Misogyny, Men’s Rights & Mass Murder – Elliot Rodger Edition (PODCAST)

Was mass murderer Elliot Rodger a “kissless virgin” because he believed his “white male privilege” as a “nice guy” made him entitled to sex with a beautiful blonde girlfriend? Or was it because of his introverted, misanthropic, narcissistic life spent wasting away in video games and online forums that perpetuated his anti-social personality?

The Freedom Report podcast today takes on the case in California where a disturbed 22-year-old  man murdered his roommates before driving to the University of California Santa Barbara to kill three more people. The media reaction has proven predictably insane on the level of the killer himself, with leftist rags proclaiming that the killer was motivated by his “white guy rage,” while conveniently ignoring the fact that Rodger was half-Asian, and identified himself as more Asian than white.

Meanwhile, the usual suspects of the feminist community are engaging in their regularly appointed rounds of blood libel, aimed at Men’s Rights groups in order to paint their activism as somehow responsible for the misogynistic hatred that Rodger displayed for blonde white women. Ignore the fact that the killer murdered more men than women and hated sexually active men just as much. You can always count on the feminist community to ignore the facts in order to confirm their irrational biases.

So what caused Elliot Rodger to go postal in California? Was it misogynistic hatred for women? Or was it more likely the entitlement mentality championed by the political left, who believe that at all times, someone, somewhere owes you something.

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Editor’s Note: In the podcast we speculate about reports that claimed that Rodger was seeing a therapist and was a high-functioning aspergers sufferer. The Libertarian Republic has learned that Rodger was never officially diagnosed with Aspergers, but his parents believed that he was a sufferer.



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