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Obama Agrees with Trump: “Term Limits are a Really Useful Thing”

by Josh Guckert

On Monday, President Obama appeared to agree with President-Elect Trump that term limits would be a positive development. Obama told reporters during his White House press conference that “I think term limits are a really useful thing.” This rare point of agreement between the current and next President is a positive development for those wishing for more accountability in Washington.

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That portion of Trump’s campaign platform was fairly recently introduced in an attempt by the Republican nominee to “drain the swamp.” While this reform has been attempted on numerous occasions, it has not yet been successful. This is largely due to the fact that its existence is contingent upon the votes of those it wishes to limit.

Theoretically, limits on Congress to serve unlimited terms would allow Representatives to accomplish matters of substance. This would be because those in office would no longer spend as much time worrying their next reelection efforts (including their sources of funding). Instead, all attention could be spent toward achieving legislative goals to better the country as a whole.

While still seemingly far-fetched, the agreement of a Democratic and Republican President on this issue allows for possible bipartisanship in Congress in passing the necessary legislation or Constitutional Amendment.

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