort to include their online students more, for example with Facebook groups, regular meet ups and more.

Huge Responsibility

Another downside to studying for your MBA online is that you will need to be fully prepared to take on what is a huge amount of responsibility. As an online student, you will have little guidance from tutors or professors, although you will be able to contact them when needed. It’s up to you to create a solid timetable, keep on top of your workload, and prepare for assignments and exams without the support of a class or professor in person. If you are prone to procrastination, this could be more difficult for you than you realize.

Even with a few drawbacks, online education has revolutionized the way in which we learn and study today. With online learning, you can enjoy more flexibility, cheaper tuition, and more.

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