This Porcupine Demonstrates Why You Don’t Screw With Libertarians

Thanks to the folks over at Guns Save Lives for pointing this excellent story out. A video of a porcupine taking on a pride of lions just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how big you are, you don’t screw with someone that has superior weaponry.

The porcupine is the unofficial mascot of libertarianism, and for good reason. They are cute, sweet and cuddly, but don’t step on them, or they will seriously f**k you up, as this video above shows. Guns Save Lives accurately drew the conclusion that the porcupine makes a great case against gun control, because no matter how strong an attacker may be, a strong defense can turn away an entire pride.

Libertarians adopted the mascot semi-officially because it represents that “don’t tread on me” ideal to us better than a snake, which commonly appears on the Gadsden Flag. Porcupines can be pretty cute though when they’re not stabbing you in the face with their quills. Enjoy the below video of squeaky here eating a pumpkin, and below that another super cute rodent who you definitely should spend a few minutes of your Friday watching.

Have a great weekend friends and remember, don’t tread on anyone, but especially not a libertarian!

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