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Pro-Choice Adoption Agency Is Making Waves. Here’s Why


Grace Carr

A pro-choice adoption agency is seeking to make waves by helping pregnant women become empowered mothers through choice, inclusion and successful parenting, an adoption expert explained in an interview.

The Choice Network directly provides adoption services, parenting services and abortion providers to women in need, the organization’s founder Molly Rampe told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an exclusive interview. “Pregnant people lead the way,” said Rampe, who is an adoption assessor, adding: “Peace in the heart of pregnant people is our truest goal.”

Her group’s mission is to change the definition of family through supported open adoptions, abortion conversations that are free of judgement and including parenting resources at the forefront of any conversation.

The Choice Network helps any woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, particularly those in crisis, by walking them through all their options and even providing them with help after they make their decision. Rampe pointed to the grief that often accompanies unplanned pregnancy as one of the areas that her organization also focuses on.

“We excel with pregnant people,” Rampe said, explaining that her organization accepts and serves all pregnant women regardless of their race, social economic status, environmental background, sexuality, gender identity or religion. “All pregnant people deserve support and love,” she told TheDCNF.

Inclusion is incredibly important in the adoption process, because women should only pursue adoption if they have peace in their hearts, Rampe asserted. She explained that women considering adoption must feel free to explore all their options and to choose what is right for them in order to move through a healthy adoption process.

“We let them know that whatever choice they make they will be okay,” Rampe said.

“It’s not about standing out from abortion clinics for us. It’s about being a seamless partner in their work,” Rampe also said. She did note, however, that her organization stands out in adoptions because it creates plans that focus on the pregnant person rather than the adoptive parent or child. “No one is doing parenting work well,” she added, explaining that Choice Network is currently seeking funding to create a program to get and keep kids out of foster care.

Choice Network is one of only six adoption agencies recognized as pro-choice nationwide. The group also leads in successful older child adoption and LGBTQ adoption.

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