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My friends over at Stansberry research have an interesting theory about whether or not President Barack Obama will seek a third term for the Presidency.

Only one US President has ever served a third term and that was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. That didn’t stop other Presidents from trying however. Ulysses Grant sought a third term but lost as well as Grover Cleveland. Woodrow Wilson also attempted it, even viciously blocking the nomination of his son-in-law at the convention to try for a third term. Because of these actions and the American peoples fear of a monarchy emerging, the Twenty-Second amendment was adopted. The amendment passed in 1947 and limited the time a president may serve to two terms. No more would there be a threat of a President turning into a King.

But that’s not what Porter Stansberry thinks

Two weeks before the election, renowned investment analyst Porter Stansberry went on the air and made a stunning prediction: “Obama will try to run for a third term.”
Porter has recorded a special eight-minute audio clip to explain some of the details behind why he believes Obama will remain in power through a third term.
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